NAF Atsugi, Japan- Bernie is here!

That Movie theater was ROCKIN’ today! Thank you Sailor for being one of the best crowds of the year.  You guys were pissed off at first, but I believe we made believers out of some if not all of you by the finale!!  I am really happy I took this trip to Atsugi.  Thank you CMC Clarke, Jerry, Fleet and Family and especially you 300 strong who come to hang out today!  “Helms, put the darn phone away”!  :0)    Here are some pics provided to us by the incredible NAF Atsugi Public Affairs STAFF, and to Specialist Seaman Vivian Blakely who took these live photos during the show!  If I get more pics, I will post.  Here is a small reminder.  Thank you Sailor and hats off to OPNAV staff who brought this tour to Japan!

Pics to left and above from today’s show!

Left: My special brother Sean. Center: My brother Scott. R) Me doing what I love!

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0 Responses to NAF Atsugi, Japan- Bernie is here!

  1. Bernie

    Hello to Japan

  2. Nathan Payne

    Great show!

  3. Timothy Glenn

    Awesome show Bernie. Had me laughing the enitre show.

  4. William Durand

    Great show! Had an awesome time laughing

  5. Martin Lopez

    Bernie, awesome show here in Atsugi, I know you were successful in getting your message across through your comedy. Continue doing what you are doing, great job.

  6. Harvey Mason

    Great training Bernie. It’s always great to start the day of with a laugh.

  7. Jim Power

    Outstanding show, thanks for comming out!……….!

  8. Julie Lapierre

    Thanks for the great message through laughter…and saving us from death by Power Point!! We appreciate it!

  9. thomas phelps

    That was the best training i have recieved in my 9 years in the Navy. It hit close to home. 2 years ago i went through alchohol councling and have been doing great. thanks for making training in a way that people will listen.

  10. Stina Cataldo

    Thanks for skipping the Power Point! It was a well needed laugh about something that the Navy makes gruelingly impossible to listen to every single friday!

  11. Kegan Kay

    Best GMT ever! Really enjoyed the training!

  12. Bernie Terry

    So far the most enjoyable training I’ve attended!

  13. Daniel Singh

    Great show, great way to teach a point and make it stick.

  14. Neva Jones

    Thanks for a great morning wake up show! That was the best GMT training EVER, & I’ve been in for 17+ years. You kept everyone laughing and hit the serious stuff right on the nail!
    You touched on all the important things, drinking too much, drinking and driving, suicide, debt management and assault!
    GREAT JOB!!!!! Thanks so much for coming out and supporting us that way!!

  15. Dana Riecke

    You have a great message Bernie, I tell my Sailors once the Alcohol Related incident bug bites them they need to put alcohol out of their lives. Thank you for not preaching you have a great approach. Congrats on 24 years of sobriety. Thank you for what you do, I know you reached out and touched someone today.

  16. Rob Huricks

    You are really good on stage, and it was a pleasure to have you here in Atsugi. You really entertained us all. Thanks a lot!

  17. David Bryant

    Great show! For a minute I forgot it was actually for training. Keep it up! God Bless!

  18. Ja'Darius Segars

    I only been in the military for 2 years and all the GMTs were soo boring that I fell asleep with my eyes open. I enjoyed myself and can honestly say that is the best GMT I have ever been to. You should come out here to Atsugi more often!!!!

  19. Sarah Helms

    What a great show! Thank you for coming out to Atsugi.

  20. Tracy Carlton

    Awesome show! Great, powerful message for our Sailors!!!! Thanks for supporting our troops!

  21. Jennifer Ussery

    Thanks again for coming out here and sharing with us a part of your life. I will never forget this. This is the best GMT I’ve ever been to since joining almost 19 years ago!!!!

  22. Donhuy Truong

    The best mandatory training I’ve ever went to!

  23. Paul Kelly

    I’ve always loved stand-up, but never seen it presented like this!
    Thank you so much for coming out and making a real impact with some important training that everyone will remember.

  24. Pedro Vasquez

    Bernie, you were great! Your message was clear and driven home by the humor. You certainly KILLED! I was dying when you called out the shipmate on her cell!

  25. Sean Bassett

    Dude….. you killed it! Thanks for stopping by Atsugi. Safe travels on your trip back across the pond.


  26. Aaron Skurzewski

    Thank you so much for visiting us here in Atsugi with your profound message! The way you grabbed ahold of everyone’s attention with laughter and then graced us with your candid life experiences, was truly something that made me think and inspired even as the parts that were meant to made me laugh. Thank you, Bernie!

  27. Michael Woodworth

    Bernie, you are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on being sober 24 years. You really killed it! Thanks for showing our Sailors that training does not have to be all about Power Points!

  28. mark zabala

    Thank you for coming over and sharing your life. Coming from an eldest sibling i can relate to your experience and how hard it is to lose a sibling. I am an eldest of my siblings and i can’t even imagine how much you went through. Hope to see you somewhere in this world, I hope you would do some stand up in Brooklyn..

  29. Maria Murray

    It was fun, better then training. Glad you were able to visit.