Ft. Hood! ‘HAPPY HOUR’ touches down in Killeen TX!

It is an honor to be here at one of the largest Army installations in the World!  A unit of brave men and women who have had to face adversity and challenge, only to rise and continue with their mission!  I hope you enjoyed the program today and that you also take HAPPY HOUR’s sincere message to heart!  Thank you Troops, for my freedom and your sacrifice to each American in our Nation!

In memory of my beautiful and handsome brother Scott.

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0 Responses to Ft. Hood! ‘HAPPY HOUR’ touches down in Killeen TX!

  1. elsa sexton

    Good thing for web on Phone your great and my boy thinks your hot lol just playing. Your great thanks for coming you awesome.

  2. SGT Miller

    You have a great act that really grabs your audience’s attention! I am truly sorry for your loss, no matter how long ago it was. Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. chris crabtree

    Hey Bernie. Thanks for coming out to Fort Hood. Had some great laughs.

  4. jason crotzer

    i really enjoyed your show at fort hood. the first manditory training i would have paid to see. thanks for the laughs and your doing a great thing for all the soldiers out there.

  5. Galen Beesley

    Your show at Fort Hood was great. I didn’t expect this for military training. It did strike home to me but my rock bottom was jobless and homeless.

  6. Netesha Bolton

    I really enjoyed your show today. I felt inspired and think you are doing a great thing by sharing your story with others! Keep up the good work!

  7. SPC Gary Leafty

    your show was great. kept me interested in what you had to say. it really made an inpact on me.

  8. Jacob Forney

    Great show Bernie. Good way to deliver the message.

  9. Spc. Miller Michael T

    Awesome show bro. Thanks.

  10. Clifford Manz

    great job good program hope those at risk soldiers learned something.

  11. michael vascellaro

    i was at the show today at fort hood and i enjoyed it alot it realy hit home for me i been struggling very bad the passed few months with alochol and famil problems and the army (my company) hasnt been very saportive and not long after i was enrolled into asap i was now struggling with work too and havng to fight for myself and u said not to be ashamed of talking to someone or getting help and i dont think that was so bad for me as it was trying to ask for my company and battle buddys to saport me in getting help and they throw u to the side and u get words thrown at u like shit bag, or peace of shit and i ask myself would they be calling me that if i didnt get help and i got into a car reck and died then it would be my falt for not getting help anyways i dont wana give a whole life story but it lifted me up today and i want someone to help me get the word out to soldiers and forthood that their doing everthing right askin people to get help but the problems lies benieth the chain of comand and not saporting the soldiers and the time to get help……You have made me a fan thankx

  12. Cody Siegert

    great show. great advice. really made me think about how i do things. thanks

  13. Ben Wierzba

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie… I want a book. Go Air Force!

  14. Nathan Faddis

    Great show with a great message. Much better than the other briefings that we have to go to. Thanks for you time!

  15. Channing Washington

    Didn’t want to go to another mandatory suicide training on an early monday morning. Bernie’s view on life was a refreshing alternative to the powerpoint rangers training that we have been getting. Thanks for your story and your time.

  16. victor tarin

    Hey thank you for what you doing, i was at you show today and it put a smile in face and i really need it that, im going thru some rough times my self and belive me is not easy, but thank you for the good time today



  18. Mark Boulanger

    Thank you for coming, unlike most of the briefing the Army has us do you are able to entertain, but also tie in a serious topic, which we all greatly appretiate. Thank you for you dedication to helping the men and women of the united states military, your show was great.

  19. SGT Chad Maslowski

    Hey, Bernie! Thanks for the laughs and for supporting all of us. By your willingness to share your story and your lessons learned, you bless us all with the gift of your experience. That is the beauty of our humanity and that is what enables us to save each other. Thank you for making a difference by doing your part, and I wish you every joy and every success.

  20. Krista Finch

    Great show! It’s so refreshing to have a new and funny take on serious issues. Hope you make it back to the Hood soon! :)

  21. Klayton Mayeaux

    Hey Bernie. This is the guy that told you that you are lucky to have a loving and caring mother because I did not have one myself? I wanted to say I really did enjoy your show and I hope you go further in you career. I appreciate that you even look out for the soldiers. You need to make sure you call your mom after reading this message and let her know that she is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her because she seems liek she was an important person growing up and I could only wish my story was the same instead of my mother and stepmom being the physicotic egotisticial power-hungry ungrateful racist abusive winch that she was. I hope you make a deep impact in other people’s lives as well Bernie. Have yourself a great day!

  22. Brandi Colon

    I really enjoyed the show at Ft. Hood. It was great to have an outlook from someone whos been there but also keep light hearted at the same time.

  23. Tabby

    Mandatory Training has never made me laugh so much! Thank you for sharing your story, and for inspiring myself and my battle buddies to stay clean, and care for one another. Hope you visit again soon!

  24. Kyle Snell

    HaHa…. i have had some problems in the past….and some of the stuff u said gave me chills down my back….but u made it a great message……..o btw…..the speedo joke???? lol kinda krazy, but it made me grin ear 2 ear lol well…i wish u luck in the future…and congrats on the 22years i think u said?

  25. SPC Torres

    I just want to say thanks for the show today on Fort hood. i had a great time. Alot of the things you said was very funny and also inspirational. We all hope to see you soon. Have a great tour and thanks again

  26. shane hogbin

    Hey Bernie thanks for the show at fort hood. I was really moved by the story you told about your brother. You’re awesome!!! I love how you support the soldiers!!! I loved your performance at fort hood and would like to talk to you one on one sometime. Have a good evening and I’d like to give you a big WHOOOAAAAA!

  27. Nikki

    I really liked your act. it put a great perspective on life for me. I feel that alot of the topics you talked about hit home to alot of us soldiers and that made it a more enjoyable and realistic experience rather than just a powerpoint!