Training Support Center, Great Lakes, IL – Bernie is Back! Congrats Saray Calderin!

I am honored to have this opportunity to return back to Great Lakes, IL! Thank you to OPNAV for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour.  Thank you to you amazing Sailors and Marines who protect, honor and serve our Country so proud.  Ross Theater April 3, 2012 at 1300 & 1700  /  April 4, 2012 at 0800 & 1700. Hope to see all of you soon…..Share some  laughs and spread the positive message!



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0 Responses to Training Support Center, Great Lakes, IL – Bernie is Back! Congrats Saray Calderin!

  1. Daniel M. Wayeshe

    Great Bernie. Glad to have and see you again. Your friend Dan

  2. David Vorpahl

    Awesome show today. Really made such a boring topic fun and bearable to listen to. Thanks for the show.

  3. E. Chow

    Great show, quite a mix of serious topic with comedy relating to alcohol awareness. Although it was mandatory, it was a good time. BTW, I WAS THERE!!!

  4. Caitlyn Burgess

    Great show! I was there! ;D You should come back and do heritage for us every month!

  5. SN Breuder

    Thanks for the laughs today and for sharing some of the personal experiences so that we can learn from some of the adversities that you and your family have had to overcome. I’m sure that it never gets easy talking about some of those things even when you have a great sense humor. I really enjoyed your show and thanks for coming out!

  6. Saray Calderin

    I was at the show today and you were great. At first I thought here we go with another boring lecture, but I was totally wrong. Thanks for making us all laugh and sharing your life experiences. After hearing you speak today,I’m sure Sailors will always remember this day and make the right choices. You have made a difference in our lives and we appreciate the time you spent with us. Thank you once again.

  7. Parker Curtis

    Thanks for the great show today! It made heritage a lot more interesting than usual. Me and my shipmates thought you were hilarious hope you come back and do another show.

  8. Cody Williams

    it was an awesome show today, i enjoyed it. thanks for the laughs, you killed it!

  9. Joe Scaringello

    Bernie, thought you were great this morning. Had a lot of laughs, and I enjoyed the positive message. Keep doing what you do!

  10. D'Ann

    Free book ftw! Actually, I was the public affairs interviewer, so there’s that…

  11. FC3 Melody

    It was a good heritage! Kept me awake the whole time! Remember water is awesome and I believe that one girl would have a promotional ad saying “water is the cure.” The story about Scott was sad, but what I was able to relate to the most was the story about Sean. I have two brothers with a form of autism and in the past I felt like I neglected them. However, since I joined the Navy I have been in more touch with my family than ever and I have come to appreciate the unconditional support they give me. Thank you so much!!

  12. Colton clausing

    Bernie I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your story. It was both funny and inspirational. It makes me want to reach out to family and friends and help.

  13. Tyler Chenoweth

    very enjoyable heritage and a touching story!

  14. branden kelley

    thanks a lot for coming here it was great to actually have a haritage day worth staying awake for

  15. Hector Gonzales

    I’m truely greatful for the amazing performance you did for us sailors here at Great Lakes. This is by far the best Haritage I’ve been to my entire year on the base. You really put things into perspective for alot of us. You’re blessed with talent, keep making people laugh. And Hoo Yah to being short!!!

  16. dakota henke

    Thank you for the show, it was nice to have something to get away from o,ur learning and have a good laugh.
    Come back again sometime!

  17. kelbey lipscomb

    Awesome show . Btw, I was there. ;p

  18. Nicholas Scott

    Awesome show. I was there twice man. Both times you killed it. My row fabreezed everything!

  19. Cardenas, Jose Luis

    It was a great show!!! Thanks for all the laughs!!

  20. mary strokus

    I really enjoyed the show. thank you so much for coming out and making us laugh.

  21. hensel

    Great show tonight, thanks for coming out!

  22. melissa

    omg! I loved your show. Very inspiring and touching. Thank you for spending your time to take your time to come speak with us about a very important topic.

  23. Becky

    Thanks for the powerful message.

  24. Gillespie

    Thanks for coming. it was a nice change from the normal heritage. your story reminded me of my best friend. thanks again.

  25. Gillespie

    By the way i was there 🙂@Gillespie