China Lake Cali Baby!

Keith Woodmansee you are the raffle winner and will receive a copy of ‘I KILLED’ True Road Stories from America’s TOP Comedians.

It was a fun day in the Chapel, and thank you Chaplain Horne for allowing us to share your special venue.  CMC Grandin, appreciate your leadership.  To the great group of sailors, marines, one soldier, seven firemen and six civilians, I hope you had some laughs and enjoyed the show. You guys were well worth the drive:0  I thank you for my freedom.  Thank you also to COMPACFLEET for sending me out to entertain you in my home state of Cali!  Show raffle  winners contact to claim your copy of I KILLED- True Road Stories from America’s TOP Comedians.

My special brother and best man Sean, the drive up the 14 North, and our amazing sailors and marines!
CMC Grandin, Navail Airpower, And the men who put out the flames and save lives! 


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5 Responses to China Lake Cali Baby!

  1. Tracey Stanphill

    You killed! We really enjoyed your talk today, and we were happy to be two of the 30 China Lake representatives.

  2. Ron Sparling

    Awesome message! I appreciate the honesty and truth in the message! As a parent going through what your family went through, I am hoping to get the message to my son. Thank you again for what you do!

  3. Keith Woodmansee

    Thank you Bernie for a great show and sharing your experiences. I value what you do and I wish you much success. I hope to catch your show again.

  4. Tonny Verkuyl

    Great presentation! The balance of comedy and life experience brought the point home. There was a snafu on getting the word out on you being here or you would of had a full house. Hope to see you again, take care.

  5. Chaplain Derrick Horne

    Thank you Bernie so much for coming. It was awesome. I will work hard the next time you come to fill the Chapel. Again, my prayers for you in all your work and your travels. Just know you are impacting lives and making a difference. God bless.