Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI! Happy Hour is here-

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I am loving it here at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI! Thank you to Ms. Boswell and OPNAV for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. We appreciate all that you do.I had a blast today in the theater, kicking it with two awesome groups of Sailors at 0800 and 1300 hrs. Both of you were outstanding and true Sailors. Thank you for taking a mandatory and turning it into a great time and hopeful insightful and thought provoking as well. As Fleet Minyard said “You are great Sailors and you do your country proud’! Have an awesome weekend, Enjoy the SuperBowl and be safe along the way.

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE 🙂 My brother Scott.

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34 Responses to Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI! Happy Hour is here-

  1. jacob tallman

    awsome production….believe it or not you are an inspiration…thankyou for opening my eyes on a lot of personal stuff… keep on bring it to our troops…..they really need it!!!!!

  2. Daniel

    Great show today!!!!!!!

  3. Holly

    great show! thank you

  4. Heather

    Loved your show today! Very inspirational! 😀

  5. eric viertel

    bernie hit it home, thanks for the laugh and the training. was the best show I have been to in a long…..long time. thanks again!

  6. John Lindsey

    Great Show today the military needs to do more training like that thank you for taking time to do what you do it was funny and something I will never forget.

  7. Crystal Snyder

    Just wanted to say thank you for coming out!, it was nice to get training a different way other than the typical power point! and you were right I got through a whole hour and a half without facebooking lol!

  8. Mm3 brandt

    Thanks for the show bernie it was great.

  9. Jolene

    This afternoon at Sharkey was the amusement was a Homerun. Kennedy Kennedy swing batter..Swing batter batter..SWING!!

    One person made a difference in life.. and that person is you.

    Thank you!

  10. Franklin Hewitt

    Bernie, Thank you for a great show. it was nice a change in the way training was presented. Very funny opening with a closing that really touched home for me due to having a mother with MAJOR drug/alcohol issues.

  11. Beth

    You thanked us for serving our country. Thank YOU for making an inspirational impact on so many lives!! Awesome show…

  12. ET3 Ainsworth

    Great show Bernie. Thank you for taking the time.

  13. Kelly Wilson

    Great show. Brings back memories of my brother.


  14. Saríah

    Funny stuff! Love your show. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

  15. CMDCM Marc Sibal

    Thanks for being real and thanks for sharing the laughter with my Sailors and most of all for sending a serious message to them that substance abuse in any form is destructive to human life. God Bless you and may you continue to live life to the fullest. Aloha brother…
    Command Master Chief Marc Sibal

  16. Colleen

    I was in the afternoon crowd!!! =) I can’t wait to go back and tell those who are in the young people’s program about you. Your story was really good and I’m sure alot of young people in the program will appreciate your story. Thank you for coming out and seeing us here in Hawaii.

  17. STSC Mike Wangen

    Great show Bernie loved it

  18. James Figueroa

    Awesome show loved every minute. I hope you keep doing these shows the military deffinetly needed someone like you to bring a new twist to our GMTs thank you again for sharing your story.

  19. Cs2 Forest-Canada

    HEY BERNIE show was great come back and do safety stand down for us again. it was refreshing. i really appreciate you telling us your story esp. about your brothers and how you still go and spend time with him thats soooo awsome take care dude and god bless

  20. Brian B

    You rock Bernie! Thanks for the show today.

  21. Berenice Hillegass

    Thank you for not making this training death by power point. I loved your show and the message got threw thanks for coming to talk to us

  22. Daniel

    Awesome show! You delivered a very powerful message, and I really appreciate it. It takes a lot of courage to be able to share your personal life in front of an audience, but in doing so you have probably helped thousands of service members. Thank you!

  23. Eusebio Del Rosario

    Thanks for the great show. Comedy is a great cure! Thank you again.

  24. Jimmy Paterson

    Attended your show, I enjoyed it. My shipmate Earl did…as well…in his own way. We need you on a deployment. 6 months of fun.



  25. ET2 (important person you should be afraid of) Derek Earl

    Hey, I am Earl, therfor I should get 4-5 raffle tickets for compensation for the jokes involving me in a speedo, your humor will always scar this junior personnel on a submarine, I am sure I will be hearing about this for many a years to come. My children will probably not remember me as dad, or the important man in their life, only as the kid that was disgraced in a comedy training. In all honesty, thanks for the talk.

    By you words, a true hero

    Derek Earl

  26. raul

    great show.

  27. John D

    Awesome show! You have a message that hits the target and thanks for staying around to chat afterwards!

  28. Brian Miller

    Great Message, Greater Format. I am sure my sailors will be talking about this for a while. Thank you for sharing your story!

  29. Gilbert Jusi

    Bravo Zulu, the best training I ever had in the USN.

  30. OSC (SW/EXW) Shayne Brazelton


    The show was EXCELLENT!!!! What a way to spend the morning. I thought it was brilliant how you incorporated your life story to send that message out to our Sailors. Keep up the great laughs and hope to see you again out here in Hawaii in the near future. Take care.


  31. Thomas St Pierre

    Bernie, I just want to say thank you for sharing your story with us. Being from new york city growing up i can relate to a lot
    Of things you said. Your story is very moving and inspirational. I called my little brother as soon as i got out. You
    Really got me thinking. Very good job!

  32. Nelson

    Awesome show! Thanks for sharing your story man, definately saved some of these sailors’ lives today who got your message about drugs and alcohol. Thank you!

  33. BGoode

    Your show was excellent! Hilarious and inspirational at the same time, I don’t think it can get better then that! OR CAN IT!!!???

  34. John Croce

    Bernie, Thanks so much for your entertaining and funny way of delivering an important and serious message to our Sailors. Your personal story demostrates to all how we can really screw things up and lose the things and people we hold dear. However, we can also learn from our mistakes, recover, and learn to love life, career, and family. It was a pleasure to meet you and I really appreciate what you do for all of our military men and women. Safe travels and I am sure we’ll see you again.