Travis AFB! HAPPY HOUR Message

Pumped up and Rolling into Travis Air Force base to entertain our Airmen!  Thank you Col Minihan, Kirk, Eileen and staff for hosting my show and tour! 

Above, Me doing my thing live,  My brother Scott(middle)RIP my bro, my brother Sean on the right!
Below- The Airmen, Command, Staff and Audiences!

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  1. A1C Terrence Silvia

    Thank you for the show. It was very funny and had a good message.

  2. philip colby

    I saw u at travis afb. I enjoyed your show thank you so much for coming.

  3. Katie

    Wonderful show!! Laughed so hard I cried at the funny portion and loved the way you presented your message…I think it is very effective and memorable! Thank you for doing what you do! Oh yeah…your show was WAY BETTER than Powerpoint haha!!

  4. Caroline Exner


    You are a funny man, thanks for the show.

  5. Kevin

    I enjoyed stand-up comedies but never have been to one in person. It was a truly enjoyable experience; I was able to laugh, relate, and was inspired by the message. Thank you for sharing the painful stories of your own life.

  6. jessica

    Saw you at Travis, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Your show/briefing was hilarious and still managed to get such an important point across. It was a slap in the face and one that I needed, thanx so much!!

  7. Desiree S. Castro

    I have been to so many commanders calls, briefings, and simulators with the drunk gogles (which are pretty fun to mess with). :-D I have heard the stories. I have been the best friend of the victim, almost lost a brother ( a hero in my eyes), and in my job I have seen the once proud faces of people who lose their careers to alcohol and drugs. The briefings get old fast, and sometimes in my oppion make you want to drink even if you didn’t before. The message no matter how well intended it is, gets lost.

  8. Desiree S. Castro

    I have been to so many commanders calls, briefings, and simulators with the drunk gogles (which are pretty fun to mess with). :-D I have heard the stories. I have been the best friend of the victim, almost lost a brother ( a hero in my eyes), and in my job I have seen the once proud faces of people who lose their careers to alcohol and drugs. The briefings get old fast, and sometimes in my oppion make you want to drink even if you didn’t before. The message no matter how well intended it is, gets lost. So thank you for putting meaning back into it! :-D

  9. Brittney

    Awesome show! Very funny! You did a wonderful job getting a very imporant message across! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!!

  10. A1C Reanin Parrish

    Totally awesome! Next time I won’t let everyone know how tall I am :)

  11. Sean Shepherd

    Liked the show here. Great way to get the message across. I appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  12. Joe Fredericks

    Great show. It might have been mandatory for E-4 and below, but every one was invited and as a civilian I was glad to have come to see it. Good message and sorry for the loss of your brother. It was nice to hear a comedian who doesn’t have to take it to the gutter to get a laugh. God Bless you and continue the good work.

    Mr. Joe Fredericks 60 CES Travis AFB

  13. Adrian Velasquez

    Great show

  14. A1C Adam Kinney

    I just wanted to drop you a line and commend you for the great work you’re doing. There is not alot of people out there who would come out and talk to a bunch of young airmen to try and show them there are ways to deal with all the different issues you addressed in your show, and far less that can get the message accross in the manner you did. I saw you last summer at Keesler AFB, MS and I am so glad you are continuing to offer your time and stories. I would like to sincerely thank you for time and efforts and I wish you all the best.

  15. Corri Mack

    I saw your show @ the DGMC; I’ve been going through a tough time in my life & I really appreciate you showing me that there is light @ the end of this tunnel. I literally was laughing so hard I was crying; I haven’t enjoyed that for awhile, so I thank you for a very good time. Your messages were straight on, I like the fact that you can bring laughter into serious issues. Im glad you could share your story with me, cuz I can easily relate. Take care & know that you really do inspire people, me being one of them. Oh & everytime I’m putting that puzzle 2gether on the toilet seat ill be thinking of you, thanks again & God Bless!!

  16. A1C Anna Lewis

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. Time and my job didn’t permit me to, but I wish that I could have had the chance to shake your hand and tell you that I thought your show was incredible. It’s so inspiring when people take a detour from success to help others succeed. Your message was so real and down to earth and I thoroughly appreciated the omission of preachiness… we always tend to get a bunch of slap-on-the-wrist-and-put-you-to-sleep-at-the-same-time briefings. I really hope that people actually took to heart what you said because honestly if that can’t wake us from our own irresponsibility, I don’t know what can.

    Once again, Thank you and I hope the rest of your tour is a success!

  17. A1C Martin, Sean S

    hey saw you at Travis AFB… had a blast listening to it and you send a good message out… and sharing your on life story and what you went threw puts a lot into perspective when hearing it that way

  18. John Manglona

    I really enjoyed the “Happy Hour” program. It was by far the best prevention/ awareness training I’ve attended. Oustanding Performance. Thank you again.

  19. A1C Charles Henderson

    Thanks soo much for coming out. Undoubtedly the best mandatory event so far. I would love to watch it again without being made to.

  20. SRA Lee Riley

    Your way of getting the message across is great! Thank you for investing your time in us, your paying it forward sir and I hope it comes back to you one day.

  21. brandon collins

    I enjoyed the show at travis this morning and. I appreciate you sharing your personal stories. Sorry to hear about your brother I wouldn’t know what to do without mine. I’ glad to hear you’re doing better and I hope that your message touched at least 1 person and helped prevent at least one incident. Thank you again

  22. AMN Jon Bastille

    Good show today man, had a good message and was way more entertaining then the meetings we usually have for those types of subjects. Killed it!

  23. zach

    the show was great. it was a great way to get the message across without “death by powerpoint”. i thought it was great how you shared some of your own life stories and experiences with us… kinda sets reality in a little deaper. thanks alot for coming and performing for us.

  24. John M

    Great show, but who is the guy on the advertising posters? Just kidding; I’ve seen lots of comics and comedians but yours was one of the longest sustained funny shows.

  25. christopher cutler

    That was a great show man. Thanks for coming through. You’re really funny!

  26. christopher cutler

    no heroine in the living that had me rollin!!

  27. Robert Campbell

    Great show today. Just wanted to say my favorite joke was the “Mormon cocktail” I’ll be laughing about that one for a while!

  28. Alex Samaniego

    What a great way to get the right points across. I think Sean has a hero also and a great big brother. Thank you for coming to Travis.

  29. Nicholas Wold

    great show, you were really funny. best commanders call yet

  30. Cody Skidmore

    Great show! I was rolling through the whole thing. I’ll probably go tomorrow too.

  31. MSgt Patrick Hodge

    Fantastic show! My niece’s father died as a result of driving drunk, so she now lives with the consequences of his poor decision. Thanks for getting the message out in such a funny and meaningful way. Keep up the good work!!!

  32. A1C Phillip Barrios

    Awesome Show Bernie!!! Funny as hell man! -Thanks for putting it on, and good luck with your shows in the future. -Hope to score a signed book! :)

  33. A1C Cameron Gayed

    Yo Bernie I’m watching your show right now and posting this with my Iphone. I knew if I didn’t doit right now I would forget the web address. Awesome show thanks for comming to Travis.
    By the way it’s only this green at Travis during the winter, the rest of the year is all dead and a fire hazard!
    Just sayin…

  34. A1C Bryant, Greg

    Great show! Thanks for giving the anit-drinking scene a real face other then all those lame skits and slideshows. You are hilarious!

  35. SSgt Lechner

    Good Morning Bernie, I attended your show today, and it was very informative. You connected with the audience with laughter and also on a personal level. What touched me is that you were able to connect deeper with a couple of people with sharing your story and brought some of them to tears. You were able to relate with some of our habits and give a reality check to some of those who may have a problem. So I wanted to thank you. We appreciate a mandatory briefing without the use of powerpoint :)

  36. Tyler Johnson

    Hey man I got a joke for you. What do you call a black person flying an airplane????? A pilot you racist bastard! Lol

  37. exor basa

    Thank you Bernie for the laughs and thanks for caring. God Bless You and your brother Sean.


  38. Dianna Girard

    I enjoyed the show! Thanks for the (mandatory) laughs

  39. A1C Landon Steffensen

    Really enjoyed the show! Great comedy with a serious message! Awesome job man! About a two weeks ago we had a family friend who was in the Army national guard take his life also due to alcohol. I completely related to your life experiences and I appreciate you sharing part of your life with us!

  40. Sue Clabby

    I am a captive USAF civilian, have been for 29 years…
    Anyway, your show is the best I have seen with the life changing message for the troops! I work at the Wing Safety office Travis Air Force Base in Sunny Fairfield; our message on DUIs, etc. is so hard to pass to the young folks, but you nailed it!:)The folks around me today were quiet and really listening when you share your story of your brother’s death.
    I hear ya’ and does God; we’re both happy you have the heart for the folks as they really need to take this stuff in.
    Come see us again,
    Happy Easter,
    Sue Clabby
    60 AMW Wing Safety Office

  41. Ayanna McClintic

    You are a good man. Thank you for coming. I definitely enjoyed your show. My condolences for your brother.

  42. Eric Willett

    Good stuff. Thanks for the laughs.

  43. A1C josh gamble

    Just wanted to let you know i appreciate what your doing its a really good thing. Its a good idea mixing the comedy in with the stories and the lesson to be learned. It doesnt hurt that you got good jokes too.

  44. TSgt Chris Funk


    thanks for the laughs and sharing your story with us. It really sends the message home!

  45. Jed

    u do a great job of making our mandatory training tolerable. jk u were great. thanks for the laughs.

  46. Kimberley Gruber

    Bernie! ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR MESSAGE!!! What an inspiration to what we all have experienced one way in another…Thanks for the tears of laughter and the reality check for all. Come back soon!

  47. A1C Ashley Rockwell

    AMAZING show. I was at all 3! And I got choked up everytime. I loved every second of it. Well done!

  48. Corey Harris (SRA)

    Thanks for coming and putting on your show. It was hesterical. I think it had a way of getting through that i have yet to see through any other briefing. Thank you for coming out and supporting us in what we do.

  49. Jenise

    I loved your show it was great and funny eventhough I don’t drink this is one of the first briefing that I can sit through and be glad that i’m not the one to partake in alcohol. It’s sad to hear about what happened to your brother but I hope people really listened to the message I know I did thank for visiting.!

  50. Gifford

    Hey Bernie. I enjoyed your message as well a your show. I am sorry about Scott and will keep you in my thoughts. Is there anyway we can help support the same charity as you? Or maybe the group home your brother lives at?

  51. Eric Fanslau

    good show very funny!!!

  52. Teresa

    Great show. Really enjoyed it and a good way of getting the message across without it being another boring briefing or commanders call.

  53. Alfonso

    Awesome performance. You were very enthusiastic and had a unique way of putting out the message to always have a plan and look towards your friends and family if you need help.

  54. Don Keefer

    You have created a wonderful medium to get a serious messages to the people. Enjoyed the presentation! I will tell others about your program.

    Your stories of brother with learning disabilities was a warm reflection. Growing up my grandmother took care of Gordy, an individual who had the mind of a 10 year old. I was amazed how he captured the community’s spirit. He was the town’s official cowboy. Long past away, I often reflect maybe he just didn’t need to learn anything more. God gave him the insight to know what was important. The Town and I received the education and learn a lesson from a wise man. Your talk had me thinking of my good times with Gordy again. Thanks. I

    Don Keefer

  55. Bob

    awesome show. for sure the best “safety” meeting i’ve ever been to. i hope the military keeps you around for awhile. it will get the message across so much better and no one will be falling asleep like the rest of the powerpoint presentations!

  56. konrad pierce

    great show. even if it was madatory

  57. Jason

    Great delivery and even better message

  58. Chad Geesman

    Great show! Loved it all.

  59. Joshua Delaney

    Great show. Great message. Thank you for supporting us.

  60. Diana

    The show was very awesome… even emotional at times. Very easy to enjoy… as well as hear an inspirational message. Thank you!

  61. Richard

    Awesome show! Great message for all of the Airmen in attendance. Thanks for doing what you do.

  62. Dani

    Truely Moving, your message about suicide and alocolism hit way too close to home, normally it’s very emotionally challenging for me to sit in on these “mandatory awareness briefings”, but the humor really made it tolerable, and even enjoyable. Thank you for a unique approach to a very serious and sometimes difficult topic. it makes it easier for those of us who have also experianced such tragedy. God bless, and keep doing what you’re doing!

  63. Megan

    Great show! It’s a great thing that you are using your life experiences to help other people! Good luck with the rest of your tour! And God Bless!

  64. Joshua Patterson

    My wife and I really enjoyed the show. Thank you for taking the time to show your support. I wish more comedians would do the same.