Vance Air Force Base!

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It is always an honor to perform my program for the brave Airmen in uniform! I hope you all had some laughs and found inspiration through my message.  Thank you Sheryl and the entire SARC Staff, Colonel Murphy, Col. Ruffin and the incredible Airmen who attended the show and defend our nation! Also to the Civilians who help get it done as well!

This Is My Brother Sean

This Is My Brother Sean

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26 Responses to Vance Air Force Base!

  1. Jake

    Hey man thanks for coming out to Enid. You were a much needed laugh in this small community. Loved the message and I could see how it hit some people. Keep up the good fight and thanks again!!

  2. Kyle Rainwaters

    Thanks for the laugh Bernie! Really enjoyed your jokes and your message.

  3. Kenzie James

    Hey sir,
    Show was awesome and give me your book!

  4. Buddy Simpson

    Great show. Great message. Thanks for coming!

  5. chris

    Thanks for the show. It was a great start to the day, and it had a great message for all of our young people.

  6. brittaney moss

    This is the second time i’ve seen you. You are a great comedian. keep up the good work.

  7. William

    Show was great, your personal story hit true. Mistakes don’t define us, we are defined by what we do with our mistakes and how we over come them. Thanks

  8. Travis

    This was the best mandatory briefing i have ever been to… Very funny… thanks

  9. Jennifer

    Thank you for being hilarious and sharing your story.

  10. Taylor Buchea

    You were really funny. I had a blast!!!

  11. Josh

    thanks for coming out. you made some very poignant statements and made it a fun mandatory event.

  12. Tommy


    I enjoyed your program. I appreciate what you do. Thanks and good job.

  13. SrA Sean Noble

    You’re Brief was an inspiration. Much appreciated for your time and your humor. It takes cajones to speak about one’s personal life. God Bless.

  14. Chad

    It was a pleasure working with you today. Great show and message. (Both Times) Say hi to your brother for us.

  15. Jeremy Shields

    That was by far the best ‘mandatory briefing’ I have ever been to! Thanks for coming and sharing your story with us and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk us. Safe travels and I want to win!

  16. John Rogers

    Thanks for coming to little old Vance Air Patch. We have a great community theatre here in town, at the Gaslight we do at least two comedies a year. I do a lot of the comedies and I’m not easily impressed by comics. You have a great show with an important message. Its no wonder you work with some of the biggest names in comedy. I feel you even gave those of us without “drinking problems” smart advice.

  17. Cody K

    Thanks for the story and the comedy. Quite an inspirational story as how you’ve been through so much but still press on. It’s great how you hang out with Sean all the time, too. You’re right how family is the keystone of our lives, with them you can do much greater things. Best of luck throughout the rest of your career and if I see you’re in the area (wherever that may be) I’ll be sure to stop by and see you!

    p.s. You should get Matchbox 20 to tour in the local area, I’m sure you could convince them to hit up Tulsa or OKC.

  18. Nicole Curran

    Hey Bernie! Loved your show, it was not like the typical training that we go to, and we really appreciate it! Thanks!!

  19. Danny

    Thanks for coming out to Vance! And thanks for sharing your story.
    Great show!

  20. Savannah Lohn

    Thank you so much for coming to Vance! Your comedy was hilarious, your message was inspirational, and we enjoyed having you here. This was a great message that really reached our Airmen!

  21. Jeromy Harris

    Great job! I really enjoyed your show.

  22. Linda Franklin -VA

    Bernie….what a fantastic show and a great way to get your message across. I’m so glad Col Murphy and Sheryl worked to bring you to Vance. Bless you for all you do.

  23. Dave Ruffin

    Fantastic job Bernie! We are grateful that you shared your experiences with all of the Vance airmen and look forward to seeing you again!

    Lt Col Dave Ruffin

  24. Col Rick Murphy


    Thank you very much for traveling to Vance AFB. Your message is on target for our young audience…we introduce Lieutenants and Airmen to our Air Force here at Vance and the message you provide is very important for them to hear. Hopefully everyone learned from your mistakes and will not put themselves or others in harm’s way. It takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of strangers and tell your story…but the happy ending and message is powerful.

    We appreciate your support of the military, especially in time of war and call you a true patriot who loves his country and contrymen paying the price for his freedom. You are welcome back to Vance anytime.

  25. Dave Butler

    AMAZING. Managed to be hilarious while presenting a good message at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised when we got a comedian on that cold Tuesday morning instead of 50 death-by-powerpoint slides defining the difference between sexual assault and harrassment…for the 2009th time. Sincerely, thanks for coming!!!!

  26. Jessa

    I really enjoyed your talk! Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Vance and share your story. I really liked the message about how it is easy to let alcohol slowly start to control your life. Thanks again!