Ft Riley, KS! It’s ‘Happy Hour’ Time! Congrats Ian Parise!

I must say, it is beautiful here at Ft Riley, KS! I am pumped up and ready to Rock and Roll. Thank you Ft Riley for hosting my Happy Hour Tour. I appreciate my freedom every day, that is only possible because of you amazing Soldiers that defend our Country proud. We salute you. Please come and say hello while I am here April 20, 2012 Barlow Theater at 0930 & Patton Hall at 1400. Come laugh….

My brother Sean and I. Sean,Debra and I. RIP- My brother Scott. I miss him.

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0 Responses to Ft Riley, KS! It’s ‘Happy Hour’ Time! Congrats Ian Parise!

  1. Fabio Delgado

    Hey man thnxz for the support this is the second time i’ve seen your show an i gotta say it never gets old , again thanx an keep doing your thing i know people have benefited from it .. Hope you enjoy your stay here at fort Riley!!

  2. Steven Ball

    Just seen you here in Fort Riley… You rocked! Great show, and this was the single best ASAP training event I have been to. “You Killed!”

  3. Sara Crusade

    Great show today! Not only was it refreshing to see comedy that doesn’t require censoring, but it was nice experiencing comedy with a message. Will definitely have something to talk with my soldiers about in group.
    ASAP Counselor

  4. Kevin Moore

    great show, very funny.

  5. jose sanchez

    Awesome show great way to start a Friday with some laughs

  6. Jonathan Turner

    Amazing show today! It was good, clean comedy while still getting the message across!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope to see another one! Keep “Killing”!!!

  7. Victoria Raynard

    Great show! It was nice to have something other than powerpoint! 🙂

  8. Garrett Dick

    Bernie! It was great to see you perform again, I saw you back in 2010 at Redstone Arsenal. You have a very inspiring story, and you always have good jokes. Thanks for coming to Kansas, man!

  9. Steven Baskin

    Just saw you at Fort Riley and it was an amazing show your are pretty damn funny. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us its a nice change from the slide shows and boring briefs. Your story was truly amazing and i know its one that touched alot of us in the crowd. Thank you again i hope to see you again

  10. Hope Gilbert

    Your show was great! I went in expecting a long drawn-out lecture about drinking and driving, but you made me laugh, almost made me cry… (Almost. I’m a soldier. *puts on tough face*) Anyway, thank you so much for the message, your support, and your jokes. I’m definitely a fan now. ^_^

  11. Hunter Kemp

    Great show. Good message.

  12. shawna martin

    great show …thank you for taking the time to share laughter and your story very touched.

  13. Nola Jones ASAP Counselor

    Great story about life as well as recovery. Glad we could have you at Ft. Riley, you are awesome!

  14. carsyn sparks

    Fantastic show… Thank you for coming out to Kansas..

  15. Ken Laite

    Great show Bernie!!!! Thanks for stopping by to show us we can turn our lives around no matter how far we fall!!! FIRE-UP!!!

  16. Ian Parise

    Bernie. Really inspiring, comical and informational. I knew the show would take a serious turn, but I had no idea you would be that open and honest. It made me want to re-evaluate my own life. Good stuff!

  17. Nicole Beanblossom

    Great show!

  18. Leonard Manning

    Thanks for coming out here to Fort Riley you are hilarious keep up the good work.

  19. charles

    Awesome show loved the laugh thank you

  20. charles clare

    Awesome show loved the laugh thank you

  21. David Curcio

    Saw you today at patton hall on ft.riley..great show man. Best comedy show I’ve seen on riley ever. Thank you for taking your time to entertain the troops

  22. jason velazquez

    great show informational and fun thanks for a great afternoon keep up the good work looking forward to your next visit to fort riley

  23. jason velazquez

    great show informational and fun thanks for a great afternoon keep up the good work see u nexttime your in ft riley

  24. jason velazquez

    great show informational and fun thanks for a great afternoon keep up the good work

  25. Ana Peraza

    Got to say although this is my second show I have attended, both times it really touched me. I don’t feel as if I have wasted my time. Good time

  26. Brian D. Stricklen

    Thank you so much Mr Bernie, this is the second time ive seen you perform. I don’t care that it was the same thing, your story is quite inspiring, and how much you care for your family back home really reinforces how much I care and miss my little brother. Thank you again Mr Bernie so much, keep up the great work and keep on “killing it”!!!

  27. Kevin Diaz

    Hey! Thanks man!You killed today at FT. Riley. I appreciate what you do. Keep up the comedy!

  28. Roger Maher

    Great show today..You Killed!! What you do is really appreciated.

  29. Mason McDonald

    Thank you very much for your time here at Ft. Riley. You were not only tremendously funny but brought a genuine and heartfelt story to which I could relate. Good luck and thanks again.

  30. Steven baskin

    If I keep leaving comments does it put in more tickets for me cause I can do this all day. But again your show was amazing and inspiring I hope I get to see you again.

  31. Brandon

    Bernie, thanks again for coming out and making my job easier for a day, it was good working with you.