Ft Wainwright, AK! Happy Hour Live!

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Uncle Bernie is here at Ft Wainwright, AK. It is so beautiful here but darn COLD! My hat is off to all of you amazing Soldiers and friends I made today at the Chapel and the WTU unit. Come and say hello while I am here at the Northern Lights Chapel on January 24 at 1200 & 1800 and January 25 at 1200.  Thanks to EAPC Cheryl and ASAP staff for sponsoring the show.  Also Capt Allen and the WTU unit who let me pop by and do an unscheduled show!  I hope it added to your day, your journey!  See pics below!

My brother Sean and I, Me LIVE doing what I love to do!

Above is WTU unit of Warriors and bottom middle is soundman PT2 Watson, Porto, and Counselor Lois!

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7 Responses to Ft Wainwright, AK! Happy Hour Live!

  1. kasaundra limke

    good show. had fun at it…

  2. Nic Andrada

    Hey Bernie,
    Great Show! One of the best “mandatory” message ever presented. Death by power point is not the way!

  3. Craig Aris

    Hey Bernie,
    Just wanted to say excellent show at the WTU the other day you are hillariously funny my friend keep up the great work your message is powerful.

    Thanks again for a great time

  4. Bradley Weston

    Hey Bernie,
    When I was told to go to suicide prevention I was thinking, o great gotta sit through another power point. Then the show got started and the time just flew by while i was laughing. I did kind of think to myself, hey are we gonna laugh first and then get a power point but it all tied in nicely together at the end. Im really glad i attended and it was a good experience to hear about and be there with people who appreciated what you are trying to do. As I was walking out I heard the lady who put it all together say to someone, “best show we have ever had here.” Keep up the good work

  5. David Vowell


    A very good message! It is nice to see and experience people in this world trying to make a difference. Especially when taking a different approach such as your Comedy Hour. I admit that I only went because it was mandatory, but afterwords I felt as if I could take your message and apply to my life and those around me. Thank you very much; it was a great show.

  6. Cheryl

    So glad you came to FWA. Hope Greely was a great show and all is well at Ft Rich. I’m blessed to have met you. Keep doing what your doing for our military guys and gals.

  7. chris seymour

    Just wanted to say thank you for popping by the WTU and doing a show for us…it was spectacular. It means alot to us when people can come and do nice things for no reason other than they want to. Thanks again, by the way have you raffled off that book yet?