NAS Norfolk, VA! Above and Beyond! Congrats Shana Johnson

I had a blast  in the C9 Base theater today at 1400. Thank you ALL for coming and packing the house.  I hope you had a few laughs and take the heartfelt message to heart.  I felt so good being there and appreciate the outstanding feedback from each of you.  Your service and sacrifice will NEVER be taken for granted!

Me as a blade of grass 🙂 My brother Scott! Me doing what I love!

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48 Responses to NAS Norfolk, VA! Above and Beyond! Congrats Shana Johnson

  1. kimberly

    Thank you so much for coming! That was great!! Thanks for the laughs! come back soon!

  2. IT2 Bartlett, Fredrick

    Great show! Appreciate you coming out and getting me out of work!


    Hey Bernie,

    Thanks for a great comedy show and powerful message. As sailors we don’t generally get the opportunity to hear personal stories that apply to our well being. Or, if we do it is certainly not with such a “Patch Adams-esque” approach to fixing the problems in our lives. Laughter is generally not a welcome thing in the briefing room. Every little bit helps, thanks again!

  4. Timmy Dunbar

    Thanks Bernie! Great message! You may not have served in the military but dedicating your life to it by serving those who serve is just as noble.

  5. J Davenport

    Bernie, thank you so much for a very valuable presentation. Your message hit home, and will be something that I will be able to share with others.

  6. Daniel Holmes

    Thankyou for giving me a few more laughs today then I normally would have had. You put on a really great comedy show that I can relate to with family members. Please come back with more people sometime in the future!!

  7. Martin Herrera

    Mr. McGrenahan,

    Thank you for coming to Naval Station Norfolk and bringing your message to our Sailors. Your first hand experience in dealing with alcohol and its destructive power was inspirational and the best training I have seen in 20 years of service. I wish you the best in all that you do and I hope every Sailor has the opportunity to receive your message.


  8. IT1 Downs

    Hey Bernie. Great show. Had lots of laughs.

  9. Justin Fisk

    Bernie, without a doubt you provided the most personal, insightful and humorous look at topics that I think most of us normally cringe at when we’re faced with them. Thanks for your honesty, openness and ability to help plant the seed of hope and possibilities…all while making me laugh so hard my gut still hurts three hours later. You rock.

  10. LS3 J Napier

    Loved the show & appreciated the message. I’ve felt the devastation of what drugs and drinking can do to a family. Thank for taking the time to put this message out in a whole new way.

  11. IT1(SW/AW) Griffith, H. M.

    Loved the show, Comedy sure is a great way to deliver the message! Thank you for coming and I look forward to future visits!

  12. AT2 Ellard

    Just saw you at C-9. You were amazing brother. I can literally relate to more parts of your story than I care to share on here ….but i can say that as you thank us for our bravery, i thank you for yours. The bravery to spread the word through your story. Keep up the good fight brother. Even if you just reached one person today, you succeeded.

  13. IT2(SW) Galarza, Joseph

    Just wanted to stop by and give props when its due. i have never seen such a positive message put out the way you did. i enjoyed it very much. thanks a ton for taking your time to see us. hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks again.

  14. John

    Bernie, Thanks for sharing your story and providing eye watering laughs.

  15. latoya

    Funny Show!!! I was laughing so hard my baby was kicking me to stop. Love your story and glad i was there to hear it. Keep it up!!

  16. Jeremiah Bonner

    Really enjoyed the show today. Taking topics as serious as those that you talked about and making them laughable was incredible. Thank you for everything you do for us.

  17. LS2 Hopwood

    Bernie, thank you so much for sharing with us your story and providing all those funny laughs, they were much appreciated. Thanks for coming and please come again.

  18. LaTanya Mazyck

    Dear Mr. McGrenahan,
    I had the pleasure of seeing your show “HAPPY HOUR” at the C-9 building at Naval Station Norfolk, 09 FEB 2011 @ 1400. I am one of those ones who had to be there and am very glad I came. I have not witnessed such serious topics presented in the comical way you presented them today. I was laughing so hard, for real. You gave us a personal look into your life in an effort to save others. Every year we have some kind of training. I am hoping that this year we sit up and pay attention. Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your stories. Wishing you continued success.

  19. IT1 Jimenez, Daniel

    What a heart warming message you are sharing with everyone. Thanks for the laughs and your time

  20. IT2 Goldstine

    Bernie, great show. Thank you for coming out and giving us all laughs. I can relate to a lot of your experiences dealing with both alcoholism and suicide in my family. Thank you again and come back soon.

  21. Shana Johnson

    Thank you for the laugh today as well as the new way to speak on suicide/depression awareness. It is very taboo for anyone to ask for help wether from substance abuse or just stress and to hear someone not only speak on the situations of depression but uplift others with laughter and personal stories is a great achievement. I thank you for what you are doing and I pray that you be blessed in life.

  22. Heather

    I work at a place where they made us come for your presentation. You had already started when I walked in and all I could hear was laughter…thought I was in the wrong place. No training is ever anything but “death-by-powerpoint”; it was GREAT!! Its good to hear real stories in an upbeat and entertaining manner. Thank you…couldn’t have been better

  23. Sonya Carey

    I really enjoyed listening to you today. You were funny, made a valid point and drove it home and then you ended on a funny note. Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story with all the Sailors and civilians in attendance. Don’t stop doing what your are doing, you were awesome!!!

  24. Victoria Ramirez

    Hey Bernie! Thanks for the great show! We don’t usually get positive attention with out the super star trying to get some kind of media coverage out of it! Thanks for being so genuine! And I have to say, your story really hit home! I grew up in super small town and about six people I went to school with has died due to drinking/drugs and suicide and I was graduating class of 87 so…well…thank you!

    BEEEEERNIIEEE! bernie…HAHAHA! Family is priceless!

  25. Barbara Soto

    Thanks for showing up Bernie 🙂 A lot of us really enjoyed the show. You have a great way of opening up some peoples’ eyes to what can happen when they drink. Glad to have met you and best of luck in your career.

  26. Arthur Villamarin

    Great show Bernie! Thank you for your presentation! Great way to provide good training and share true stories from real persons instead of watching a video or ppt. I enjoy your show! God Bless you and your fam. Come back soon!

  27. Melanie McArdle

    Just wanted to say that I had a great time at your show today. It was really nice to get off of the ship and destress with some laughs! Thanks!

  28. Marco Chavez

    Bernie, Thank you for coming to NAS Norfolk, it was a great show and what I like the most was the powerful message that came with it. I appreciate you taking the time to share your personal experiences with us and I will love to have you back soon sharing more of your knowledge.

  29. IT1 J. Patera

    GREAT SHOW! A positive and get your attention show. Lots of laughs and drives the point home about drugs/booze/and treating the lady right.

  30. bradley regan

    great show

  31. Rob

    Bernie, what you said today really hit home. Truely heartfelt and hope to see you again in the fleet soon!

  32. Drew Kelly

    Hey! Not the show I was expecting but a pleasant surprise. Thank you for allowing me to miss work, I was one of the few that actually chose to be there. It’s people like you that inspire those with drug and alcohol problems to change their lives. Not everyone can be as lucky as my brother, a recovered meth addict whom was knocking on deaths door, and now is living a sober life with his wife and two of the most wonderfully beautiful children I have ever seen. Continue to be inspirational. Thank you!

  33. DC1(SW/AW)Brandon-Motley

    Hello Bernie, I enjoyed your show today. It was very informative and heartfelt. Thank you for coming and taking the time out for me and my shipmates. God bless you and I wish you continued success as you continue to tour the world. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures with us also. Take care.

  34. Garfield Christie

    Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us. You are making a difference in curing the real life issues (suicide and careless living) that is plaguing our society. Thank you and keep us laughing.

  35. Garfield Christie

    Garfield Christie :
    Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us. You are making a difference in curing the real life issues (suicide and careless living) that are plaguing our society. Thank you and keep us laughing.

  36. Adam

    Great show! You say you never served, but every day you go on a base and make people laugh, you are doing just that.

  37. IT2 Zachary C. Dansby

    Bernie! Outstanding show. I love and appreciate the fact that you give so much of your time to the men and women that serve our great country. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences ,and hopes that it will reach someone’s heart. Even if it is just one person; you have made a difference. Your comedy was hysterical to say the least. I loved it so much that I would even buy a ticket to see it again.

  38. Anon

    I came, I saw, I understood. Thank you much!

  39. Patrick Stanley

    Hey Bro,

    Great show, we really appreciate the time you took to come out and deliver a powerful message. And make a few jokes along the way. I wish you and your family the best of luck now and in the future. Continue doing what you are doing, it really means a lot and you could make a huge difference in several people’s lives. 2 thumbs up! Nice to meet you and thanks again.


  40. Jeff Hansen

    When I first heard about this show I was told it was mandatory, I’m not going to lie, The Thoughts that went through my head were “this guy must really suck for us to be told this is mandatory to be here.” As you started the show it went from ok to great in a matter of seconds. I really enjoyed the way you put out the message through comedy. Awesome way to get your point across. I will never forget this. Thanks for coming!!

  41. AD1 Cabral

    Bernie, I gotta be honest. I didn’t expect a mandatory training to be so ‘AWESOME’!!! Your comedy is definitely worthy of television, i.e., a la Seinfeld. Not only is your delivery right on, but your message is on point. Thank you for opening up your heart and showing what perseverance is all about. Your comedy and message are a perfect end to any day.
    May God bless you and your family. Keep ’em laughing, and yes, crying.


    you did a great show!!!

  43. MeAnna

    Bernie, thank you for the laughs and the sincere message you gave at C-9 at the Norfolk base. I really enjoyed it!

  44. Sarah Lopez


    Really enjoyed getting to see you and hear about your story. Your jokes were hilarious and really made me laugh. I have been going through a difficult time with one of my close family members with drugs and jail and it was nice to know that they can overcome these hard times and be successful. Your story was touching and I am deeply sorry for your loss. We are praying for you and your family! Keep up the great, motivating work and come back to see us soon! Thanks so much!

    OS2 Sarah Lopez

  45. IS3 Austin

    The message of hope is always a powerful one. I’ve had my own personal struggles in the past but Bernie’s life story touched a nerve. Growing up I was a son of missionary parents in Mexico City.
    While other American kids were learning how to do all the normal things that we Americans are usually doing as teenagers; I was helping my parents. It was certainly an eye opener. We tried to rescue drugged and lost men, women and children from dumpsters, holes in the ground, cardboard boxes…
    Knowing that there are people who go beyond the now politically correct (unlike the Dove/Hawk mentality of hating the military in the Vietnam era) lip service to the military, really encourages me. Thank you for caring.

  46. Doug Bass

    Throughly enjoyed the show onboard Naval Station Norfolk yesterday. It’s not easy to blend Sexual Assault Prevention and Suicide Prevention with comedy, but you did it.

    Great show.

  47. ABH3 Chorniak


    Awesome job! I must say that all of us sailors have to hear on almost a daily basis from our LPO’s, chiefs, officers, etc…about alcohol, drug awareness, making good decisions, you name it. It gets to the point where most of us can agree that it gets repetitive and to the point where you can hear the sighs from the crowd of sailors that know they have to hear the “Don’t Drink and Drive” speech again before they can continue on with their day. I think many of us thought that you would be another person to explain your version of just that. But not at all. You were as entertaining as they come and received our attention from the beginning. At the same time, your story was a reality and I believe that you create a positive impact on many lives that you share your comedy show with. I hope that you keep going forward with your shows and thank you for doing what you do.

  48. ITSN Heather Rohr

    That’s was a very good presentation (and thought I was going to see another point). THANK YOU for coming Norfolk, VA C-9. Not everyone can talk about suicide in a stand-up but you were very sincere and still had a great sense of humor. A friend of my mother does a suicide pervention walk for the death of her little brother. My brother struggled in school but he’s doing very well. Your younger siblings seem really nice. I wish you the best. A lot of my shipmates were starting to wish they saw your show, but we found the web page videos! Thanks again, Bernie.