Camp Pendleton- Naval Hospital Pendleton Auditorium, CA! Bernie is here! Congrats Justine Edwards!

MCB Camp Pendleton Training Center, CA! I am here, feels good to be in my own backyard. Thank you MCB Camp Pendleton Training Center for hosting my Training. I am pumped up. You Sailors and Marines are the reason I am able to have my freedom. Thank you for your service to our Nation. We salute you. Come checkout my Training on  August 24, 2012 —  I am looking forward to my Friday shows in the Hospital Auditorium at 0830 and 1300.  Come share a laugh….make a change! Hope to see you soon.



 My brother Scott is in the middle.  Miss you bro!

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12 Responses to Camp Pendleton- Naval Hospital Pendleton Auditorium, CA! Bernie is here! Congrats Justine Edwards!

  1. McMullen, Jonathan

    Thanks for the show. It was a welcomed change of pace. Thanks again, stay safe.

  2. Heather Riojas

    Thanks for putting on the show today.My co worker and I couldn’t stop laughing!

  3. Melinda Leddy

    Great show, I needed the laughs. I wish someone I know could have seen this and do a wake up call for her. Thanks again.

  4. Wes Riggs

    Outstanding show…great information and even greater laughs. This has been the best training I’ve attended since joining the military. Thank you!

  5. Taffy Andrada

    Awesome show! Have been to tons of “highly encouraged” trainings and by far, this one was the best! Thank you for all you do.

  6. Daniel Paredes

    Thanks for the show! Very good stuff! I was at this on Friday at Pendleton.

  7. Jeff Sheggrud

    It was great working with you today. Your show is great and I am glad you were able to tell your story to us. Thank you!

  8. Jake Wilson

    Thank you for the show this afternoon, while many people thank us for our service. I thank you for serving us and I think you made a difference in my life.


  9. Justine Edwards

    Amazing show!!!! I needed some good laughs after a long and stressful week.Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to make wiser decisions,look after one another & better ourselves. You’re a very brave, strong and courageous man! I am sure you have made a difference in thousands of lives if not more! You thanked us but, we should really be thanking you!!

  10. kambria

    Best training we’ve ever had 🙂 Very funny

  11. Ian Cuya

    Amazing show!! Thanks for sharing your personal experience. We really appreciate what you do.

  12. HM3 Clark, James

    Thank you for the show. It was a welcome change from all the long boring powerpoint training that we always get. BRAVO-ZULU