I cannot tell you how amazing it was to hit the stage at Keesler yesterday three times!  I usually do not knock out three performances in one day, but the energy of the Airmen in Training was OUTSTANDING.  I will never forget that first crowd at 0800 who actually stood and applauded as soon as I walked out on stage.  That was a career first and gave me the fuel to put my ALL into all three shows for our Airmen.   Thank you General Dickenson, Christine Burnett from HQ, and Barry and Christine on base, for hosting the program!  After days like yesterday, I truly know why I do, what I do.  I do it for Airmen like you, who I hope will get more out of their early years in life, then I did.  You have the power to be anything you want to be in life.  It starts with healthy decisions and being a good Wingman for your fellow brothers and sisters!

Christine and Barry!

Me and my brother Sean

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0 Responses to HAPPY HOUR AT Keesler AFB, MS

  1. Barry Hardy

    I really enjoyed listening to your show. You send a great message and it is very inspring.

  2. Natasha Gagnon

    Your show was really funny and also had a good message. Thank you for taking time to come to our base. It’s greatly appreciated.

  3. Tiffany Thompson

    Thank you for showing up here, it is a good message and much more entertaining than the usual slide show. I actually enjoyed it and that is a first, as far as enjoying mandatory fun goes. I wish we knew about it before hand, I would have shown up with a better mood if I knew what it was going to be.

  4. Amn Urreta Taylor L

    Thanks Bernie, Great stuff, lots of laughs. Very good message and touched close to home. I appreciate what you do man and God Bless you and your family.

  5. Jason Simpson

    Hello i was at the Keesler AFB show and really enjoyed your message AND your comedy. Many things were valid points and i am truly sorry for the loss of your brother.

  6. Lamar Tate

    Hey Bernie, thanks for the visit. Your stand up was pretty funny and the speech after was full of advice and help. Thanks a lot and take care.

    A1C Tate from Keesler AFB Mississippi

  7. Jesse J Sellers

    Bernie, thanks for coming and making us laugh today. Your message is one that we needed to hear. I’m deeply sorry for your loss, I couldn’t imagine losing my sister.. You’re story will stay with me and I will reflect on it many times in the future. Keep your head up and keep doing a great job, your appearance today was a blessing. Thanks!!! Come back to Keesler!!! Can’t wait to listen to the CD!

  8. Sam Moyer

    Thanks for bringing some humor to a much needed message!

  9. Rachel Castro

    hey bernie..
    i just came from watching your performance literally 10 min.s ago. it was very funny,informative and awesome.comedy is 1 of the best ways 2 give a talk on such a true and touchy subject.and i wont lie it was hella funny cuz some can say they can relate.lol.thank you for your time and the reminders youlve given us.im sure youlve gotten through to if not all most of us airmen.good luck with your upcoming shows and i hope to see another one of your shows in the future.ab castro

  10. Devin Krisle

    Hey Bernie this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life! I hope that those that listen to you will take it to heart. I am a firm believer that drinking is one of the strongest drugs out there and most people our not thinking responsibly when they drink. I wish you luck with all you do and thank you for those inspirational words and jokes!
    thank you!

  11. Greg Yaroma

    Good stuff Bernie! Thanks for coming to Biloxi and giving everyone a good laugh and a very important message. God bless bro!

  12. Ben Vanderhorst

    Gotta love the purple truck. Thanks for the show. Best “mandatory fun” yet. Good laughs and good message. Keep up the good work.

  13. Rachel Castro

    hey Bernie…
    i just cam from watching your show literally 10 min.s ago.it was funny,informative, and awesome.comedy is a good way to talk about such a touchy subject.it was a good reminder to us.id like to thank you for your time for presenting us with the opportunity of watching your show.it was a good laugh for the end of a hard day at school.it was hella funny as well cause i know a few of us can relate to some of it.lol.and im sure you got through to most of us airmen if not all.good luck to you in the future and i hope to see one of your shows again.ab castro

  14. Cassandra

    Your show was amazing. I needed a good laugh. I was very amazed at your ability to bring comedy and education on serious matters all into one. I appreciate your being here and am looking forward to another show sometime soon. =]

  15. Kara Wisniewski


    On behalf of all of the ADAPT staff, thank you for coming to talk to the Airmen at Keesler. The show was great and the message was very powerful. Just touching one person’s life is reason alone to keep fighting the fight to save lives. Thanks so much for helping us to spread that message. Hope to see you back next year. Please keep in touch!!


  16. White

    Hey I really enjoyed the show. It was much better than the death-by-powerpoint we are so accustomed to here at Keesler lol. Great show and great message!!

  17. Erica Hollier

    Thank You!! I thought we were just having another brief, what a way to end the day. I enjoyed your show!

  18. A1C Williams Jr.

    Hey Bernie! I am really glad that you decided to come by Keesler AFB and share with us that comedy and advice. God knows that we all need it, and you touched our hearts as well as our funny bones today. Keep up the excellent work!

  19. Hunt

    I would have been ok with some powerpoint.

  20. Richard Blauch

    Thank you for the show, it was something that was needed to inform and educate not only Air Force members but the general public as well.

  21. Christine McGill

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. What more can I say that hasn’t already been said. You rocked last year (above the flying trains!), you rocked again this year! Tell Shawn hi from the Airmen at Keesler. As long as I stay in the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, I’ll keep pressing for Happy Hour to return. Your message reaches so many at so many different levels. You’re the best; keep doing what you do! Chris

  22. SSgt Michael Summers


    Thanks for today’s pesentation. I almost lost my 2 brothers to an alcohol related incident 9 years ago. I have been sober ever since. I think you are an inspiration to the troops keep up the good work.

  23. Allan Arguello

    Great Show!!

  24. Brittany Urbina

    Thank you for coming down here and giving us a much needed message in a very unique way!!! :)

  25. Elizabeth Alecci

    Thank you so much for coming to Keesler! What you do is awesome. We hear this stuff all the time but it seems to actually sink in when its said in an interesting way. And let me tell you, people may joke about it for a while, but that means they are actually thinking about it and that is exactally what we need! Again thank you so much!!

  26. Jordan Nash

    Thank you so much for talking to us in a way that actually means something. Your life has been difficult and the points you made mean so much more coming from that point of view. I honestly am happy I woke up for your presentation.

  27. Barry Newman

    Thank you from the Keesler Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Staff! Three “killer” performances and the comments here say it all. Working with Jamie to get you here was a breeze. As Chris said, we will want you to come back again. Hey, I can be your chauffeur again – no problem! You have lots of support and friends at Keesler. Keep up the great work! Safe travels.

  28. Napoleon Medina

    You are an awesome comedian and just incredible how you can touch people’s lives with your story. Thank you for coming to Keesler and thank you for making us laugh in times of hardships and being away from our family. I hope to see you in another base. VERY POWERFUL SPEAKER!

  29. james Thomas

    hey i really enjoyed your show. felt good to laugh for a change. I haven’t laughed since before i left for BMT. Thanks a lot.

    ~AMN Thomas~

  30. Shannn

    That was one of the best shows I have seen with a message to date, hell it was the best LOL. I have been in the military for about 8 years and can honsetly say that you were more effective then anything I have ever said to an Amn. We try our best but you have a way of putting your message out there. Thank you!!! If you stopped one Amn from making a bad desicion then it was worth it. Keep inspiring people all over the world. Enjoy your wonderful family.