Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

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I really enjoyed bringing ‘HAPPY HOUR’ to Schofield Barracks today, it is always an honor to perform my program for the brave men and women in uniform! I hope you all had some laughs and found inspiration through my message.
theatre-sean-bernie Me and my brother Sean!

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25 Responses to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

  1. james

    I just got out of the show at schofield barracks. It was hilariously entertaining. It definitey beat all the mandatory training the military has to offer that no one really listens to. It was funny yet some parts were very touching. You learn and laugh at the same time and it really made me re-examine myself. Thanks Bernie. Keep it up and thank you for doing this for todays Army!

  2. Sylvia Scully

    I enjoyed your show at Schofield Barracks,HI. It really brought home your message. This venue, i.e., Comedy, IS the type of training that most people remember. Thank you for sharing your experiences. This should be extended to all Military Services, if it isn’t already done. Military life is exposed to many types of stress, not just deployments. Families move every 3-4 years, that causes broken friendships and moving in itself is stressful…which causes drinking. Please keep this going…if you save just one life that would be awesome. I know you will touch more.

  3. Joshua Souders

    Hey Bernie, just wanted to say thanks for coming out and performing a great as well as imformative show for us today. It was I hope just as much of an eye opener for a lot of people as it was for me. I got the message, I have seen how much of what you said in accordance with the drinking and how it can mess things up and how I go about doing things in life. Again, thank you…

    Doc Souders

  4. Jody Barnes

    Thanks for taking the time to come all the way to Hawaii! Enjoyed it and you delivered a great message about subjects that are mundane. I think you really got through!

  5. caroline

    I am a retiree at Schofield I really enjoyed your show.What I enjoyed most was when you spoke about your brother and I had a little tears in my eyes.I am family oriented and love my siblings. Thanks for doing a great show…Next time rememebr some of us civilians are retirees.

    take care
    PS Keep picking yor brother up.

  6. Wendy

    Thanks for coming out here. It was really awesome having you here and it was really emotional hearing about your brothers and your love for your siblings. I am sure you touched many hearts with inspiration and laughs. Much luck to you in your career. Hopefully you will have more than just 9 friends on myspace now lol.

  7. Kyle

    You said for us to tell you that you sucked. YOU SUCKED!

    Nah, it was a good, funny, and informative show, pretty touching too. Glad to see you’re doing better with you life.

    Thanks! :)

  8. SSG Masao

    Thanks for coming.. i enjoyed your show today..

  9. John Casto

    Great show and good job getting your message across. Thanks

  10. SSG Terry Tweedy

    You really played an excellent show. I enjoyed it. I cant wait to read the book.

  11. Richard Bruce

    Awesome show, Great message thanks for coming out to hawaii, I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SPC C

    thanks for the good message your sending us soldiers and civilians here on schofield. everyone really enjoyed it. thanks for your military support also!!!

  13. Jerren Inaura

    Great learning forum! Funny yet inspirational! I’m sure your message reached all who attended. I believe there wasn’t a disinterested person in the audience. May you be provided the opportunity to serve many more.

  14. Chad

    Great show. I really enjoyed it. You are now the Standard for all alcohol and drug training. Thanks again.

  15. jason jestila

    Thanks for coming out today, your show was not only hilarious but also motivational and inspirational. You are doing a great thing! You hit close to home!!
    SSG J

  16. Angel

    Mahalo. Your performance was inspirational! Please say Aloha to your brother from our Ohana.

  17. eric g

    best traing ever. didnt fall asleep!!!

  18. Rogelio

    Good show, better than any other ASAP training I’ve ever been too.

  19. SPC Southard

    Out of 7 years in the army this is the first military briefing i actually enjoyed…I’ve been telling my wife all about your briefing today!! You should get a debit card machine for your shows lol I would of bought your book…but I didn’t know to bring cash!!! Thanks take care.

  20. Jessica Heward

    OMG I was sitting in the first row and biy was I glad I was, Bernie made me laugh and cry!! He talks about real issues that goes on in our life but makes it funny and thats one of the best way to approach something so serious like drugs and alcohol. I really loved your show Bernie and wanted to go again but I couldnt leave work for the 1pm show LOL!! Thank you for taking the time out to come and bring some good laughs to Schofield Barracks. Your the best, much respect and you and your family are in my prayers.

  21. steven, m.

    Uncle Bernie,
    thanks for coming and giving us some good laughs. i myself lived 28 years in the “party” before joining the army. i used to travel the US as a DJ. i really enjoyed the way you kept things flowing. you get people laughing then hit’em with some truth, then get everyone rollin again! good stuff.
    i’ll be watchin out for your shows in the future sir. thanks again!

  22. Aina

    Thanks alot for the laughs made my day i appreciate the message as well.. Thank you for takeing time out of your busy schedual to come out to scholfield thanks again and God Bless…


    My soldiers loved the show, the real life story hit home for them.
    Hope to see you next year!
    SGT D’Amico
    39th MP DET

  24. Zach Padilla

    Hey, thanks for bringing a hilarious show to us. Great message, and it was a great way to get some training. We definitely appreciated you bringing something new and relevant to us.

    SPC Padilla

    71st Chemical Company

  25. Eddie Hibler

    God bless you, your family, your career, and your work for America. Your training sessions with our soldiers, especially your sharing of your own personal story, have and will continue to save the lives of our brave young men and women.
    Thanks again,
    Eddie & Anne Marie