White Sands Missile Range! New Mexico!

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Wow- we are OUT HERE my friends!  An incredible strip of land out in the desert, where our brave leaders devise ways to protect our nation!  Thank you Sandra, Tonya, Genesis, Colonel Wicker and MSgt Daniel for hosting HAPPY HOUR- Comedy with a Message!  I hope it was a new form or training, that brought you laughs as well as insight!  Thank you Sandra for finding me, and bringing me to our Troops!   Thank you Troops and civilians for filling the theater!
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7 Responses to White Sands Missile Range! New Mexico!

  1. Brian Kessel

    Bernie, you FAR exceeded my expectations! Thanks for supporting our Soldiers, and for the incredible message. God Bless you. B

  2. Greg Vickers

    Bernie – Enjoyed your show / training hour. The coupling of your comedy and personal references of drugs / alcohol / suicide kept the audience attentive and engaged. Most importantly people walked out with a sense of real consequences that are associated certain types of behavior. Great show! Hope you will get to come back!

  3. Erick

    Absolutely the best training I have ever been to! Thanks Bernie!

  4. Jonathan Mims

    Great training session. Opened with a hilarious routine but finished with an amazing, inspirational session. Bernie is doing a great service to this country. I feel he can relate to a wide variety of audiences and keep their attention. Keep up the great work Bernie.

  5. Robert Turnbull

    It was a good show with a powerful message. Thanks for coming out to the boonies.

  6. Sabrina Chavez

    Thanks for the show. It was great.

  7. Karen Klumb

    Thank you for the great show, and even more inportantly, the relevant message. Training was never so much fun. Come back again. Karen