Holloman AFB, New Mexico ‘Hurts One…..Affects All’

I am pumped on being here at Holloman AFB, NM! Airmen step “Above The Rest”
Thank you Tracy, Jennifer, the VA staff and SAFETY Dept for making the event such a great success!  I appreciate you Airmen more than you know.  I am not just saying that because you stood for me after the show!  I say that because of your incredible sacrifice to our nation!  Thank You AirmenVeronica Stamps for covering the late show with your photography skills!

My brother Sean and I!

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41 Responses to Holloman AFB, New Mexico ‘Hurts One…..Affects All’

  1. A1C Murphy

    Holloman AFB- man you were HILLARIOUS LOL!!! U were the killer of it man lol.

  2. Kara

    Awesome show! Thanks for coming out to The-Middle-Of-The-Desert, NM. We loved you here at Holloman! Hopefully you’ll come again. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Steven Smith

    Awesome show at Holloman AFB! Thanks for supporting us, the laughs, and sharing your story, it was pretty amazing.

  4. Sgt. Savage

    Hey thanks for coming, best mandatory brief I have ever had to go to. I know it wont be hard, but don’t have to much fun in Alamodoodoo.

  5. Betty Johnson

    Thanks for coming to our base and giving the safety briefing. It was a great show and it was also really good to have a different type of Briefing. Thanks Again.

  6. Alan

    Great Show, best SARC brief ever.

  7. Daniel Hartigan

    Great show and message. Thanks a lot for the laughs.

  8. Justin McIntosh

    Great show I thought you were great

  9. Jeremy

    Great show! Thanks for the laughs!

  10. A1C Adams

    Great relief from a normal days work. I can’t express how positive the message was, and how sure I am that Holloman couldn’t have had you come at a better time! I’m sure that a good percentage of the airmen left the event with a new perspective on life, Alcohol especially.
    You will definitely be blessed!

  11. justin upshaw

    @Shawn Kowalczyk
    hey the show was awsome and it was awsome to here your story. My mom used to drink alot and I’m glad that she stoped and it’s nice to know that my family isn’t the only one with those problems.

  12. matt lawson

    hey man good show at holloman

  13. A1C Schulz

    Hey just wanted to say thanks, the fact that someone is willing to take their own time and help educate the military on the dangers of drinking really means a lot to all of us. Keep up the awsome work you do to better the armed forces.

  14. A1C Brewer

    The show was awesome! Thanks for coming out to Holloman.

  15. Charlie Daube

    Hey great show today at Holloman, everybody I spoke to loved it. Especially because you’re brand of comedy really relates to everyone, which is why I think you’ve been so successful. I really wanted to stay and buy a book but didn’t have any cash. Well good luck with your career and come back soon.

  16. josh shofner


    this is def the best sexual assault and alocohol abuse briefing we have ever had. keep doing what your doing. this is a more effective way to get the point across than powerpoints.

  17. Jeremiah Ashe

    Best briefing I’ve had in the past 8 years. I was afraid I’d have to sit through “death by powerpoint” for an hour and a half. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. They couldn’t have found a better person to subject us to the same old dry information. Thanks for the nice change of pace.

  18. menghini


    dude you did great at the show today. You took something serious and, not to be mean, usually monotone and made it into something exciting and made people really listen. You keep doing great my friend and keep rockin them military bases.

    god bless.

  19. Jessica

    Great job here at holloman! You were hilarious and definately sparked things up compared to the usual SARC & alcohol abuse briefing, it was much appreciated! I can’t speak for everyone but alot people relate more and understand a little better when someone will open up about things in their life that could be devastating but look at it from another view and feed of off that. You were very eduacating and awesome! Thanks and come back soon!

  20. Steve

    Good show, Where’s my free book? I hope I win…But really thanks for making time to come out!

  21. Shannon

    I just want to thank you Bernie for coming out here to lame Alamogordo. I have to admit you are the first comedian I just might have to buy DVD’s from and come see your live show. I hardly ever get hyped about comedians in town. You will be the first one, thanks for being bluntly honest!

    God Bless

  22. Natasha


    In my 20 yrs in the AF, this is by far, the BEST Sexual Assualt and Alcohol Abuse Awareness training that I have attended. Thank You. You were hilarious! You are definately blessed and I pray the best to you and your family. I am going to share your clips on the website with my sons…your points are well driven and a parent can always use the help in driving these important facts/lessons home. We’ll be looking for ya! Safe travels…!

  23. Rachel Casey

    I found your routine quite entertaining, and I think the message about overcoming alcohol got across to several people. This was more than just a safety briefing. I hope your program continues to have great success. Thank you!

  24. Sra Tony Craig


    Your message is great. The comedy is hilarious and relevant. Thank you for traveling to military bases spreading a message and comedy that we can all relate to. Even out in Holloman. Take care man keep “killin”.

  25. Scott Carter

    Great show, definately the best briefing I’ve been to in my 4 years! Hope to see you back here soon. Thanks for coming out!

  26. Mark Villagran


    I just got back from watching your show on base and I enjoyed it very much.

  27. Michael Rivera

    Man Bernie! Great job with the SARC and alcohol briefing! I had the privilege and the chance to see you perform for us when I was a student last year at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and I was delighted to watch you perform again! You’re a great person and a great comedian! Keep doing what you do!

  28. ashley buck

    I was very inspired by your performance today. My brother has been heading down the same path that you went down for years and is finally trying to change his life. As his sister, I know how difficult it is for him but I’m so proud of him for trying to better his life. I think that your comedy performance would greatly impact his life. Thank you

  29. ashley buck

    I was very inspired by your performance today. My brother has been going down the same path that you went down and is finally trying to change his life. He has been sober for 4 months now and is doing great. I think that your comedy would help him a lot. Thank you

  30. Tiffany Leal

    Both my husband and I we’re touched by your story today at Holloman AFB. And you we’re so funny it was soooo much better than death by powerpoint. Thank you so much for your time.

  31. Veronica Stamps


    I never thought I could make a comedian laugh! Thanks for bringing a smile to Team Holloman! You are AWESOME!

  32. Joe

    Mr. McGrenahan

    Thank you for supporting the military, sad to say not everyone does. Your work is greatly appreciated and absolutely hilarious.

  33. Jeremy Blanding

    Enjoyed your little show today. Thanks

  34. Tina Munao

    I totally agree that this is the way to spread the truth about drugs and alcohol. I not only found the show to be completely hillarious it was also real. Having someone who has had learning experiences with alcohol and the detrimental outcomes it can have on life made this “not just another briefing”. Bernie you are a good man to have survived the battle against grief and alcohol and continue to be so devoted to the cause. God bless you and your family

  35. Paul Shestko

    good job man, your doing a good thing and your hilarious. your really helping people, keep it up!

    Also, good job pronouncing my name right! That’s a big deal, i think your part of a select group of like 5 people who have ever done that. Feel special.

  36. Nick rebis


    Awesome show today here at holloman second time I’ve seen you perform both times you’ve had me lmao the whole time. Good stuff man keep up with the good work hope to see one your shows again. And by the way I think you got more than the 8 posts you were expecting haha.

  37. Luke

    Enjoyed the show; great jokes mixed with a great message. Thanks for what you are doing for all the young Airmen out there who need a “hipper” delivery to understand these very serious, very real problems.

  38. SrA Koch

    @Shawn Kowalczyk
    Hey Bernie,
    Great show, thanks for taking time to come to HAFB and give us some good laughs and lessons on life. Take it easy!

  39. davis, everett

    hey just wanted to tell you that you were great. and again congratulations on 22 years! thats amazing, that really says something, and you are awesome takin care of your bro. and again thanks for the cd. i got home and first thing i did was wrote you a check and another “IOU” its in the mail so be lookin for it. also i just want to thank you for doing what you do, traveling around to preform for us and lift our spirits and even tho going to the theather was mandatory i would have went even if it wasnt. so again thanks for everything. have a safe trip, God bless.

  40. A1C Brewer

    you killed

  41. A1C Manny Gonzalez

    Hey Bernie thanks for coming to Holloman, It was great how you were able to put comedy in with a positive message. Again I really appreciate the visit you gave us! take care and God bless!