Kitsap Bangor, WA! Thank you Sailors and Marines

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What a journey, It is beautiful here at Kitsap Bangor, WA! Thank you to Eddie Thomas, LA Holder and Chief Pyne for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Prevention Training Program. I had a blast with you Sailors and few marines. Thanks to the civilians as well for attending.

My brother Scott! Me doing what I love! My brother Sean and I.

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15 Responses to Kitsap Bangor, WA! Thank you Sailors and Marines

  1. Jayson Seachord

    Just came back from your show, bro..Good laughs…Was able to intoduce myself to you before the show as well….Thanks for coming out and making “training” a much better time then usual.

  2. jeremy winters

    just came from your show it made traning alot better.

  3. Matthew Memarian

    That show you did at Bangor was funny. It was cool how you put a serious message in with a funny story haha. I had fun

  4. Shane Sharrett

    Your show was hilarious! Good job thanks for the training… keep it up!

  5. Abe Camerlin

    Very enjoyable way to spend my Friday morning. Your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for sharing your story with us here at Bangor. I think it put that seed in our minds that we need to make better decision when put in those situations. Congrats on 23 yrs of Sobriety and Good Luck on your Future Endeavors.

  7. Salvatore Carollo

    Awesome show this afternoon…. Good laughs…. Good time.. Hope to see you here again….

  8. Matthew Lyons

    Thanks for the training and sharing your real life experiences. Changing the life of one may save many lives.

  9. Yusef Ali

    Thank you for taking the time to come out and make us laugh. Your story was heartfelt and moving. God bless you and your family.

  10. Marcus Klein

    It was a great show even though I was there because it was mandatory. Good way to kick off the weekend….Remember, kids in the back seats cause accidents but accidents in the back seats cause kids.

  11. daniel

    great job today, that was the best “training” that i’ve sat through

  12. luke

    i havent laughed like that in a long time, thank you bernie, i regret not staying and talkin at ya and getting a cd

  13. Mike Ferrari

    Bernie! You are hilarious! Thanks for the show, truly epic!

  14. Alex

    Loved your show. Thanks for the cd. I will diffinately buy your book

  15. Samuel Roberts

    I got you to sign my notepad at the end of the show, I was one of the last few there and honestly? I didn’t want to leave, you motivated me to look into motivational speaking to help other people and you did amazing! If you ever emailed me your number it would be great to talk to somebody who has been there as I have a crazy life story as well. Thank you again it would be great to talk. Sam