NAS Kingsville & NAS Corpus Christi……….Comedy with a Message!

I am so excited to be here and bring the ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Program to all of you Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Civilians! Home to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron FIFTEEN, flying the MH-53E Sea Dragon.

Above are some pics from NAS Kingsville. Thank you to the staff there.

Below- is NASCC!  Thank you to Capts Kelly, and Pearson, MAster Chief Berkely, Chief Robinson and Lt. Funches and staff for all the hard work.  Wayne Napiolato and Jessica also!

Me live and with my brother Sean!

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  1. william wilder

    Great show Bernie. I loved it and I loved your joke about the carolla. If you ever have a dvd i will buy it because you are that’s funny i appreciate you coming out to texas did a really good show.

  2. Soliz, Erick

    Hey wuzzup Bernie it’s me Soliz. Just got a say that it was a great show. I’ll add you to facebook! Haha

  3. christopher pharris

    hay bernie i had a great time it was i nice change of things. i wish you and your family well.

  4. Monette

    Great Show….

  5. Jordan Saffell

    I just sat through the comedy show at NAS Kingsville and it was AWESOME. God Bless you and your family.

  6. Ken Greathouse

    Thank you for coming out to Kingsville and sharing your message with us. The show was great, and you really hit home with a few things. It has been quite a while since I laughed that hard. Good luck and God bless you and your family!

  7. Melissa Alvarado

    Awesome show! I want a book. The message is funny and makes you think. Thank you!

  8. Jerry Fowler

    I was at NAS Corpus Christi and I thought you were very funny and you sent out a great message.

    Thank you for being an insperation.

    P.S. I have 15 yrs clean and sober

  9. Beth Aiken

    Thanks for coming to Corpus and the laughs! :)

  10. Angel Zuniga


    Great show with a powerful life message. Heartfelt crys and laughs. Thank you for stopping by at NAS Kingsville, Texas.

    NAS Kingsville Safety and Occupational Health Office

  11. Angel Zuniga


    Great show and a powerful life message. Heartfelt crys and laughs. Thank you for stopping by at NAS Kingsville, Texas.

    NAS Kingsville Safety and Occupational Health Office


    I thoroughly enjoyed your show. By giving us your life expierences on what you went through will make an impact on anybody that may be going through it right now.

  13. Stu Nagel

    Great Show!! Bernie you are the BOMB!! I have already went to my superiors and recommend you for a return visit. GOD BLESS

  14. william wilder

    Ha ha first post lmao

  15. Diana Gonzalez

    Bernie, Your show was AWESOME!! I sincerely appreciate you sharing your personal grief with us and how a trajedy like this could have been prevented. Keep up the great work. I certainly believe that each one of us that attended the show left with at least one thing in mind – – to think twice before making a poor decision and, most importantly, to have a plan before making that decision.\ Navy & Occupational Health Specialist

  16. Luz Pelletier

    My nephew was a in a vegetative state all his life. Lived to be 28. My sister would love to hear your cd. I bought it.

  17. AC1 Jason Bottino

    Attended your show at NASCC. Wonderful and uplifting. Hope to win your raffle for the book.

  18. John Morris

    With out a doubt, Bernie “Killed it” as he delivered the best Safety Stand Down in my 22 years serving the Navy! Bernie puts it out in a way that we all “get” regardless if you are the 18 year-old junior sailor, the base CO, or a senior Civilian. Walked away, feeling like life is pretty good, and that we all need to be watching out for each other to keep it that way! Much thanks from NAS Fire and Emergency Services!

  19. Jamie Smith

    Thanks for coming to NASCC! Funny FUNNY stuff! Really appreciated your message and honesty-AC2 Jamie Smith

  20. Phillip Credeur

    Thanks for coming to Kingsville. Great show and great message. Best navy training I’ve had yet.

  21. Susanna Del Llano

    Thank you so much for spending the afternoon at NASCC. This was by far the best “mandatory” safety stand-down yet. Your message is inspirational and eye opening. With two sons 20 and 18 I can only hope that I can convey your message to them and make it as meaningful as you did today. Thank you again for doing something you love with a strong message to boot.

  22. Estella Jimenez

    Bernie, thank you for coming to NASCC and presenting a great show. Some of the things hit home with my family life. Thanks for sharing your family life with us. I’m sure this help alot of peoples and made us all think of which way we choose to live our life. I’m so glad Captain Kelly from the Naval Hospital and Captain Pierson, CO, NASCC had you give us this wonderful show at our Safety Standdown. You were right most of us were there because it was mandatory that we attend, but I’m sure after your show everybody was thinking differently. Be safe and keep on sharing your good advice to everybody around the states. God bless you.

  23. Maurice Thigpen

    Great show good jokes and your life story spoke volumes on the decisions we as people young and old make. Like you said we have to learn from the but most of all have a plan. Thanks again Bernie! We Loved you here in Texas! You really did Kill us!!!!!!lol

  24. david case

    Hey Bernie. Great show, thanks for coming out to Kingsville. You made me laugh and you have a real message to share, double threat guy. keep up the good work.

  25. Jeffery L. Hammond

    I truly thought that your program was a great way to get the message out. I have been in the system for 20 years and this was the best I have seen.

  26. Pat Kapitan

    Bernie, it was a pleasure to meet you in person. You touched my heart. Thank you for the outstanding, powerful show at NAS Corpus Christi. You’re a hard act to follow! Pat Kapitan, SARC, NASCC

  27. Wayne


    Two Great Shows. We all appreciate the work you do, I read a little in the book Jessica bought, its great should of got one. Really enjoyed talking with you and wish we had more time to talk. Appreciate your Family and keep making your brothers weekends. (Dont worry its Cali). Take care and keep spreading the word.


  28. M McDermott

    Great show in Corpus! Thanks, I enjoyed it!

  29. Julio Ortiz

    Best comedian ever. Outstanding show, thanks for those words, awesome message keep it up and God bless you. Fire Dept. NAS Corpus Christi. 05-13-2010

  30. Belami Daniel

    I was present at your comedy tour in Corpus Christi and I can relate to you. I have a brother that has spinabifida and a loved one that completed suicide, not sure if it was related to alcohol, but the signs were there. I wasn’t at home at the time, I was stationed in Virginia and got the call around midnight. I didn’t and still don’t know why he would do this, but I have learned how to live with it. I didn’t have the opportunity to say good bye! Anyway I appreciate what you are doing spreading the awareness around the nation. God Bless You and your family. Have a greatly blessed day!

  31. Ron Retzlaff

    Bernie, Loved the show thanks for coming to NAS Corpus Christi. The way that you express your life experiences is truly beneficial not only for our young men and women in uniform, but also to some of us old timers too. Thanks again!