Ft Huachuca, AZ Place Of Thunder!

I am here finally at Ft Huachuca, AZ!! Thunder Mountain is the nickname of choice among locals and it’s accurate as well!  Raffle winner will be picked at 0700 on Thursday morn!   Thank you Lana, Stacy, ACS staff, troops and Civilians for such a great show.  Take the message with you and let’s all change the culture that needs changing!

Troops at ‘HAPPY HOUR’, Me live, My brother Sean and I!

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0 Responses to Ft Huachuca, AZ Place Of Thunder!

  1. JC

    Great presentation, very funny, and extremely important because it puts the “emphasis” back into the message. We all have the tendency to become complacent regardless of the seriousness of the material. Sadly it often takes a personal experience to change your heart and open your eyes on how badly alcohol abuse can destroy your life and those close to you as well. Shamefully, I share some of his same experiences. My message is you can’t win. No matter how in control you think you are…Alcohol will one day ruin your life! Bernie keep it up! If you have changed one life, then all you work was worth it! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Art York

    Great Show! touched on a few things of a serious nature mixed with alot of necessary laughter! Comedy is most definately the cure! Great show..good times!! Thanks!

  3. David Noble


    Thanks for the show. We certainly appreciate good comedy and your message. Keep up the good work.

    MSG Noble

  4. Suzanne Cook

    Thanks for the great show today Bernie! You had me rolling, but also brought home a great point.

  5. Derek Henderson

    saw the performance today. It was awesome. you were hilarious and your message was really strong and i found it a good way of telling it. thank you

  6. shannon

    I didn’t know about the performance until Russ posted about it on my FB page. I decided after I dropped the kids off at school that it was the perfect time to go to a comedy show, because every morning those wonderful kids of mine start fighting and the morning is stressful. So I’m very glad I came to the show. Even though we were only 15 in your audience, you were awesome! You have a very powerful message to share and I’m glad you’ve chosen this avenue to share it. I think you can reach alot of people this way…