360th RCG Training Symposium, PA

I am thrilled to be here at the 360th Annual Training Symposium.   Thank you Col. Fitzgerald, Lt Col Trayers and everyone who attended today at Gettysburgh College in PA.   I hope you had many laughs and take the Safety Training and Risk Reduction message with you and spread it to Airmen and Families Worldwide!  My mission is to let you all know YOUR mission is so very appreciated.   I do not take my FREEDOM for granted!   Thank you Airmen!



Me Live, Amazing Airmen, My brother Sean and I!

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0 Responses to 360th RCG Training Symposium, PA

  1. SSgt Brandon Batista

    Awesome show!

  2. rebecca nyame

    Loved the show great message thanks for shareing

  3. Del parrotta

    Awesome show!!! By far the best safety briefing I have ever had. Thanks for your support to the troops everywhere!!!

  4. edwin lopez

    Signing up for book raffle. Thanks

  5. TSgt Jason Bernstein

    Bernie is a must BOOK for company conventions! He will have your employees laughing the entire time, but also comes with a life story message that will leave you thinking about the choices you make.

  6. Ashwin Narayan

    Bernie, I was fortunate enough to catch your show with the 360 RCG and it was great. Best safety briefing I have ever attended.

  7. TSgt Adam Sorrell

    I was at the 360th Recruiting Group Training Symposium and your show was a breath of fresh air!! Definitely better than the “Death by Powerpoint” we normally have to endure. I was wiping my tears from laughing so hard!!! You absolutely KILLED today. Keep on keeping on!!

  8. Daniel Maldonado

    Great show. Best safety briefing I’ve had. I want that book.

  9. Joey Maltese

    Awesome show! Wish all our safety briefings were as good as yours!

  10. Mark Scott

    Thanks for such a great show with a powerful message.

  11. Mark Smith

    Amazing show you did. It was bordering on too funny. Stop by Columbus, OH sometime, we have a Funny Bone.

  12. SSgt Elvin Rose

    Awesome show! You spread a powerful message to a lot of airmen. This is the type of stuff that helps people become great mentors and supervisors. Thanks for everything!

  13. Tiffany Bradbury

    Thank you Bernie for such an inspiring, heartfelt, and hilarious show! I was so moved by your story….thank you so much for what you do! Definitely the most memorable safety “mandatory” briefing I have ever had the pleasure to sit through!

  14. Mike

    Excellent message. Thanks for taking time out to come to Gettysburg to talk to us

  15. Tim McClelland

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your story and talent with us. It was great to have a change of pace.

  16. Scott

    Absolutely amazing show!!!

  17. MSgt David White

    great show! Best Safety briefing I have ever heard in the AF. You killed it!! MSgt White

  18. TSgt Rumaker

    Great show.

  19. edwin lopez

    Had a great time at your show man. God bless you man and your family.

  20. SSgt Samantha Johnson

    Finally got to put a comment on here, Thanx for the great/funny safety brief! You killed!

  21. TSgt Lexi Holmes

    Hope you are local sometime soon – I’m dragging everyone to see your show!! Hysterically funny – thank you so much.

  22. MSgt Steve Kerr

    Outstanding show. I was that guy at one time in my life for about 10 years. I made a choice and the last 7 years have been the best so far of my life. Thanks for spreading the word.

  23. TSgt Mindy Poe

    Great show!!! Your story is truely inspiring. Thank you for all you do and the word you spread. May your teachings take you to many more places and touch an endless number of hearts.

  24. TSgt Danny Smith

    Thanks fo the great show. We can definitely tell it is genuine and heart-felt. Throw my name in for the book, You killed it!! Thanks

  25. TSgt Jonathan McDonald

    What a killer show! Keep up the great work. If you are ever around my area again I will personally publize your event! Thanks for coming out and spending time with us!

  26. MSgt Christopher Claar

    Bernie YOU KILLED!!!! My eyes were watering to the point I couldn’t see anymore. Definately best safety message and delivery. I hope more can see your show!

  27. SSgt Jeremy Smith

    2 words…U killed! Now send me your book. LOL.

  28. Paul Gallagher

    When I heard we had a comedian…I wondered, “Does he realize that he is the last thing on the agenda today” You instantly got rapport and everyone loved the time with you. The way you described your brother connected with me because my 17 year old son, Josh, is a similiarly special blessing. The big guys in the group took heat for skinny legs the rest of our time there! Thanks brother!

  29. TSgt. Gaffney

    Great show and would love to see your full show, Tell your brother Sean HELLO, and GOD bless you both, Thanks Great show!

  30. Paul Golembiewski

    Great show with tons of laughs, and a serious message. Thanks for your story

  31. SSgt Bish

    Absolutely FANTASTIC show!!!! I really enjoyed it. By far the best safety briefing I’ve ever heard. Great comedy and a greater message. I even had my wife watch your clip!! I hope to hear you again in the future. Take care and God bless.

  32. Daniel Hopper

    You killed man! It was great seeing you and hearing your story! Thanks for the laughs….