USAFA, CO! Happy Hour Rolls in.Congrats to Madison Chilton & Jake!

Thank you to all the amazing Cadets here at USAFA, CO for coming to the show tonight. Having each of you there as well as General Clarke come and stay for the show was a real honor.   You Rock!  My hat is off to each and every one of you…thank you for your service to our Country.  Thank you to Ms. Martha Lovell, Ken, Max and the entire Cadet Safety Team. We appreciate all that the do.   Pass the word to Come and share a laugh while I am here tomorrow as well in the Arnold Hall Theater at 1915 on March 16th.  You study hard, train hard, and I hope you all ‘care’ hard for each other and enjoy Spring Break.  Make smart decisions while away from the Academy and keep the focus. Your Friend, Bernie. Show Raffle winners picked Thurs at 0900

site4 audiencecrop
Me Live! Our U.S. Airmen! My brother Sean, my sister Debra and me 🙂

My brother Scott- RIP, we will meet again.  Our flag, our country. My brother Sean and I!

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  1. Christophe mateo

    Great show at usafa

  2. Acey Palmer

    Thank you for you encouraging words at the show. Your story is very inspirational.

  3. Acey Palmer

    Great show

  4. Carmilya B.

    Great show at USAFA! Your story was such a blessing!

  5. Kelvin Winter

    Really good for a mandatory show. Thanks for coming!

  6. Linden Ballen

    im listening to you right now

  7. C1C Levi Beard

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement at the AF Academy tonight. I’m praying for you and your family. God Bless and good luck.

  8. Honor Toolbag

    @Linden Ballen
    No You Didnt! HONOR!!! HONOR!!!

  9. Justin Harris

    Hey Bernie, thanks for coming down to make the week a little better. Great show.

  10. Mike Yoo

    Thanks for the message, Bernie, and thanks for coming to the Academy.

  11. Corydon Butler

    Than k you so much for the inspirational message. So good to see someone with a public voice working for the Lord.

  12. Robert Dawson

    Thanks for stopping by, great show

  13. Danny Kim

    so im gonna get that free book right? haha. great show. mad respect for what you are doing. god bless

  14. NARP

    Hi, I am a NARP, so of course I was at your show rather than pumping iron in the gym.

  15. Football

    Shut it Reggie

  16. Matt Rogers

    Thanks for the great show!

  17. Shooting Team

    Yeah, what he said – NARP

  18. Track and Field

    My coach said not to go… or else

  19. Brittany White

    My favorite part was the supermarket joke

  20. Kathryn Stuard

    Thanks for the moving story and good jokes at the AF Academy. You are an inspiration.

  21. Dave Zitelli

    Thanks for the message here at usafa!

  22. J Mintzmyer

    Good show- forgot it was mandatory!

  23. Sydney Croxton

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed tonight’s briefing!

  24. Michael Fleming

    Bernie you suck. come to colorado again and we’ll kill you. . nah just playin. . thanks a ton for coming tonight. definitely was an awesome and touching talk. you da man

  25. Chris Chorney

    I got back and checked my facebook. I didnt get poked… all that worrying for nothing.

  26. Bryce Bergman

    Boo! you suck! just messing man. The message was awesome.

  27. Louis Fasano

    Great show tonight very inspiring story.

  28. dustin tanen

    I wasn’t at the brief, someone told me this is where I go for a free book, Just kidding — thank you for what you do.

  29. Dan Rule

    Great stuff tonight Bernie!

  30. Ryan Loyd

    Great show at USAFA Bernie

  31. Kyle Gadoury

    Awesome show

  32. Nicole Torres

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your message is one I won’t forget.

  33. Desirae Ionata

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to speak to us. It was an amazing message. God bless you.

  34. charlie aly

    made it to your show tonight at the academy thought it was pretty good

  35. Allison Egan

    Awesome show. Keep doing what you do, you’re one hell of a role model.

  36. Dan

    Great message, great show. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Tj Rowland

    Thanks for the show. i was there! It was real fun and alot of the things you said i could relate to.

  38. Josh Wilson

    One of the top briefs we have ever had, thanks for coming! PS. come to CO again and we’ll kill you. Ha!

  39. B F

    Thank you so much. I also have a brother who is mentally challenged and I’m his only friend most of the time. I really appreciate you adding your brother’s story as part of your show, since most people make fun of him. I think you had a really significant impact on a lot of cadets, so thank you for your inspiration.

  40. Rahni Giardina

    That was a really good show, didn’t relate to me any, but definately to my brother. Your story reminds me of him, I just hope he snaps out of his bad habits like you did. Thank you again for the show.

  41. Elliott Gonzalez

    Great show, the message really spoke to me.

  42. Karl Oeser

    I was there or your message. I think it really hit home for a lot of us. I’m actually getting in a lot of trouble for taking one of those hotel towels so i got a good laugh. Thanks

  43. Jenny Kagarise

    Really good show. Thanks for speaking to us! Great message!

  44. Allison Swaney

    Thank you so much for the message. Someone very close to me is going through some of the same issues you did, and I pray they have the same revelation as you. God Bless you and yours!

  45. Benjamin Marshall

    Great message, Good luck with everything youre doing!

  46. Randall Ott

    Great show. Good message and lots of laughs. Beats a lame spring break safety brief.

  47. Keith

    Awesome show! Your message really spoke to me; alcohol is something I abused for the past 6 months ever since turning 21 back in August, and I am finally becoming free from it. Your message regarding responsible consumption really hit home, and I realize that I am one of those people you talked about who can’t just have 1 or 2 and be fine. Again, thank you for your encouragement!

  48. Naomi Ballard

    Hey Bernie! Thanks for your awesome message, I was truly blessed to hear it! Thank you so much for doing what you do, especially for those of us in uniform. God Bless as you continue on your journey!

  49. MJ Williams

    Really good show tonight. 23 years strong, keep up the good work man. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

  50. Garrett Schutz

    Great show thanks for sharing your story

  51. Sarah Hunt

    Thanks for the laughs and a powerful message that I won’t forget.

  52. James Neat

    A really great show and a nice change from the safety briefings we are used to. Thank you.

  53. A. Evenson

    Great show tonight! By far the best safety briefing we’ve had (and we’ve had many). It sounds like you’re a good big brother. You mentioned it a couple of times and I’m curious, How much has faith played into your life and recovery over the years? Thanks again!

  54. Madison Chilton

    Thank you so much for coming out to speak to us! It was quite possibly the best mandatory briefing we’ve had (and there have been more than I care to remember). You did an excellent job of mixing two extremes in order to deliver a very strong message. Thanks so much and I wish you the best!

  55. Jake

    Amazing, inspirational talk! Everyone was hanging onto your every word, you could hear a pin drop while you were talking- thats a sign of a good speaker. Thanks for coming and talking to us. I realized a lot about myself and the slippery slope i’ve been approaching. Thanks.

  56. Jana

    Thank you for your message and your honest material. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  57. Miles Maloy

    Hey man good show, a little too anti-drinking for my taste but good message and jokes

  58. Michael Magtalas

    Hey great words today really inspiring.

  59. Eric Steen

    Thanks for coming out to USAFA, much better comedy show than last year, you kept me awake and kept my interest! Keep doing wat your doing!

  60. Tony Sulliva

    Dude, you were awesome tonight. You had me rolling on the floor man. Your story really hit me too. Thank you for your honesty.

  61. Yvette Cline

    You definitely weren’t kidding when you said the picture would be on your website in no time. I really enjoyed meeting you in person and hearing the great message that you had to give to the wing. A million thank yous for coming out to talk to us! You really spoke from the heart (:

  62. Faith S-W

    Yeah, I’m in the picture! It was great meeting you and hearing your message. Keep it up. Your support for the troops means a lot. God bless.

    P.S. Didn’t know I said “everyone” loud enough for you to hear me in reference to the Paris Hilton joke…haha. Good hearing I guess. Thanks for the laughs!

  63. James Cole

    Thanks for the words and laughs, I think its great you were able to speak out about God in front of so many people, keep it up!

  64. Brandon Hough

    Awesome show. The jokes were funny because most of them were true. The toilet paper joke had me rolling. The whole thing was just spot on. Great stories and your brother sounds like an awesome guy. I’d play xbox with him any day… loved that part about him when you call him on the phone and he’s all… “BERNIE!” “yes” “bernieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”… Take care bro and stay safe.

  65. Allison Egan

    P.S. It would be super awesome if a preppie won a book! You know, we could practice our reading skills with it and all…:)

  66. Toby Pedretti

    Thank you for making a mandatory briefing so much fun! My bros and I really enjoyed the laughs and your message

  67. Kevin Loudermilk

    Awesome show! You had a great message and managed to keep the attention of the entire auditorium, despite the extreme sleep deprivation that we cadets face.

  68. Reecie P

    Your comedy show was hilarious and your story amazing!! You have a true talent and I hope that you keep using it 🙂

  69. Michael Trubilla

    Great show! I hope the message hit home to the people it needed to, and for the rest of us, we got to enjoy your comedy! Thanks for coming out here.

  70. Greg Chaput

    I was there last night! And would love an autographed book!!!!!!!

  71. Roger Jones

    Loved the show last night!

  72. Alex Jack

    Great show, loved it(even though it was mandatory)

  73. Joe Cortez

    Loved the show! Great message! Definitely a unique way to present your material, but hits the heart deep. Thank You!!

  74. Shannon Young

    I loved the show, it had a great message that I know a lot of people needed to hear and I needed a good laugh with all the stress of school.

  75. Grant Boehme

    Thank you for coming and speaking to us, I really appreciated the show and the message. Thanks for making tough situations easier to handle.

  76. Ben

    Thanks for your inspiring words. You have a powerful message.

  77. Coy Fischer

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us… the laughs were good too!

  78. EC

    great show. thanks for opening up to everyone like you do.

  79. Mikey Brown

    Awesome message Bernie. I have seen many safety briefings and I can honestly say that yours is the only one that I will remember. Thanks for your message.

  80. Hector Valladares

    Great show!!!!

  81. Andrew Beckman

    Thanks for the great laughs! Best mandatory brief i have ever been too.

  82. Casey Cardwell

    THank you, thank you very much!

  83. Bryce Mitchell

    Great show and even better message!!! Thank you

  84. Jakob Fischer

    Awesome show. Thanks.

  85. Zach Westerfield

    great show

  86. Kenan Bell

    Hey thanks a lot man, the most inspiring part was about you and your little brother the “slow” one, i love how big your heart is, keep doing what your doing out there!

  87. Ethan Smith

    Great show.

  88. Tyler Todd

    Awesome message. I enjoyed the comedy!

  89. matthew webb

    Great show, Great message. Thanks so much.

  90. Andrew Hoops

    Thanks for the show!

  91. John Thompkins

    Very inspiring. Great show man, keep up the good work! You made the mandatory brief worth it.

  92. Josalynn Wise

    Awesome show, awesome message. Thank you so much!

  93. ish

    Thanks for coming out to USAFA! Best mandatory briefing for some time!

  94. Julie Germain

    Thanks for coming!

  95. Jacob Bradshaw

    Great show, great message, lots of laughs

  96. Richard Cook

    Thanks for coming out!

  97. Lance Cronin

    Awesome show and good laughs tonight! Your story was such a blessing and helped a lot. Thanks for coming out to see us!

  98. Joseph Flescher

    Great Show Bernie! Keep it up!

  99. Boots

    Great show, thanks for what you do!

  100. Desiree Wilson

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for coming your words were very inspirational and it was nice to have some laughter after a long week. I wish I had cash at the time to get a book but I got to take a picture with you and pictures are worth a thousand words. Thank You Sir.

  101. Derek Richardson

    Good show (Front row). Thanks for coming and the message you give.

  102. Jake Alleman

    I’m impressed, General Clark didn’t have to order us to laugh once

  103. James Millar

    Awesome show. God bless

  104. Mercedes Dexter

    Awesome show and great laughs! If I knew there would be books and CDs I would’ve brought some cash with me! Thanks for the picture and amazing message tonight 🙂

  105. Daniel Cohen

    The last comedian sucked, way to actually entertain with a message.

  106. Evan Rowley

    Thanks for coming great show!

  107. James Thomas

    Way better than a powerpoint mandatory brief! Thanks

  108. Vince V

    great show, definately the best safety brief since I’ve been at USAFA

  109. Patrick Waters

    very inspiring. great job!

  110. Andrew Hedman

    Thanks the amazing show Bernie! Not only was it funny, it was inspiring as well.

  111. Matt Bell

    Thanks a lot for the show Bernie! You had a great message and it was definitely worth our time. I would love to hear you speak again sometime and I’m sure the wing would welcome you back whenever.

  112. Grant

    Thank you so much for the message. Not only was there a lot of funny material, but a strong message as well.

  113. Andrew Kerber

    Great Show

  114. Erik

    Thanks for the message!

  115. Mark H

    I loved the talk! You do an awesome job at linking comedy and a serious topic!

  116. Amanda Blain

    Thank you for coming to talk to us tonight. And congratulations on being sober for so long.

  117. Evan Blazevic

    First time I’ve enjoyed a mandatory event in a while.

  118. Kevin

    Thank you for sharing your life story and serving as a living example of how you can always press forward!

  119. carlos pacheco

    thanks bernie, it was very inspiring to have you here at usafa, a true example of determination, my favorite part was the california cops saying the same thing over and over… great job…
    muy buena presentacion bernie, me encanto tu mensaje!

  120. John Hadjis

    Awesome presentation! I was expecting the usually military death by powerpoint and I got death by laughing my head off! Keep doing what you do. We all appreciate it.

  121. John Hadjis

    wooops. meant ‘usual’ instead of usually. should of had my roommate proofread my comment@John Hadjis

  122. Jim

    Bernie, thanks for coming out. My family and I are in a similar situation you were in and you inspired me to talk to my little brother who looks up to me… I really appreciate

  123. Andy Jackson

    Great show, very entertaining and informative!

  124. Johnson

    Good stuff. Stayed awake through the whole thing. That’s the first time since Basic…

  125. Brandon Wilde

    Really inspirational stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  126. Parker

    Great show! Come back soon!

  127. David

    I thought it was an awesome show. Very inspiring!

  128. Alex

    Great show dude!

  129. BERG

    Thanks you’re wonderful.

  130. Ford Carty

    Thanks for the awesome laughs and great message Bernie! Come back soon!


    Awesome show!

  132. T Brown

    Legit Show! Your story is awesome, thanks for comin out!

  133. Andrew Lambert

    Nice routine, loved the message.