Dover AFB… Comedian Bernie McGrenahan uses Comedy as the Cure!

All of you Airmen make a difference here at Dover AFB in Delaware!   Thanks for coming to the two shows today, mandatory or not!  LOL   I still had a ball and want to thank the sponsors pictured below from SAPR and SAFETY who hosted my HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message Tour!  It was an honor to meet and greet you all after the shows and I hope you had a laugh and take the message to heart!

Me doing what I love, Airmen, and the SAPR and  Safety Teams!

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0 Responses to Dover AFB… Comedian Bernie McGrenahan uses Comedy as the Cure!

  1. A1C Alex Doyle

    That was a great show, I saw you at keesler AFB too, and I still laughed hard, while you brought home an important point, thank you. Also I wouldn’t mind winning the “I Killed” book, great!

  2. chance wisdom

    good show, it was way better than the normal death by power point.

  3. Kate Allen

    Thank you for coming to Dover AFB! I appreciate your care for our well being! And yes it was MUCH better than a powerpoint slideshow!

  4. Shawn

    Good show, best anti-drinking message I have ever heard.

  5. Jenna Eger

    You are hilarious! Definitely loved your show :D

  6. Nicole

    Your show was awesome! Thanks so much for all the laughs!

  7. a1c Marshall

    that was a good show it cracked me up

  8. Antonio Infante

    Your show was great! The younger Airmen seemed to really enjoy the message you were giving. It was really unique to listen to your approach to common problems we have in the Air Force. Continue the good work. I hope everyone enjoyed your show as much as I did.

  9. Henry

    Thank you very much for the show you put on today at Dover AFB! It was very enjoyable and cracked me up so much! Also, the message you delivered was extremely meaningful and pack with some powerful punches as well!! Keep up the great work!

  10. Beshara

    You were amazing! That was the best safety briefing I’ve ever seen! Funny and no power point! Awesome! But, you really put things in perspective with your stories. I think this is a much more effective way to get the message out. Thank you so much!

    Take care and good luck with everything!

  11. Roy Lopez

    It was nice to get a message that wasn’t death to your ears and eyes with a power point. Thanks for the show and your support! Hope to see you again.

  12. Joshua

    Enjoyed your brief today at the Dover AFB theater. Good message and in an entertaining way which is hard to do.

  13. A1C Travagline

    I was in stitches the whole show. Some of the stories were deep and made me look at life in another perspective. True story you need you own show, your on dave chapell’s level. Be safe and I’ll be look for more to come from you’

  14. Amn Figueroa, Felecia

    Great show at Dover AFB! huah

  15. Casandra

    Great show. Lots of laughs, and still eductional. Thanks for coming to Dover.

  16. Meredith Tyler

    So glad that we had the opportunity to watch you perform at Dover. Not only were you funny, but you shared your life experiences through comedy which will leave a lasting impression on all of us. Thank you and hope to see you back at Dover in the future!

  17. Jacob Griffin (A1C)

    Thanks for the best ever manditory briefing ever.

  18. sra brandon weimer

    great show man funny as hell

  19. David Smith

    Hey thanks for the laughs at Dover AFB.

  20. Zac Fannin

    Thanks for the show it was awesome. I really wish I could see your whole routine now. Definitely the best briefing I’ve been to in forever.

  21. Michelle

    I’m a huge fan of standup comedy and I have to say you were right up there with my favorites….not only did you KILL, you inspired and educated….bonus for our young and even older Airmen with these types of conflicts…simply awesome. Thank you for YOUR service!

  22. Jonathan Collins

    Great show thanks for coming to Dover AFB

  23. jonathon martin

    hey thanks for coming out i really enjoyed your breefing thank you once agian for the important messsage you delivered

  24. Bradley

    Awesome show! Great way to drive home an important message, without the standard death by PowerPoint approach. Keep up the Good work!

  25. SrA Charles Wilson

    Great show, Thank you for visiting Dover AFB and sharing with us your story. What a great way to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome to help others and to save lives. Thanks for caring about others some much to try and make this a better place to live. I hope all the best for you and your family and great job on your strong motivation for not drinking or smoking or anything.

  26. Airman First Class Kennish

    Entertaining presentation, kept me laughing. I am undergoing surgeries now and really needed the laughs.

  27. Christian

    Great Show! Very funny and Thank you for coming!!

  28. Casey

    Great show! Thanks for your service!

  29. Dustin Moss

    BERNIE!BERNIE!berrrrrrrrrniiieee. Next time your in town you can come to my house and pick me up. ill bring my sleeping bag. thanks for a great show, by far the best “voluntold” briefing ive been to.

  30. Gaela Casteel-Bes

    great show!! couldn’t stop laughing and watching my boyfriend next to me turn red for laughing so hard was priceless thank you.

  31. Gaela Casteel-Bes

    *from wow bad spelling today

  32. Josh

    Great show! I think that comedy really made the briefing more convincing than just a normal briefing. Thank you!

  33. MSgt Will St.Peter

    Bernie, This morning’s presentation was certainly worth attending! Your mix of comedy and reality was a good blend to keep interest while getting the message out there. It’s nice to see someone take difficult life experiences and transition them into an upbeat presentation that will benefit so many others! I commend you for your courage and insight in putting yourself out there in this way! God Bless! Will St.Peter

  34. Shen-Chia Chu

    Hey Bernie,

    Great message. I attended your briefing this morning, but I wanted to. I wrote the story about your coming to Dover at this website:

    I’m not a drinker myself, but I think many people will get a lot out of your message. Thank you for coming to our base.

    It must take a lot to go on stage and talk about your personal life and experiences. I’ll be praying for you as you are on tour and that God uses you to touch the lives of people and fulfill exactly what you were born to do, using your story to change other’s lives.

    Thanks for coming and I hope God reveals to you the real meaning behind the events of your life in the past to work for the good of His glory.

    Romans 8:28

  35. Kevin

    That was the best “briefing” I have ever been to in my 15 years of service. That was actually the best presentation with a message that I have ever been to in my life. It was hilarious but I also left thinking about the message that you gave. Thank you for sharing your story to help others. I won’t have to be voluntold to see your message again next year!

  36. Brittany Toth

    Hey Bernie! Great show yesterday at the Dover Base theater. Finally no death by power point. We appreciate you coming here to deliver your message.


  37. brandon mclean

    loved your comedic style

  38. Charlie Christensen

    Fantastic show! Had a blast! Great motivational speaker definitely taught me some life lessons. Thanks for also taking the picture with me haha even though im cheesin’!

  39. Jeff Engram

    Bernie we really enjoyed having you here at Dover AFB. Thank you for providing a much needed stress relief for me and my fellow Airman. Stay kool and keep in touch brotha. Peace Out!!! Hi Shaun!!!