‘Happy Hour’ hits Eglin AFB in Ft. Walton!

I had a blast today at Eglin AFB in the Conference Center.   This was my first time here and I want to thank Command and Safety for making the show possible!   I hope you great Airmen and civilians had many laughs, and took an even deeper message away with you.  In error, my office chose a Raffle winner ‘early’ today, as opposed to the following day’s noon deadline as I mentioned on stage.  That person is Brandon and he will receive a book.  To honor what I said from stage, a second WINNER will be selected at noon tomorrow(Saturday).  There will therefore be two winners from today’s shows!  One thing I have learned is, you have to walk the walk, and I will be walking to the Bank for more money and Barnes and Noble to buy another book to mail to tomorrow’s winner!  lol  That person is Kathy Gedney!

33 my-brother-sean2

Me doing my thing, and my brother Sean!

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30 Responses to ‘Happy Hour’ hits Eglin AFB in Ft. Walton!

  1. Rusty Bauldree

    Great job Bernie!

  2. Kathy Gedney

    Bernie – Thanks for the safety brief. Best one in a long time! Safe travels.

  3. Donna Montoya

    Bernie, great comedy with a powerful message! Glad to have spent the hour with you!

  4. Jason

    Hey Bernie…fantastic show and message. I also lost someone the way you lost your brother but like you demonstrated there is always life afterwards and its up to you to make it one worth living. Good luck with the rest of the shows and I hope you enjoyed Eglin.

  5. Albert

    Great show, thanks for making it out here!

  6. Rachael Marzette

    your show was a great change to the normal drinking a driving brief. it was great to have you on Eglin and thank you for sharing your story!! Come back and see us again!

  7. Lt Col Phil Garrant

    Great show, Bernie! Thanks for coming and sharing your powerful message in such an entertaining way!

  8. Brandon

    I was at your show this morning. I was reluctant to go because I thought it would be just another boring safety briefing. I was totally wrong. Not only were you informative, but you were one of the best comedians I’ve seen in a while. Thanks!

  9. heather

    You killed today.. Great job. That was a nice surprise! Thanks a bunch!

  10. cody montoya

    Hey BERNIE!!! You had a great show with a posittive message that drew in the entire crowd and kept up entertained and interacting with you the whole way through. Good luck in everything you do and I will definately be looking out for you and how you progress in the comedy scene.

  11. brad

    Bernie, thanks for the laughs at Eglin today.

  12. Nicole Jackson

    Thanks for the great show. It brightened my day and is a great start to the weekend.

  13. Alyssa Kirts

    I just wanted to say that it was really awesome to have you here on base. You the traffic briefing worth it. Hope to see you again next year.

  14. Richard Neil Melton

    Thank you for coming, so much better than power point.

  15. Nicole

    Awesome show! So much better then death by power point :) Thanks for taking the time, it was wonderful

  16. Angelina Cromartie

    Bernie, I can say myself and my fellow Airmen truly enjoyed your show! We had no idea as we were shuffling our feet coming in that we would be so entertained! Thank you for sharing your positive message!

  17. Brandin

    Great show today!!

  18. Juan Pablo Diaz Lopez

    thanks for the laughs i had a very good time! your the man!

  19. Mark Flynn


    Thanks for a very powerful message filled with some harding hitting humor. As a father of 8, all under the age of 26, your testimony will have an impact on our family for many more years. Thanks for visiting us here at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. God Bless.

  20. Cristhian

    Great show bernie, really enjoyed it! Good luck with your tours and God Bless

  21. shelymar

    hey i loved the show today… thanks alot it was waaaaayyy better than death by power point!!!!! 2 bad we had 5 more safety briefings after….

  22. scott songer

    Bernie, funny stuff with an honest message…not the usual USAF 0-0-1-3 don’t drink or you’ll die rhetoric.

  23. Joshua Dirr

    The show was hilarious. I love the message. Thanks for coming out to Eglin AFB.

  24. Dana Hedquist

    I’ll make this pretty short & sweet since you already know you put many thoughts in the heads of plenty of Airman on this base. Never was expecting all the laughter that your briefing brought on. Taking that curve in the middle and explaining some challenges/experiences in your life, definitely made people analyze choices that can be made. THANKYOU for coming & your comedy will bring joy and thought into the upcoming holidays!

  25. Jacqueline Barker

    Great show, really enjoyed it. Thanks for bringing your message, this will hit harder than any other method.

  26. Melissa

    Hey Bernie!! I was so impressed with how you incorporated the message into comedy to keep the crowd alive. It was an amazing story and the way you told it was awesome. I am excited that the military is seeking ways to keep the attention on such an important subject.

  27. elizabeth

    Awesome job today! It was refreshing to have mandatory fun that was actual fun and not just another death by powerpoint briefing. Thanks!

  28. Andrew Braud


    Thanks for coming out to Eglin for us.Your show was fantastic. Hopefully I’ll see you in japan!!

    Thanks for the picture by the way.. happy holidays

  29. Kristen Hoyte

    Sir, I just wanted to thank you for the show at Eglin’s conference center. Really enjoyed it. I to have a brother who is mentally challenged. He has epalepsy (not sure i spelled it right), it means he has siezures. I just traveled to see him utah and he was happy to see me. Thank you for sharing the story of your brother.

  30. Tiffany Kiick

    You’re awsome! An inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing.You are truley a blessing. -Tiffany