CBC Gulfport, MS! Bernie is back!

I am thrilled to be back here at CBC Gulfport, MS! Feels great! Thank you CBC  Gulfport for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am thankful for all that you amazing Sailors & Marines do for our Country. I am able to live free because of all of you, I never take that for granted. We appreciate each and every one of you.  Come say hello, share a laugh and make a change! July 11, 2012 at 1300 & 1500.



Me doing what I love- greeting troops, Live on Stage, My sister Debra and brother Sean!

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up atwww.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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41 Responses to CBC Gulfport, MS! Bernie is back!

  1. Kristen Frutiger

    Great laughs in Gulfport, MS.

  2. Daniela Pagan

    The show was absolutely hilarious! Definitely had a great time so. Thanks for coming out Bernie.

  3. john funk

    I attended your gulfport show

  4. Tara Strieby

    Haha, nice show, touching story.

  5. Dean Emil Allen Jr

    Great show! Bernie has some great experiences mixed with some laughter and some serious sides that made a perfectly well rounded training presentation! Very funny, Very informative!!!

  6. Derek Brown

    Great show and message.

  7. tom stewart

    Thanks for the laughs. Loved the show. I hope to see your show again!

  8. Jeffrey Weidner

    Always a good message… and show…


    Your show was amazing!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  10. Kory sutton

    Great show!!! thanks for the laugh..

  11. Michelle Fullem

    Great show in Gulfport :) Thanks!

  12. Chester Roberts

    great show

  13. W Crumpler

    Bernie killed it in Gulfport!!!

  14. Thomas Stanley

    Awesome show very funny and sobering

  15. Stephanie Vanslycke

    Bernie, its Stephanie from Montana! Absolutly a great show you did for us. After hearing what you have gone through in life, more power to you. You are very strong for keeping your head held high and moving forward in a positive light. Your story was very touching and in fact gave me more insight to the definition of wingman. Thank you again for coming, and one day I shall see you again!

  16. Dylan brock

    Great show good story

  17. Dustin Powe

    Hey Bernie great show I laughed slot thanks for coming down your advice was great and so was the show continue on with what,your doing you make a difference in a lot of us even though your not there just like we all make a difference for everyday people thank you again

  18. Miles Hambly

    Great show haven’t had a good laugh in awhile.
    You press on and always hold your head high through the bad and the worse. Friends say it really inspired them.

  19. SSgt Rocco Buzzi

    Rocco from Staten Island NY, man I have been to my share of corny briefings in my 8+ years in the USAF but your show was funny and got to the point I think its great that you have this tour I googled you and there was nothing but good reviews for you man I appreciate the laughs and all the AF bases Ive been and USO shows ive attended while deployed I never got to see your show AF needs to step it up and get you out there so these young guys & girls can get the point and some good laughs in…Good job my man

    SSgt Buzzi

  20. Sean Burbridge

    Is this where we can win a free book or something?

  21. Roxanne Cuttill

    Thanks for sharing your story! Enjoyed the training and laughs!

  22. Aaron brehm

    Great show and great message, I was there and thought it was the best mandatory event ever.

  23. Stephen Steere

    Thank you so much for your performance today. I too have struggled with alcohol addiction previously in my life and lost a brother because he had the same problem. Great job on your show today and for making it thru your addiction. Thank you so much for supporting and helping the troops…

  24. 苏康

    great show

  25. Tyler Ault

    Twas’ there. Really good show and actually made the topic an interesting one.

  26. rob moore

    Great so i loved the fact that you were willing to add your life in to your stand up

  27. mario leon

    Awesome Show very insightful!!!

  28. Katelyn burch

    I really enjoyed your comedy and your story.

  29. rj

    great show. love it

  30. jacob schiemenz

    Good show, good laughs, good training

  31. Susan Martini

    Good show. Thanks for sharing.

  32. jonathan ritschard

    great show. thank you for sharing your stories. by far the funniest training ever. but good training.

  33. Frare

    Thanks for the show and turning a mandatory event into something fun and entertaining.

  34. Andrew Door

    Wow thank you Mr. Bernie McGrenahan for coming out here to Gulfport, MS. You really put on an awesome show and you also knew how to make a boring topic really interesting and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your hardships and stories with us. Oh, and thank you also for getting us out of school early. God Bless

  35. Spencer Marek

    Hey bernie, awesome show out here in gulfport, very funny and very great important message that helped open my eyes further. Thank you for the wonderful show and advice.

  36. Andrew Chubb

    Great show to incorporate a real message in a way people will remember

  37. John Shattuck

    Thanks for the laughs and inspiring story…GIVE ME YOUR BOOK!!! (SEE? I CAN BE FUNNY TOO)

  38. Christopher Perez

    Thank you for the excellent show! Hearing your story helped put things into perspective and will change the way I handle things back home.

  39. Vinnie Richarte

    Nice to meet you in gulfport I had some good laughs. Just wanted to tell you that I think your work is very important and just wanted to show some love for what you do it’s appreciated. You killed it Bernie!

  40. Randall

    Thank you for a great show! Thanks for sharing your experiences and making a difference in young peoples lives. We appriciate everything you do for us.

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