Ft. Polk! ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message rolls into LA!

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Thomas, Thank you for Hosting MY Program!”  Happy to be here at Ft. Polk in Louisiana!  The ARMY is 10,000 soldiers Strong here and I am excited to present the HAPPY HOUR  program. It is always an honor to perform my program for the brave men and women in uniform! I hope you all had some laughs and found inspiration through my message.
My Brother Sean Me Doing What I Love
This is my brother Sean and me doing what I love most!
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11 Responses to Ft. Polk! ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message rolls into LA!

  1. Rick Volosky

    Great Show, Bernie! You are an awesome comedian, and a great guy. I was glad to meet you, keep putting out your message.

  2. Elsa Rowe

    Your performance was great and with such a powerful message. Keep up the great work!

  3. douglas stollenwerk

    Good presentation and very good story….keep putting it out there

  4. Darla Stephens

    Loved the show, even better the second time around.

  5. SPC Atchley

    Hey loved the show, there should be more like it.

  6. Casey McGahen

    Hey Bernie thank you for coming to Ft Polk. The show was outstanding. Funny as hell and a very powerful message. Again thank you and God bless.

  7. SPC Goodrich

    What a great show! It was the best mandatory briefing I’ve had in my six years in the military. Thank you.

  8. SGT Rodriguez

    @SPC Goodrich
    I have to agree with Goodrich, I have been in 12 yrs and this is the best briefing I’ve been to. You held our attention, made us laugh while still getting the message across. Thank you for coming here and sharing your story and your jokes. Keep up the good work!

  9. Ryan McNeely

    hey hey Bernie thanks for coming by Ft Polk, I had a blast at the show.

  10. SGT Salcido

    Bernie, great performance! Your show beats an hour of powerpoint, hands-down. Looks like you’ve found the way to keep our Soldiers interested and attentive. Thanks for coming!

  11. cpl armitage

    bernie your show was funny and knowledgeable at the same time ,have a nice holiday season.