WSMR, NM! Bernie is here!

I am loving it here WSMR, NM!. Thank you WSMR for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am thankful that you Soldiers defend our Country so proud. I would be so honored if all of you Soldiers came to my Presentation May 22, 2012 at 0900. Come share a laugh and make a change.


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19 Responses to WSMR, NM! Bernie is here!

  1. Cheri Amor

    Thanks for coming to WSMR Bernie! Thanks for sharing your story and come back soon!

  2. Jason

    October 28, 2008 is my date. October 2, 2010 is my buddy’s date. We both are still going strong. Congratulations on 24 years.

  3. John A Lopez

    Really enjoyed your show at WSMR!

  4. BG John Ferrari

    Bernie — Thanks for taking the time to come to White Sands and share your message in a way that everyone understands. Was perhaps the best Safety and Prevention program I have ever been to. Thanks again

  5. Lea Jones

    Enjoyed your show very much! Thank you Bernie!

  6. Bev

    Your show has it all – laughs, tears, awws, etc. Loved it!! Your message was real and you walk your talk. Thanks for coming out to see us!

  7. David N

    good show

  8. matthew moline

    Very Funny!

  9. Curt Hohmann

    Good job, Bernie. I really enjoyed your performance here at WSMR.


  10. Blanca

    Great show!

  11. manuel Ceniceros

    loved the show… thanks for the laughs

  12. Erica Benavidez

    Thank you Bernie for coming to WSMR and delivering a powerful message with your life experience. Great show.

  13. CT

    It was a treat having you here.

  14. Marcos Ortiz


  15. max bringhurst

    really great show ,,,, ran out of gas,,,smile

  16. Martin Venegas

    Outstanding performance!!! Really hit home. Congratulations on your marriage!

  17. Manny

    Bernie, Outstanding. You are so blessed with a wonderful talent, thank you for sharing your story but more than than thank you for teaching us a wonderful lesson.

  18. Artina Harkins

    Thanks for the laughs and also for the message.

  19. Randy Grunow

    Hi Bernie,

    It was an absolute pleasure to have you speak to the WSMR community at our Safety Stand Down Day. Very positive feedback from the WSMR senior leaders and workforce. Thanks

    Randy Grunow