Ft Benning is up. From Supper Club to Kelly Hill!

Ft Benning was awesome this week. From the Supper Club shows to the Kelly Hill shows, I met some of the bravest, toughest soldiers in the country. You men and women take your job seriously and watching the operation going on here has been eye awakening. Trememendous support from the civilian sector too. Thank you as well for your service. I know what I am getting the Rec Center for Christmas! A music SPEAKER system! lol. Hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed you. Let’s love each other and work hard to reduce the suicides taking place in the Army. It takes one, to save or recognize one. Know your brothers and sister. Hooorah!!! Thank you soldiers, for kicking tail  for this country. Bernie





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44 Responses to Ft Benning is up. From Supper Club to Kelly Hill!

  1. Tony Jones

    Great message Bernie McGrenahan! I work Joint with Army and Air and would like to share your message form Sunday morning with the 3 Army guys that were not present. How can I get a copy of this presentation or another one that you may have? Thanks again.

  2. Cyndi

    You were Great Bernie! Thank you for the laughs at Ft. Benning.

  3. Ellen

    Great presentation with lots of laughs!

  4. Ukema

    Really enjoyed your show today. Thank you for sharing your story and for making us laugh.

  5. Susan

    I laughed, I cried – definitely got my money’s worth (oh, wait … it was free…) But seriously, in the 30+ years I’ve been associated with the military/required training, your presentation was by far one of the best I’ve seen/heard. Thank you.

  6. Jackie

    Laughter with a message… The Army really put their money to good use bringing you here to Fort Benning. I felt so blessed to hear your message. Funny how one man’s trials can become another’s inspiration. I was truly touched by your message in more ways then you will know. Thank you for reaching out to the military community.

  7. Yvonne

    What a great way to make a point. Enjoyed 🙂

  8. CM

    Without a doubt, you know how to make us laugh and cry. Thanks for sharing your story to help others.

  9. EJ

    Thanks for all the laughs.

  10. Joyce r.

    Thanks Bernie for sharing your laughter and your life story. I really enjoyed your presentation. Please give Scott my regards and tell him that he has a wonderful and caring brother who loves him very much.
    Be safe in your travels.

  11. Michael Risher

    Great show with a real message, not mindless chatter. Thanks for the productive use of my time today.

  12. Jeri DeHaan

    My second time seeing you. This time was Even better than the first. Great show with a good message.

  13. James Ciccone

    Bernie I was at your show on fort Benning.

  14. Matthew

    I was there, good show!

  15. Lola McAphee

    Great show! We really enjoyed! Thank u!!!

  16. Kevin Daniels

    Great show

  17. Alan

    Great Job
    Sorry for all the mishaps in your life, God was just trying to get you to open your eyes to what you was here to do.

    God Bless

  18. Donta

    Great Show! Didn’t want to go at first but I’m glad I did. Turned my normal Tuesday morning into a good beginning after all.

    Thank You

  19. Harold Jack

    An Awesome show!! Thank you for sharing! I can relate to a lot of what you’ve been through….
    Thank you! 😀

  20. James Whitlock

    I enjoyed your show. It is wonderful how you used humor to pass on serious message on the danges of drugs and alcohol.

  21. Amelia Floyd

    awesome message and a great laugh!
    oh wait… you’re still on stage. whoops!
    -spc Floyd, ft benning

  22. Tim

    Loved the show! Made my day

  23. Haley hoffer

    you’re halarious. I’m here!!!

  24. Sgt Redlin

    Excellent show.

  25. William Williams

    Great message and lots of laughs. Really enjoyed it.

  26. Ashlee

    Thanks for the message today. My cheeks were hurting from laughing so hard. Thank you so much im still smiling as I write this.

  27. Giulian Rottler

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air from the Army slideshows you are hilarious thanks!

  28. Amanda M.

    Thank you for sharing. You were way better than power point.

  29. Luke Roberts

    You kicked tail today bernie, thanks for the inspirational standup, huge fan would like to chat sometime about what my family and I are doing here at ft benning

  30. Todd T.

    Thank you for a great show!!! I know your message really hit home for alot od Soldiers out there.

  31. justin h

    Really enjoyed your story. Your doing great things for soldiers around the country!

  32. Elena Maybank

    That was a wonderful show. It was a perfect time for the storyline with the recent suicide we had over the weekend. We definately needed the break from the sorrow that we have had to deal with lately. Thank you for supporting the troops! 🙂

  33. Crystal

    Great job today! I had a great time with such good laughs!

  34. David Cross

    Just face it, your career has ended and you made army soldiers try to laugh from the same old jokes you did back in 2002, because you couldn’t get a better gig to perform at (Kelley Hill of all places!) Next time you get a DUI, stay in prison and just perform for prisoners or go down like your brother did instead…

    • jamie

      WOW, you need to get a heart! Just because your life sucks, don’t knock someone trying to help others.

  35. Rogers

    Good show man! I enjoyed it

  36. jamie

    Was at the FT Benning show, you killed it and put out such a great message at the same time. THANKS!!!

  37. Oskar Schlomer

    Bernie, Thank you for you message to our Ft. Benning Community. As you have done before you killed!!!!!!!! Hope to be working with you again soon.

  38. melly

    i related to the bathroom stories. Thats just about it.

  39. D Kearns

    Enjoyed your presentation.

  40. Jesse Smith

    Second time seeing the show but it was still awesome! Thank you for coming.

  41. Jessica Eaton

    Loved the show today at the rec center! Kept mt attention the whole time!!

  42. Ryan Phillips

    Thank you for the great performance. It touched base in alot of areas that I have encountered in the past. We all enjoyed ourselves! Come back sometime and give us more of the fun and entertainment.


    Great message sir. You KILLED it! I would see you again in a heartbeat! Hopefully for FREE! God Bless you!