Seymour Johnson, NC You Rocked!

Bernie has instructed us here at Comedy is the Cure Inc after he saw how many of you came by the site to say such cool things to pick not one but TWO raffle winners for attending his show! They are: SSgt Chris Davis & Rae Perry!

From Bernie:
I was pumped to take the stage at HANGAR 4288 today  at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC!  You amazing Airmen made the  ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a message tour very special for me.  With the Sound of Freedom ringing outside, I could hear the laughs from your hearts inside, and we made our way through the comedy and absorbed the personal testimony as well!  I want to thank the SAPR staff for sponsoring the show and also, the VA’s, Chaplain, Safety team and ADAPT – mental health field for attending and supporting!  Enjoy your Memorial day holiday and Summer!

Hit me here with a comment, but it will not post immediately. It will post shortly, so come back and you will see it. It is impossible to return all Blog messages, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show!

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  1. Aimee

    I LOVED your show today! You have a great story and I am so glad I was there to here it! Please keep coming to talk to the Military and I look forward to seeing you in the future! :)

  2. Robert Lauber

    Thank you Bernie for helping us start of the morning with good laughs. Keep on doing what you do, thans for the military support, take care and god bless.

  3. Trisha

    Great show. Very funny, yet also very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Joshua Punches

    Thanks for the show!

  5. Richard Lambert


    Outstanding job! Nice balance of humor and “the facts of life” regarding alcohol, social boundaries when drinking, suicide, and the importance of “Wingman Concept”! Keep up the great work and always remember your friends here at Seymour Johnson!
    All the best! Rich Lambert

  6. Tinale Hearn

    I truly enjoyed Bernie’s show, it made me laugh and got me a little teary eyed at one point. His story is one that every young person dealing with these issues need to hear. It was great…I appreciate the message and may God Bless you and your family!

  7. Josh


    Thank you for the “mandatory” hour of fun at 0730! Your story was very moving and I personally related to it. Thank you again for doing your part to make a difference in the world through your comedy and message! Keep livin’


  8. Bryan

    Bernie, thanks for the show. It’s very hard to weave such an important message into comedy but you dit it well.

  9. Jeremy Varney

    Thanks for the show. For madatory fun it was a really time.

  10. Michael Phillips

    Bernie, Thanks for the great show and the EXCELLENT message. Even for Mandatory Fun…it was well worth it. Keep up the great support for the Military.



  11. Ginger

    Gret show! I really enjoyed hearing your life story. Thanks!

  12. SrA Price, Whitney

    I want to thank you for all the great laughs and I thought for a quick second that maybe I should share my bed but… nah!!!

  13. Allen Selkey

    Bernie…great job this morning! I think your “non-intrusive” forum and humor really help pass long your story and message. Everything you said (especially the deodorant joke) was well received by the crowd. I am glad the USAF is using your venue to pass on required training – most enjoyable lecture I have seen thus far. Take care and look forward to tracking you on your website.

    God speed!

  14. Jeremy Reynolds

    Nice Job Bernie,

    I thought it was great. It beat the heck out of listening to the standard safety powerpoints and your method of sharing vs. lecturing really draws in the crowd’s attention. Thanks for all you do.

  15. SSGT Kaye

    Just here for the chance to get the free book. Kidding, enjoyed the show, much better than I was expecting! Thanks for coming.

  16. Chris Morrish

    Thanks for the great show today. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story with us. Very good way to put serious matters out there in a fun way. Thanks for what you do keep up the GREAT work!

  17. Christine Gerber

    Thanks for coming Bernie. I thought it was awesome to hear you story. I have personally not had problems with drugs or alcohol but know a lot of people who do and hopefully your story can help them along the way. Thank you for taking your time to come see us!

  18. Darryl

    Thought your show was awsome. My troops enjoyed it, as much as i did. Hearing the story/training from your perspective is definately more entertaining/educational. A lot better than the regular boring old school slideshows we get. Come back to Seymour next year for our annual refresher training. Thanks!

  19. brandon

    Thanks for the show today. I really enjoyed your story. Please come again.

  20. Richard Lambert


    Great having lunch with you today @ the SJ AFB Club!

    I just wanted to reiterate that if you ever wish to escape from the world, you are more than welcome to use my “Manly Man” digs in Idaho Springs, Colorado (30 min. from Denver). I can connect you with a couple of friends of mine there who can show you the lay of the land. Second: Do let Tony know that we can snag him an F-15 Strike Eagle flight at some point in the future (if he is interested).

    In closing, I’ll be out in LA at some point in the future to visit with Barry Williams (Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch series)…I’ll certainly look you up. Maybe we can hit a golf ball or two, out there!

    In closing, always remember to…”Bring your best to the moment”! Kind Regards, Richard Lambert

  21. Dwayne Edwards

    Great Show Bernie, Your story stuck a bone to my family ties. I to have twin nieces Alexis, & Ariel the youngest of the two is fifteen minutes younger. Ariel was born with sarible palsey,an only given two years to live. With me being in military, when I went home on leave all I wanted to do is party with friends. Sure I stopped by to see my nieces,but was only for an hour or so.As I got older, married,& had children of my own partying slowed to a crawl.I still talk to them once or twice a month. Luckily Ariel is still with us & the twins graduate high School on the 27 May 2010. There proud uncle will be in OH to show them how much I Love them !

    Once Again Thank You

    Dwayne Edwards

  22. Josh

    It was a great show, can i get the book?

  23. Patric Senchuk

    Sir, I appreciate your visit. Like I said after your performance, thank you for serving in your own way.

  24. A1C Torre Evans

    I really enjoyed you today. I commend you for unveiling yourself to us. I pray that it will change someone’s life this weekend and make them think before they drink. God Bless you!

  25. James Burnham

    Really enjoy the show thanks for the laughs

  26. Mike Berg

    I really enjoyed your show today. Thanks for sharing some “hard life” stories with us. My father stopped drinking for about 15 years and has picked it back up…

    Thanks again!

    Mike : )

  27. Michael Castro

    Pretty good stuff. You should make a video so we can play it during all the safety briefings! Take it easy! Thank you for what YOU do for us!

  28. P. Summers

    Thanks Bernie for the morning laughter; I love comedy, because I love to laugh. I am a comedian I love to make others around me laugh. Your message was fill with laughter yet serious. Thanks for your support and that very important educational message. Your Family photos were fill with love and support.. Oh! before I go when we exchange a hand shake I said to myself…MAN! his hand is softer than mine wonder if he wash his dishes in Palmolive (smiling). Thanks so much and continue to speak the message.

  29. Tina M. Jorae

    I throughly enjoyed your show today which had various underlying messages that everyone could relate to. You are a very gifted individual, please continue doing what you are obviously very good at!

  30. Shane

    Had a blast showing you around base and I hope you made your flight. The show was great – you killed! I hope to see you at my next duty station.

  31. Amn Jeff Andersen


    Very good show. I was very impressed with how the whole thing laid out and the message was strong. Thank you for coming out to see us.

    Keep doin’ what you’re doing, I know you will continue to catch the attention of many people.

  32. howard

    The show was great and the jokes were good. I could relate to the partying to much and the effect it had on my work. I’ve changed now and have a great life. Thanks for taking time to come speak to us.

  33. Jessica Birchum

    Enjoyed the show today Sir. As a sarc volunteer it was good to see the word get out to such large groupings of people. Sorry for all your losses, keep up the great work. Hope to see you again soon, you’ve always a place to crash if you find yourself lost in goldsboro. lol however i hope you never get lost round here.

  34. Brittany Houchens

    I really enjoyed your show, its nice that you can use your talent for such a good cause! Very inspirational. Thanks and hope I have the opportunity to see you perform again!

  35. Matthew Landis

    Thanks for making this one of the best mandatory fun times I have ever had! Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up! I love doing my job when there are people like yourself out there who do what you do!

  36. Augustine Razo

    Just wanted to say great show!

  37. Andrea

    Awesome briefing! Great way of to tie in safety training with humor. Enjoyed the jokes and the stories! Best safety briefing I have ever been to. Great way to get the message across. I really think that you were able to get the message across better then any briefing or training that I have ever been to. Thanks for using your talent for a great cause!

  38. Tony

    Best mandatory event I’ve ever been too!! Thanks for sharing your story and comedy with us.

  39. Jacquie Walsh

    The show was awesome! Laughter is truly the best medicine to get people through difficult times. Thanks for sharing some of your difficult times so that we can learn and grow. Thanks for a great hour!

  40. Stephen


    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your show. I am glad that you do this for the military. It is a very nice thing that you do. I remember seeing you a few years ago at a previous base and I am glad that you are still doing this. It is a very inspiring and informative. I think that your show is a lot better than the same old boring slide show. Keep doing what you are doing. I am sure that you are reaching people everyday.

    Tell your brother that Seymour Johnson says hello.

  41. joe williams

    great show nice keep it up and thanks for comming to our base!

  42. Chris Ricketts

    Hey man, good stuff. Way to bring in everyones attention to put out the good word. We should probably start every friday morning like that! I had a guy tell me I was cheesy cause I liked it. He’s a hater! Keep on keepin on.

  43. Cj Didier

    What an outstanding show today. Thank you for spending time with our Wing and sharing your story. Your message to have a designated thinker is smart and to always keep family on the front of your mind is very inspiring for me. You hit a home run right out of the park! Your show is something all other comedians can only aspire to emulate.

  44. SSgt Chris Davis

    Thanks for the great show/message today Bernie. It takes a real man to open up the way you did about your personal experiences. We have to attend a lot of these mandatory events but I will tell you that your show is special. I really appreciate what you are doing. Stay true to your work. I look forward to seing your show again.

    SSgt Chris Davis

  45. Jay

    Good show today enjoyed it.

  46. RudyT

    Only if all my mandatory military appointments and briefings could be this fun. Had a some great laughs and truly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your story. Laughter is one true weapon this world could use a lot more of. Give my best to your brother. Thanks for making one hour of my day a bit brighter and funnier than the rest.

  47. Kia Briggman

    AWESOME show today! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come us laugh n inspire us at the same time! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  48. Keepin' It Real


    We apperciated you coming out here to Seymour Johnson to share some of your personal experiences and provide some laughter. You gave us a nice break from the standard monotone, dry, boring briefings. Thank you fro supporting the troops and stay funny! Oh and say hello to your brother for me.

  49. justin

    awesome show bernie

  50. TSgt Tammie Mooer


    I’m sorry it took so long to send you the link my story, last week was pretty hectic. I hope you enjoy the article, it can be viewed at

    Thanks again for the cd, it was hilarious.