Camp Merill, GA- Happy Hour is BACK! Cograts Stanley Snyder!

It feels great to be here at Camp Merill. Amazing.. Thank you for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. We appreciate all that you do. My hat is off to you Soldiers and Rangers. We salute you. You are why our Freedom is possible. Thank you for your service. Come say hello and share a laugh…make a change! I am here on April 27, 2012 at 1000 NGC & 1400 NGC.

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE 🙂 My brother Scott.

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0 Responses to Camp Merill, GA- Happy Hour is BACK! Cograts Stanley Snyder!

  1. Cris

    Hey man…saw your show today in Dahlonega. Awesome message…hopefully your example went through some of these thick soldiers heads!

    Best of luck dude!

  2. Edward O'Rock

    Hey man, I would like to thank you for making an appearence in Dahlonega,Ga today. I definatelty got a kick out of your show today, I really liked it. If you’re ever in the area let me know and I will definately try and make it and bring the family as well.

  3. Frank

    Great show today and what an inspirational message. Sometimes laughter is the best remedy and that’s what you bring to the table. Thank you for the message and the laughter. Hope to be able to catch a show again in the future, best of luck to you and God Bless.

  4. SSG Moore, Scott

    Thanks for putting up with the RI’s today. Truly the world’s toughest crowed. I’ve been sober since March 4th this year for God and family and I am happy to see it reinforced by your program. Thanks!

  5. james

    Hey man thanks for for coming down and making the enjoyable than the normal. It was good to get a couple of good laughs in.

  6. Stanley Snyder

    Hey Bernie thanks for comming up to Camp Merrill its definatly a nice change from the powerpoint training. thank you for sharing about your life and your struggles, im positive it has and will continue to inspire people to reevaluate drinking in their lives. thanks again.
    Stanley Snyder

  7. jorge

    thank you for you show today …I’m having a fight with my brother and we are not talking ,,,I’m sure you would love to be able to talk to your brother …so ,your lost have made me realize just how lucky I’m to have my brother still here.

  8. Pablo Cruz (Paul)

    Hey Bernie, Thanks for comming to Camp Merrill, I had a few good laughs. Also the CD is amazing. Hope all is well with you and your touring. We need more guys like you to take charge and try to make a change. Hope that I’m able to catch another show. Again thanks alot.. Paul

  9. Ben Young

    Thanks for stopping by our little po-dunk town. It’s not often we get to share what the bigger bases do around the army. ya’ll come back now ya hear.

  10. Adam

    Thanks Bernie for sharing the laughs and all your experiences. It might not have seemed it but I know your message reached a lot of us here. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.