Ft Bliss, TX! Show Raffle entries- Read this post!

Dear Soldiers and Civilians- I want to personally apologize for not posting the WED raffle winner on this site.  The winners are now posted below on the post titled ‘#1 Book: I KILLED“.  As a courtesy to each of you, I will be picking a Third winner on Monday, which will post also in the same post below.   I pride myself on posting winners when I say I will, and we were late on this one.  Congrats to:
Dec 6-8 Ft. Bliss -Brett Dietz- winner
Dec 9-10 Ft Bliss- Stephen Rhoades- winner    Third winner to be picked Monday!

Now- about the incredible ten shows! I had a blast  at Team Bliss.  The soldiers were  incredible in not just attendance, but in your response at each show.  Thank you for bringing such a warm welcome to Soldier Hall.  ASAP is truly taking great care of me and is a team of persons whom care deeply about Soldiers, Families, and Civilian workers.   Truly a serious team of caring individuals who provide resources to empower us all to stay strong. Here are some pics of the shows. Thank you Troops for being so supportive of the HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message Tour!

Troops, the ONLY Flag, Yadi, Maria, Rob S., Ana, Rob G

Delilah, The bravest of the brave, Sgt Torres

Kayla & Graham(l), Serena, Julie, Chris(C), and Raul on the right!

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE doing what I love to do!

Thank you for your comments.  It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show!

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57 Responses to Ft Bliss, TX! Show Raffle entries- Read this post!

  1. Chris Goldsmith

    Hey bernie I just attended the ft. Bliss asap comedy thing held at soldiers hall and really enjoyed listening to what you had to say and your experiences that you shared! Thank you, Chris

  2. Shaka Cosby

    Hey Bernie,

    I just attended the Ft. Bliss ASAP Comedy show held at the Soldiers Hall. I enjoyed the show and the story of your brother really touched me. I experienced something like that with my brother. Keep up the good work and thank you very much. Shaka

  3. Kayla Moody

    Hey Bernie!!!
    Loved your show at Fort Bliss. I liked how it was something new!! instead of dead by power point!!! Thank you so much!!! Hope you had fun too!!!Thank you, Kayla

  4. Jeanetta Martin

    I really enjoyed your show! The whole alcohol and drug thing does not pertain to me, but what really got my attention was your brother Sean. My brother will be 42 next month and he has down syndrome. He is the most lovable person I know, and he really brightens up my day! I am really gald to hear that you take time out to go and visit him on your days off!

  5. Carol S. Hall

    Hey, B-E-R-N-I-E

    I got great laughs from your Ft. Bliss ASAP Comedy show @ 1400 today. Continue spreading the message to as many as will listen. I am sure those forced to attend today’s show walked away with the importance of your message.

    Thanks for saving lives.


  6. Mallory Moore

    Thank You Bernie for the laughs and for the lesson. I just attended the Fort Bliss Show. I had a lot of fun. And I’m serious about those hotel samples, they work excellent for field exercises. Thank you also for sharing your personal story about your alcoholism and the death of your brother Scott. I know there are soldiers out there that are benefiting for your message.

  7. Robert S.

    Great Show today. Thank you for honoring us here at Ft. Bliss with your show and message.

  8. PV2 Smith, James D

    Hey! I really appreciate you taking the time to come to Fort Bliss and doing your stand-up comedy! And for sending out an important and touching message, because it inspired me. I also used to have a drinking problem and that message that you sent out is something that I can keep in mind that will help me in the future to prevent me from continuing on with my problem.
    Thank you again and good luck with your tour. And good luck with your drinking and drug prevention!

  9. Daniel Ramirez

    I was at yr show earlier today. I didn’t think you were that funny, but I’d still like to get a chance to win this book you promised.

  10. Evan henneman

    Hey burnie that was a great show you just had, really inspired me keep doin what you do. Thanls again for a good laughs

  11. Brad

    Hey Bernie me and 4-1 just saw u and laughed our butts off. Also listened to ur story and it hit my heart bc I know where ur comingfrom with that. Anyway thanks again! Peace. PFC Deville

  12. Homero Martinez

    Hey Bernie, your show was awesome! I am currently enrolled in ASAP because I did have a problem too. Thanx for the advice and comedy relief!

  13. michael George-Taylor

    Hey man,
    your comedy show was excellent. It brought attention to serious matters in a light way. You didn’t force your opinions on us, but still did a great job keeping us interested while informing us of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

    Another piece of advice I learned was to pay more attention to my family. I too have mentally handicapped people in my family; my twin uncles were born with downsyndrom. One has a mental capacity of a 3 year old and the other of a 5 year old. I am going to make sure I call them to let them know I love them more often.

    I went to your show today, 7dec2010; and it was great. Thank you.
    -PFC Michael George-Taylor

  14. LeeAnn Tagami

    The show was very funny. This is a great way to shed light on substance abuse and ASAP without going through the annual boring classes or making soldiers and civilians feel awkward or feel they need to get defensive. My husband works over on Biggs Army Air field and I really hope his soldiers get to hear this show before they Deploy in 2011. Thanks for the great time!

  15. Brandon Krutsinger

    Just finished watching your show. Loved your material. Excellent transitions from funny to serious subject matter and back again. Keep up the great work supporting the troops.

  16. Charnita Allen

    I really enjoyed your show today. It’s good to see people like yourself using their experiences to help others instead of using it as a crutch to continue to do the same things and blame everyone but themselves. Just like myself you beat the statistics and made something into yours and I’m proud of you…Thanks for the show

  17. larry valverde

    Hey man great show today(dec 7). I really enjoyed it. Had alot of great laughs but hit on a very serious topic. Keep up the great work man.

  18. KrystalMae Nelson

    Was at your show today due to being voluntold. However – it was great. Thank you for sharing you life experiences – it was a great show and a strong message. I know some people here that needed to hear that message in a new way and I hope this will help them.
    -SPC Nelson

  19. Ronnie Hernandez

    Just wanted to stop by pretty much speak for everyone. This was a great change to regular army suicide prevention/drug and alcohol abuse briefings. Had a great time, thanks again

  20. PFC Chaney, Joshua

    hey i enjoyed the show kinda but it was better than cleaning weapons and id like a chance at that free book cause being a PFC means i am very broke and freebees are very much welcome. come back agian next year espacaclly if ur given out free books

  21. Jan Rowson

    Hey Bernie,

    Thank you so much for the awesome show today at Ft. Bliss, I especially loved the jokes about england about the “5lbs Joint” and “Fags” I, myself am from england, so it was nice to hear something from home. Your show was also very touching and brought out a number of personal things that have happened to me over the years and that personal touch I think is needed in situations and circumstances we have everyday, more briefings like this are needed and not the “Death by power point” to give a person a sense of they are not alone in this, so much more to say but can not put in to words right now, Bernie again Thank You, Sincerly Jan Rowson

  22. Mike Edelstein

    Hey Bernie, this was without a doubt the best “training” I’ve ever had…so congrats, you’re actually SLIGHTLY better than the gas chamber! So, send me something free or else I’ll show you what combatives and marksmanship training has taught me!!!!! Just kidding (maybe)…seriously though, thanks for coming!

  23. Derek

    Bernie, I must say your show was great. Although I was made to attend I am happy I did. It was funny as well as serious, a good way to make a point. Keep up the good work

  24. Sgt Hipps

    Hey uncle Bernie enjoyed the show today…Great that you are telling your story, not many people could recover from what has happened in your life. Thank you for sharing with the soldiers of Fort Bliss!!

  25. ALH

    Bernie: thks for the laughs on 6Dec10…U most definitely put a different spin on the ASAP course…Nice to see in it in a different light…I can also relate to the story of your brothers; same story but different characters….Thanks for taking the time in sharing your experiences with all of us….

  26. Christopher

    That was a great show. I am very glad I attended. Thanks for coming.

  27. LT Heringer


    Great show today in Soldier Hall. Thanks for coming and adding some much needed variety to a very important message. We all appreciate you sharing you experiences with us.

    LT Patrick Heringer

  28. brett dietz

    i have never thought about the comedy in punlic toilets untill today!
    I lost my brother to alcohol and i got to say your story reminded me today why drinking IS a probablem. Thank you!

  29. Irene Monroe

    What a great show today! You had me laughing to tears! You also touched me with your story about your brother. It’s nice to know that you still take time to visit him. There’s nothing better than FAMILY. Thank you for sharing with us!

  30. Mark Sanchez

    Great show today! For the first time, I was happy to be Volen-Told to do something! May God Bless you on your journey to spread your message!

  31. Mark Sanchez


    Great show today! For the first time, I was happy to be Volen-Told to do something! May God Bless you on your journey to spread your message!

  32. Tyrone Wallace

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for the laughs today. I actually enjoyed the rest of the day thanks to you. Keep up the awsome work.

  33. Kayla Moody

    Hey Bernie, Your show was great!!! Thank you for bringing laughs into our lives!

  34. Tyrone Wallace

    You are such an amazing person. 20+yrs sober and drug free.Thank you for comming to Fort Bliss, i had a really good time not being @work but watching you and listening to your story inspirerd me to be more responsible. Thanks again…

  35. jonathan

    Hey ur r a great guy. Im watchin u right now n ur funny. I want the book.

  36. Isaac Hutchison

    Bernie, Thank you so much for coming to Ft. Bliss. You put on an amazing show, some good laughs and a grand message. Please keep it up.

  37. Elizabeth Armendariz


    Thank you for coming to El Paso, Texas (Ft Bliss Installation). We really enjoyed your show. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us, and for the laugh during the day. We hope to see you soon!

    Army Community Services Staff

  38. Stephen Rhoades


    What a great message this morning. I actually enjoyed the time I was there and trying to get approval to bring a few soldiers over there for the afternoon showing!

  39. Randi Johnson

    It was really nice attending your show today. What your family went through is what no family should have to go thrpugh. How you’ve grown from it and improved your life is a great thing and I appreciate that you go through what you do to help others.

  40. Brenda L Dennis

    Bernie, I attended you’re show today… Very funny and you really send out a good message. Thank you!

  41. Jose Rafael Vazquez

    Bernie, Great show! Just got back and I’m still smiling. You are great and the Army is getting good by getting away from Power Point Presentations and using people like you to reach and get the message out to the Soldiers. Keep it going….Rafael

  42. Spc Lewis

    Great job Bernie! No more death by power point! Enjoyed your story and congrats on the 20+ years sober. Hopefully, you touched somebody today and showed them the way!

  43. Charles Hayes

    Attended your show on 9 Dec. Very funny with a great message. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and keep making people laugh.

  44. Wally Hildreth

    Bernie Wow! most the time when the army puts on a show its done half ass so when your flyer came out i was ify bout it then at work they said we had to go i was like man this will suck, then you got on stage and i was blow away your very funny and very real. they need to make your show mandatory for everyone for your story is the truth and everyone should heard it for your story was sad but you kept the mood upbeat sorry you had to lose so much to find yourself but thats how life is for good judgment comes from experience.Experience comes from bad judgment. You should do the show for teens to show how much you can lose with your chooses in life

  45. Louise Rael

    Hey Bernie!
    I saw you on the 10th of December at the Ft. Bliss NCO Academy Theatre. I laughed quiet a bit. I think you have a class “A” act, and I really appreciated your approach to driving home the idea of taking care of yourself and family, by choosing not to drink. Sounds like you’re a good man. Thanks again! Louise

  46. Nikki Rivers

    Hey was at the show on 10 Dec!!! I thought it was great!!!! I laughed a lot!!! Definitely 10 times better than I expected!!!

  47. sgt hale,john

    good show really funny thanks for you time!!

  48. SSG Chavez, Joseph

    Great Job Brother! Keep up the GREAT WORK. You Killed it today!

    God Bless You

  49. SFC Peterson

    Absolutely the best Alcohol and Drug class I have been to and talk about a funny guy. Almost had me in tears. Thank you so much and good luck in your endeavors

  50. Stephen Hogan

    I really enjoyed the ASAP class at the theatre today. Thanks for the laughs even if it was early in the morning.

  51. Jason Foster

    Bernie, I was very entertained by your show. The way you brought drug/alcohol prevention to us was more than needed. The usual way really bores and most don’t pay attention. I also was touched by your story abouty your brother Sean. I have a cousin my age but is very much mentally younger. He is always happy and excited just as you say your brother is. Thank You!

  52. andres

    bernie, thank you as an NCO is important to show young soldier different views of life by conducting training with a new twist it motivate soldiers to actually do the right thing thank you for coming to el paso and thank you for your show>

  53. crystal dominguez

    hey bernie, it was a good show keep up the laughs …

  54. sergio arana

    Bernie, great show your right i cant tell your joke like you i just f*** it up!

  55. Don Kilgore

    Bernie, sorry it took me so long to post a comment but here i am posting one. dude you are so funny. keep it up and dont stop putting out the message.


  56. Charlena Barcley

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  57. Gerardo Mcwilliams

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