Ft Greely, AK! Hoorah Bradford Quigley- Show winner

What a mission, I made it and am glad to be here. I hope all of you Soldiers had a good laugh at the Post Theatre and also took home a great message.  I sure did appreciate each of you coming out!  Thank you to Dan Carnett – ADCO for going above and beyond to get me here. Great man, bringing fresh new training methods to Soldiers and Civilians.  You and I will meet again soon.

Me Live, Doing what I love to do, My brother Sean,My sister Debora and myself :)

Live shots from Greely- Dan Carnett and our incredible soldiers.

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8 Responses to Ft Greely, AK! Hoorah Bradford Quigley- Show winner

  1. Pete Browning

    Thanks for the show. Your messages will help many others through their troubles.

  2. Paul McDavid

    Bernie, thanks for taking the time to visit us a Ft. Greely! You area funny guy with a very important message that so many people need to hear! May God continue to bless you, and God bless America!

  3. Chris Hochstetler


  4. Sona Massey

    Bernie, my face was aching from laughing so long :)
    Thanks for the great show and sharing your experiences so others can learn from them.

  5. Wayne Chaput

    Mr McGrenahan, Thank you for sharing your testimony in such a uplifting format. The Soldiers at Fort Greely appreciate that you came and made us laugh while getting across this vital message. Btw side still hurts from the laughter.

  6. Anthony Laska

    Great message with such a powerful and personal delivery! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  7. Bradford Quigley

    I enjoyed your show. Your ability to make us laugh so hard was only overshadowed by the powerful delivery of your message. Knowing most everyone in the audience and the challenges they face as they serve the nation here at Fort Greely, I can say that the message hit very close to home for many of us! Thanks to you and the Garrison staff for a great show!
    Bradford J. Quigley
    Command Sergeant Major
    49th Missile Defense Battalion (GMD)


    Thank you for coming to our small corner of the wold and lifting our spirits with laughter that is much needed here.