MCAS Cherry Point, NC ….hey we got it RIGHT Marine Corp Air Station

I am so excited to be here at MCAS Cherry point, NC with all you amazing Sailors & Marines!   Thank you for coming to the shows, regardless if you were VolunTOLD! lol   I hope you had some laughs and also took the message to heart.   I am sitting in my room chilling after the first two great crowds today.  I want to stay up and watch the Lakers’Celtics, but I think I will crash.  Early call tomorrow for two 0800 and 1000 hrs shows!   Thank you Capt Perez Lugo, Capt Leonard, Paula and the entire Health  Staff!

My Brother Sean and I, Me Live and our US Troops!

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  1. Lcpl Lance Cavenaugh

    Thank you for bringing us lots of laughs here at cherry point. Keep up the good work, its awesome. Best of luck to you and your family. Hope you come back around soon. By the way i think you ”killed” today!

  2. LCpl Bratton

    Great show!

  3. aquiles faustino

    First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to perform for the Servicemembers and civilians that attend your shows. I think it is great reaching out to others with your Safety Training and sharing your personal, moving experiences with us. What better way to get the point across through laughter. Thanks again for coming to Cherry Point and keep on “Killin’ em”

  4. PFC Grady

    Thank you for the show, so funny, I never stopped laughing!

  5. Sgt Steele

    Great show! Great alternative to the “death by powerpoint” Thank You!!!

  6. Jessica

    Great Show!! That was the best training ive ever had to go to :) Thank you for coming out!!

  7. PFC Hogan

    I know you do alot of shows and cant really remember many people that you talk to but for what its worth this is Ben the one with the mentaly retarded brother. Thanks for the awesome show, the best training I have ever gone to. Glad i got your CD and book, i know comedy doesnt pay much but you bring lots of joy to everyone you meet. I cant wait to show the CD to my brother i think he will really injoy it. Thanks again for bringing laughs and your experiance to us Marines in this time of war.

  8. Dakota Singh

    hey thanks for the show at cherry point nc on the 17th it was a good time and i learned alot i appreciate what you do sir thank you again

    pfc singh


    hey Bernie…thanks for taking the time to visit and share your story with us. Its nice to take a break our daily work schedule to have a few laughs and still have a message delivered. Thanks for the support. MCAS Cherrypoint will def be waiting for you on your next tour.

  10. Christopher

    Good Evening Sir,

    I had a great time at your show. I found it very informative and fun and I think I’m going to bring my family tommorow. But one question, where is NAS Cherry Point?

  11. Ed Scott

    Thanks for what you do. I have seen a lot of safety talks, but this one was GREAT! Your message was from the heart and it was an outstanding show. Ed Scott MCAS Cherry Point Safety Manager.

  12. Sgt Piazza

    Thank you for a wonderful show. I love it when you can learn something and have fun learning it.

  13. Sgt Sanchez

    Thanks for taken the time to stop by and helping Marines understand what they need to do to help each other. I had a geart time thanks…for all your doing for us…LATERZ

  14. Vivian

    I really enjoyed the show. I jokes were clean and very funny. It was good to see a comedian present a class act with a message behind it. I can see the benefits of sharing your story with others around the world. With a message like yours, it could really save somebody’s life. Keep it going.

  15. Cpl Grieger

    What’s up bernie….I’v sat through a lot of briefs about the things you talked about and by far yours was the best. If there were more people like you giving advise to the Marine Corps would be better off. Thanks for what you do.


    Hey Bernie! You did an awesome job today at your show. I really enjoyed being there, especially being the morning person, I loved laughing at your jokes. Especially about girls on facebook. Did you see my page? hahah just kidding! Your story was touching. I cried. Inside. I will keep your message in mind, especially when it comes to family. I put my family first in everything. Especially losing my mom when she passed away 5 years ago. I took advantage of her being there. Now, I try to spend as much time with family, because they’re the only ones that truly loves you and care about you and will always be there for you. Thanks for your time coming out to Cherry Point. Have a good day!

    RP3 Analiza Gordy

  17. zach taylor

    Thank you for answering your calling. It was a great show, we had a lot of laughs. Good luck with everything. Tell Sean the Marines at Cherry Point said Hi.

  18. LCPL V

    i will kill tomorrow!

  19. Jennifer McKinney

    I enjoyed your routine, thank you. I needed a good laugh after a long week. I thought that you did a great job of transitioning from being funny to your serious talk. Once again thank.


  20. Miss T. Taylor

    Thanks so much for coming to Cherry Point and doing your show. It was a lot of fun, I had a lot of laughs and also you sharing your story with us had a great impact on me, as well as other fellow Sailors. Keep doing what you do, it touches lives in a comedic way that we can all relate to and learn from as well. From all of us who place our lives on the line everyday, worldwide, you have earned great respect for appreciating what we do and giving back to us the way that you have.
    God Bless….

  21. HM2 Thompson, Bethany

    I really enjoyed the show here at Cherry Point. Yes i was volnuTOLD to go and wasn’t looking forward to it. However, Bernie you made the message important enough to me. I have had 2 relitives get killed by Drunk Drivers and my oldest Brother, ironically named Sean, had attempted suicide 13 times. Thank God he didn’t succed. Unfortunately he has gone back to drugs and alcohol. I am a big time supporter of the DAPA program and I personally joke about drinking but don’t do it. Thank you again for coming. Would love to see the show again.

    Very Respectfully,

    HM2(SW)Thompson, Bethany
    Leading Petty Officer.

  22. justin wright

    Great Job Bernie, thank you for sharing your difficult experiences to help limit the possibility of similar experiences for others. Best of luck. You killed.

  23. cpl galdieri

    i really appreciate you coming out to cherry point. the show was such a great and effective way to get through to us!! thank you!

  24. Laurie

    Hi Bernie,

    I think your show was great, you have a wonderful message and you were able to get it across by mixing it with comedy! This is definitely a good way to get the message across to young Sailors and Marines on Cherry Point without “boring” them to death, which is how they normally get training. Thanks for making all military members part of your tour! With everything that is going on in the world and with these military families, this type of training is right on target!!

  25. Janet Bohmuller

    I attended the “Happy Hour” program yesterday afternoon and I can honestly say, it was very entertaining! I not only enjoyed the message, I also enjoyed watching the Marines and Sailors respond to your message. It was prefect timing as the military has seen an increasing amount of suicides in the wake of OEF and OIF. I think the show would also be successful on college campuses too! My family is not military, but I do have two young boys and hope one day that someone will give them this message when the peer pressure starts! Thank you!!!

  26. Clint Eaton


    Hey man Awesome show here at MCAS Cherry Point today. I am so glad that there are individuals like yourself out there, that want to provide some education/advice to our military personnel. You do this in such a way that the junior troops listen and respond much better then a “death by powerpoint” presentation, where they may wake up two hours later and have gained absolutely nothing. This is the type of educational tool needed for all our service men/women today. Thanks again for your support of our troops. Also, much thanks goes out to the Naval Health Staff. Job well done!

    Semper Fidelis,
    Charles C. Eaton

  27. Sgt webber

    I really loved the show and i hope i can see you at another show real soon. Keep up the good work.

  28. Sgt Scott

    Fucking Awesome!


    Thanx for bringing some laughs to Cherry Point, I loved the show! I wish you & your family the best. Keep going out there & doing your thing! Btw….OORAH CALI!!! :D

  30. Cpl Riley

    Hey man, your show was awsome! I was in the group that couldn’t stop laughing – I haven’t been like that in a while but your jokes were right on with my kind of humor.

    Keep up the awsome words of wisdom, it’s reaching a lot of people

  31. LCpl Felipe D. Lara

    I enjoyed you show. It was great thank you for your time and for your message. God bless!

  32. SSgt Walters

    Hey man, saw the show at theater in Cherry Point, extremely funny and I hope it hits home to those Marines that drink irresponsible. Keep up the good work

    SSgt Walters

  33. Ian Byrum

    Great show today here at cherry point. I would say the way you get the info out to the troops is very effective. Thank you for taking time to entertain us.

  34. Ann

    Hey, I saw your show. Thanks for coming!

  35. Dallas

    Bernie!! Great show man. I couldnt stop laughing. You’re a great comedian, keep up the good work! Thanks for the show and I wish you luck with the rest of your career. 22 yrs and still going strong, good job!

  36. Ross Pimentel

    Great show man, thanks for coming!