JBER, AK! Happy Hour Rolling In!

RAFFLE WINNERS- SEE “I KILLED WINNERS’ post, listed below on this page!

Uncle Bernie is here! Snow, No Blizzard nor avalanche would keep me from coming to JBER to be with all of you brave Soldiers and Airmen. Come share a laugh, a smile and some thought while I am here. I will be  at JBER Theater at 1030 Thursday and  in the Main Post Chapel  at  1330 as well. January 28 at 1030 in the Armory. See you soon.

God Bless America! Mt brother Sean and I, Me LIVE!

Thank you for your comments.  It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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26 Responses to JBER, AK! Happy Hour Rolling In!

  1. Joshua longabaugh

    Show was great man had a good time

  2. Benjamin Turner

    I was just at your presentation on JBER and had a good laugh and enjoyed the message you had to send out. Glad you stopped by to share your story.

  3. kaleb dixon

    best awareness class I’ve been to a lot of laughs with a strong message

  4. katie wahl

    Great show today on JBER…can’t remember the last time an awareness class was taught and everyone in attendance got the message.Thank you and can’t wait to see your next performance!!!

  5. sean mccarthy

    I was the chaplains assistant at the soldiers chapel. You were great and we hope to have you back.

  6. Randy Walsh

    Show was great, you killed. Great laughs!

  7. Sara Mobley

    Great show!! You killed us all!!

  8. SPC Hernandez, Teresa

    I loved the show!!! Felt great to have a good laugh. Thanks :)


    Thanks for the laughs at the church…

  10. Harriett Montoya

    Thank you for coming to Alaska in JANUARY and sharing your journey to sobriety. Bet you never thought you’d be performing in a chapel. Growth for you. Blessings to you.

  11. Michael Mellor

    Hey Bernie, thanks for being there for us. I am a DA civilian and I know I do not fight the fight on the front lines, but I really appreciate that you supporting the Military element, like we all should be doing. We all need to support our President and Military wether we agree or not! Our freedom in America would be nothing without them. Great reason to vote, REALLY! Burning flags, piercings, welfare and freedom of speech! A crazy mix of stuff, but we can revel in any part of it. At least for now. Keep up the good work!

    This has been the best “required” training that I have ever had. I am so sorry that Bernie hard to learn the hard way about the challenges of life, but I am very gratefull that he has been able to share and propel the positive portions to convey the right message to us all. His whole way of conveyance makes you think because he takes you off guard, and then draws you in. Brings a tear to the eye! Great guy, great show, great training! Best ever!

  12. Rebecca Butler

    You were great! I would love to stand up and encourage people to do the right thing one day! It’s my dream! My father is an alcoholic, still do this day! My step-father committed suicide in my back yard a year and a half ago. I could relate to your pain. I really hope you come back! We all enjoyed the show! (: thanks again!

  13. Ahjai Talley

    You were the best I’ve seen yet and I didnt even know who you were before you came….. I’ve seen D.L. Hughley and Kevin Hart live.

  14. Justin Boone

    Saw you at the chapel. Great job man good shit.

  15. Angel H. Baez

    The show was great, had laughter to go with inspiration.

  16. Jared Mannarino

    Bernie, you’re awesome. I don’t drink, I don’t. Do drugs, but I have friends who do. I loved your show, its too funny. You are by far the man for restricting my oxygen flow by making me laugh so hard. Don’t come back to Elmendorf or we’ll dogpile you, XD.

  17. james walkingstick

    like your bit man. Had a good laugh thanks.

  18. Timothy Young

    Just got back from your show at the chapel it was great. Thanks for coming by.

  19. Jason Raburn

    I really appreciate what your doing and really enjoyed your show today. Normally the types of classes and mandatory training that we recieve is full of statistics and powerpoint presentations that are usually presented by someone who is just as dissatisfied to be there as everyone else. But when someone tells a story that is accompanied by humor with a good message, people are alot more proned to listen…I know I did and so did the soldiers I’m responsible for. I’m truely sorry for the hardship your family has faced but am glad you’ve used it to do positive things for others. Please keep doing what you do, and hope to catch one of your shows again soon.

  20. David Rufenacht

    Hey, Great show. Was at the 1030 one. Thanks for coming to Alaska and talking to us.

  21. Billy Zepeda

    Thanks For the laugh! Best training I’ve had in the 6 Years I’ve been in! Good way to get the message across and keep every ones attention.

  22. Henry Schultz

    Thanks for the great show. Normally those kind of things are death by powerpoint. This was a good change of pass. Thanks again

  23. Josh Schulze

    Hey Bernie, I was at your show at JBER at the chapel, I was just leaving a message in hopes of winning the raffle book lol! Thank again!

  24. Mike Fabian

    Hey Bernie, WTF over. First you bring us in a Chapel (forgive us sinners)then secondly, you come and try talk to us about sobering up (forgive us drinkers). Brrr, hope next time you come over, you talk to us about how there is not enough snow here in JBER. Great show and keep it rockin’. From the Artic Warriors, Spartan Soldier signing out.

  25. Katherine Horst

    Hey there Bernie,
    I really enjoyed your show today! You were so funny, yet you still were able to send out a very serious message! I’m the photo historian of Chapel 1. I have a few pictures I’d like to send you…(give me an e-mail) Thanks for visiting us! Please come back again! :)

  26. Jamie Gonzalez

    Awesome show!!