Ft. Leavenworth!

I hope you had some laughs and got to see a different from of ‘Training’ today!

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35 Responses to Ft. Leavenworth!

  1. Tricia Panick

    What an entertaining show today! Thanks for your inspirational stories with the added humor!

  2. Mathew Rush

    BERNIE! That was a great show! You Really Need To Come Back Next Year!! You delivered a great message that touched everybody! Thanks again!

  3. John Stir

    Excellent performance with a message. Congradulations on staying sober for 21 years. Keep up the good work on teaching the soldiers. Pray you touch a few souls.

  4. Dave

    I have been down the road you talked about today, more than once. I don’t know how to explain how grateful I am being able to hear you today. Your talk helped me take a step back and look at where I was going. Thanks, for us out there here.

  5. Steven M. Harman

    I’ve had a DUI 10 years ago. The info you gave today I needed 10 years ago. I still drink and have problems.Today I learned information I’ll
    think about for days to come.I’ll be at my work place with friends and
    we will be discussing all we heard today and I hope this will help me
    to change my bad ways. I really,really appericate your show.
    Thanks, Steve

  6. SPC Dolloff, Ross

    Bernie, The show was awsome I have not laughed that hard since I was in Fort Leaonardwood before I got deployed. Thank you very much for your dedication and support to the military.

  7. SFC Hobart Hopkins

    I really enjoyed the hour that you talked to us at Ft. Leavenworth. I wish it was on the weekend or even after school, because I have 7 children that probably could use this. I hope to get a copy of the book.

  8. SPC Dolloff, Ross

    The show was awsome I hope you come back

  9. SFC Hobart Hopkins

    Really enjoyed your show.

  10. Anthony Gunter

    Mr. McGrenahan,
    Thanks for the laughs today at Fort Leavenworth. They said it would be training but it was alot better than what were used to. the jokes were halarious, yet the message was pure. Kepp up the good work and i hope to see you again soon!

  11. Harold Sommerfeldt

    Thank You for providing a new and engaging way to help Soldiers and Army Civilians deal with and identify resources to address a serious issue that tragically effects more and more Soldiers. Your show was both entertaining and informative

  12. Sara Cahill

    Great Show!

  13. juhi yadav

    “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot”

    Thanks for comming to Fort leavenworth today ,I really laugh today after so long , thanks a lot for making me happy and laugh.And at the end just wanted to say…………To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!!!!!!!!!!

  14. juhi yadav

    and only u can do that

  15. Donna Lawson

    Your comedy show was a refreshing approach to a very serious issue. The messages you are trying to get across are well received when individuals are in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere – even if they are currently struggling with problems of their own. It is sad to note the best speakers on a subject of this nature are those people that have walked that path. It is obvious the loss of your brother and your own struggle with alcohol and drugs during your teen/college years have made you a very dedicated, committed speaker. Your message comes through with passion and conviction and a whole lotta laughs. I truly enjoyed it.

  16. John Ebbighausen

    Good show,
    Sometimes what is not said is more important than what is. You talk about having fiends, but not a battle buddy. Your brother found a battle buddy, but it was too late to recognize the personality changes. Your little buddy now has a great battle buddy twice a month. Overseas or at home, it is arguable that our battle buddies know us better than our families and will notice changes in behaviors that may lead to death. The battle buddy system works great while deployed, but tends to fall apart when we come home – the time warriors may need it most. Counselors are great, but please push the idea that a battle buddy is the first line of defense against suicide, drinking and driving, etc……they help you get to a counselor when you are too proud to on your own.

  17. Ann Grove


    Thanks for coming to Ft. Leavenworth. Your presentation was great, I truly enjoyed it and didn’t feel like it was the same old boring training; you made a serious subject entertaining, but still got the message across. I even got a tear in my eye a time or two listening to you talk about your brother. I appreciate you taking the time to come to Ft. Leavenworth and your support of our troops all over the world. Take care and continue doing what you do. Thanks again.

  18. Patrick Manning

    Awesome show…very touching and the best mandatory training I have been to in 17 yrs in the Army.

  19. Sandra Clayborn

    You are not only a wonderful comedian, but I can tell a wonderful person as well! My husband and I both got to get away from work to come to your training today. I told my directorate how uplifting you were and it was a great way to send a message to the audience. How about they hire you to do all the Army’s training! Take care of yourself and thank you again for sending a message out to all the Soldiers and Civilians today.

  20. Gerald Kislia

    Was at the 0930 show. Awesome! A real novel way to talk about a tough subject. Stay sober!

  21. Marcos Navarro

    Great show! Thank you for sharing, I applaud you for turning things around in your life. It is Americans like that we fight to keep this country free. It is people like you that appreciate what is valuable in life. Thanks once again for a short, but wonderful respite in our daily grind.

  22. Brittaney

    Loved the show!..that was a great way to put out a message..n such a serious message as well..Loved It!..best of luck to you in everything you do!

  23. John Bushman


    I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about listening to a comedian speak on the topic of suicide prevention but after attending the performance I am now a believer. I thought the performance was very worthwhile. Thanks for taking the time to come to Fort Leavenworth to share your story with us.

  24. Mary

    It was great to have a few laughs and be paid for it! Your life brings with it a true story that touches so many different people. Hopefully you opened some eyes that were closed before today and made at least one person wake up and realize that it’s okay to be different! Tell your brother that Ft Leavenworth said HI!

  25. Earl Faith

    Thanks for the great show. My Soldiers really enjoyed it and was a change fromn the typical training. I have been in 22 years and that was so far the best suicide traning I have attended. Thanks you once again. God Bless!

  26. Ed Baldwin

    Truly an inspirational show, one of the best I have seen in my career and the message was easily understood with great transitions. I appreciate what you are doing and I hope you continue to spread your message in the future.

  27. Stephanie Wharton

    Bernie, thank you so much for bringing your story to Fort Leavenworth. Your message was truly touching and the show was by far the best I have ever seen. I respect and appreciate the fact that you tell your story to help educate others and congradulations on 21 years of being sober. Your dedication and commitment to the Soldiers and Civilians is priceless with the message you send! It means so much that you take the time to travel and give Soldiers a break from some of the stresses in our daily schedule and even more with the way you presented this training. Take Care & God Bless you and your family!

  28. fredrick colston

    I really enjoyed the show. Keep it up Bernie!

  29. Amy Schlafer

    What an outstanding, inspirational show you presented to the Soldier’s and Civilian’s of the Ft. Leavenworth Army Community! Thank you from all of us. Keep up the great work and hope to see you next year.

    God Bless You and Your Family.

  30. Sun Rodgers

    It was very good. I enjoyed very much. We have Suicide prevention at our office but i can’t see or watch the video because i lost my son while he was in the Army, it is hard to watch but this was different way to get point cross.
    Thank you very much and hope you will return to Ft Leavenworth again.

  31. Pam Tuttle

    The presentation was great! The Inspector General (IG) office commented it was 100% better than any previous suicide prevention training!

  32. Pam Tuttle

    You rock Bernie!! Thanks so much for coming to our small Post. Take care and keep spreading your message — you are saving lives!!

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  35. Eddie Young

    Bernie: Thanks! I have a deep love for people and in you I can see the same, and probably even at a higher degree. I’m a regular government worker by title, but I’m God’s man by faith. You and I both try to reach people and offer them hope. You made me laugh and then I cried. I sensed the sincerity with which you shared. You had some awesome points that I hope take root in many. I’d like to refer to one in particularly: You decided that you were not going to continue to make yourself a victime because of what your brother did, and you are now there for your family. That is hugh, and I assure you that someone there today needed to hear it. Of course you are on que about getting help and not living in denial. Thank you again. Once we save people from themselves, we need to point them to something everlasting. Souls last forever.