POPE AFB!HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message rolls into NC!

Winner is LISTED BELOW in I KILLED SHOW WINNER POST!  I had a blast at Pope AFB and hope you incredible Airmen and civilians enjoyed the laughs and took the message to heart!   You men and women were Amazing today!  Thank you Col. Johnson, Col. Dunn, Chief Ackerman, Lt Col Irwin, Lt Bopp, and (SSgt Brian and Amanda Markavich for the amazing sound) .  I appreciated the turnout at the show and love each of you in uniform as well as all our civilian assets who make the mission run so smoothly!

I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians My Brother Sean Me Doing What I Love 

My Brother Sean in the middle and me doing my thing!

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0 Responses to POPE AFB!HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message rolls into NC!

  1. Nicole Warner

    Great show! I really enjoyed the message you had to share. Best mandatory event I’ve had to go to yet! ;)

  2. NEAL


  3. F. Stancil

    Thanks for sharing your story. Great to have a lot of humor combined with a sincere, genuine message.

  4. jay

    This show was amazing. I can honestly say I thought they had some corny guy for us, but this was amazing. Your message was powerful as well. I applaud you on your success and sharing your story with others !


  5. Liz

    Sooo funny! Definitely didn’t need to be “mandatory” – what a great way to pull me away from my desk to deliver an inspiring message!

  6. A1C Donlan

    Fantastic performance! It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of big crowds, especially about personal experiences. Four stars and two thumbs way up! I enjoyed it immensely!

  7. Brittany Hurdle

    HILARIOUS! Glad that you come tell us your story. You were awesome!

  8. Jimmy Livingston

    Brilliant performance. You did a great job communicating a lifesaving message in a memorable way. I really enjoyed it!

  9. a1c jerad cremers

    dude you were so funny i cant believe i guy like with with your history turns something of a life story into comedy to go out and tell the world about you and what you are now. it was fantastic i could not stop laughing, you are one of the greatest thank you again and cant wait to see you again soon.

  10. Sharon

    Great show!! You are hilarious. Your brother Scott is smiling down at you (and laughing at times). What a great message you have brought to us–thanks! I was laughing and crying at the same time.

  11. Curtis

    Great Show here at Pope! Really good way to get an important message out there. Continued success and best wishes.

  12. a1c ingram

    Good show Bernie I seen you at sheppard AFB about six months ago. Good to see you again.

  13. Heather Matheney

    Great job, sad story delivered in an funny way. Love the delivery of a mandatory message

  14. Tarah Lee

    You were my first live comedy experience and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

  15. William S Miller

    Good show, thanks for the laughs!

  16. Reginald Nolan

    Hey, Bernie. Thanks so much for volunteering your time to bring us your story and a few laughs as well. 0700 is the earliest I have laughed in a long time! Thanks again for all you do. You are spreading an important message especially in today’s military. God bless and keep it up!

  17. Joseph Turner

    Hey Bernie, What a great show and such a breath of fresh air from the normal briefing that we get. It is guys like you and messages like yours that make people really think instead of just thinking that they have heard this all before. Thanks Bro

  18. christopher petterson

    Great show….i was really feeling crappy today with the problems i’ve been facing lately (though nothing to the degree contained in the show thank god) but it really brought me up and leveled me off. thanks bernie!
    looking forward to reading your story if i get the book!

  19. Rebecca Jaudon

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show, not only was it funny, but it sent a good message. I talked with you a bit afterwards about having a brother that is just like yours, so a lot of what you talked about was close to my heart. I plan on buying that book, you’re an awesome comedian and I would definitely go see one of your shows outside of the Air Force, ones that aren’t mandatory :)

  20. Jerry Dixon

    Bernie! Loved the show, thanks for coming to Pope and sharing your message. I hope you’ll be back in our area soon!

  21. Michael Marlow

    I was at you show at 0700 on 18 Feb 2010. I just wanted to say that i was truely touched by your performance. It is people like you that are changing thing world. Thank you for the great show!!!


  22. Shannon

    WOW! You’re truly an inspiration, thanks for sharing your story and making all of us think twice before doing something incredibly stupid. Thank you!

  23. Spencer Willis

    Just wanted to say thanks for the message you delivered today.

  24. MSgt Alan Hunsucker

    Great show! I’m certain you made a positive impact on our Airmen at Pope AFB NC. Thanks for sharing your lessons in life. – Alan

  25. Loida Burns

    Sir, thank you for the best safety briefing EVER. I wanted to buy a signed copy of your book and CD but unfortunately didn’t have cash on hand. Is it possible to get a signed copy still? I was hoping to get them for a gift to my husband. Thank you again.

  26. William Walker


  27. Doug Stiles

    appreciated your show and what you do for us.
    keep going.

  28. SAC

    Bernie, Thanks for all that you do. Like I told you after the show, the message that you bring to the troops around the world is one that we hear all of the time, but the way you deliver it, is what makes the difference. If the DoD would have started this form of training back in the ’80s when I came in, we probably would have saved many lives that were taken needlessly, due to poor judgment. Now that I’m ready to retire, I know that we are on the right track on getting to the young adults that are our future. Thanks for making a difference. SAC

  29. Brian Margavich

    Bernie, Welcome BACK to Pope AFB! It was a pleasure working the technical side with you again this trip!! I look forward to seeing you at Keesler AFB!

  30. Tim Holmes

    I truely enjoyed your show and message, i wanted to personnally thank you for sharing your time and personnal experiences with all of us. i found your presentation and message very entertaining, relatable, and moving. You can take great pride in the fact you saved countless lives from death by power point a feat that has propelled you to hero statues among many airman. Thank you and God bless.

  31. Jason Carter

    Great show Bernie, thanks for coming!

  32. John

    Really enjoyed hearing you story. Your message truly shows in action “it’s not about the destination but the friends we meet along the way that help us reach our destiny.” Thanks for Your Service to our Men and Women in uniform.

  33. A1C Spann Erika L

    Great Show! The message was really good and I think what your doing is helping a lot of others. Thank You!

  34. Isaiah Rice

    Bernie, thanks for the laughs at Pope. You were a riot I am still laughing. I will remember this always. Thanks again.

  35. MSgt James Koch

    This is the second time I have seen Bernie perform. He is always enjoyable and the crowd just loves him. He deliveres a powerful message while not boring you to death with a Powerpoint presentation. Glad to see him again. God bless Bernie and Sean.

  36. Sanee O'Brien

    Bernie, thank you for coming to Pope AFB. We truly appreciate the messages and the laughs. Stay away from Queens, NY, because my boys will be watching you! LOL

  37. TSgt Brett Kozel

    You rocked and sorry about your loss and glad to see you spread the word about how your life has had so many cahnges both positive and negative. Keep up the good work and continue to bring many many laughs to all people.

  38. Lloyd Parker


    Your presentation/show was outstanding… something we truly needed to hear! We (Pope AFB) thank you for taking the time to share your story while promoting making healthy life choices. You were GREAT! Thanks again.


  39. Mario Charles Johnson

    great show, you did a wonderful job, would love to see you come to back to pope. the message was powerful and inspering, i really took alot away from the show. i would love to get a book with your signature, and if that is not possible then i would love to get the name of the book that you were selling. thanks for being brave enough to come out and speak about your life experense. thanks for everything.

  40. Ian Leonard

    Great show, thanks for coming!

  41. SrA Jessica Swiercinsky

    Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  42. Andy Black

    Good job today and agree this method beats powerpoint presentations… Attention grabbing, funny and easy to relate to. Its difficult to force comedy on folks but you succeeded in being entertaining while passing a relevant message. I wanted to buy the book today but lent my buddy, McKinney, the money so he could get one… send one my way. Best of luck to you in the future.

  43. David Mason

    Great message! thanks for visiting and bringing your humor to Pope. We sometimes get forgotten with Fort Bragg being here.

  44. E.Comer

    That was the BEST mandatory briefing I’ve been to in my 15+ years in the A.F. Humor combined with a relevant message. Really awesome!

  45. Brian

    @Brian Margavich
    Bernie! I got some really interesting pictures of you today… They are on facebook and also here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lighthousekeeper80/BernieMcGrenahan#

  46. TSgt Christopher Correll


    Thanks for taing the time to come see us.
    Also, thank you for being an inspiration.
    I hope to see you at my next assignment.
    You Rock!!!!!
    Later bro,


  47. Don Wear

    Thanks for a wonderful show today at Pope AFB, NC. You gave a new meaning to a training session. Not only was your presentation hysterically funny, it shed light on the common offenses that we face daily in military life. It is twice as difficult to understand the varied social structural factors that facilitate and help perpetuate the problem as well. As discussed at the theater, we share a common ground to alcohol and its impact in the family. What some people just don’t realize are the common signs when alcohol becomes a problem, not only personally, but interpersonally as well. The outcome can never be good because the societal consequences of alcohol use and abuse are never in ones favor once it becomes inherent that there truly is a problem. Once again thanks for your continued support to the military.
    MSgt Don Wear

  48. Whit Matthews

    Outstanding show…Powerful message…

  49. Rebecca

    Great show here at Pope we really enjoyed it! Thanks for signing the book for my hubby and picking up the rest of the tab on the book! Great messages you give to large crowd! Thanks for everything you do!

  50. Capt Warburton

    Great show! I’ve seen the show twice now, so thanks for throwing in new material. You’ve got a very important message for our service members…