Columbus AFB

Excited to take the stage for the Airmen of Columbus AFB today! I appreciate your sacrifice and dedication to our nation! I hope you had some laughs and got to see a different from of ‘Training’ today!

Feel free to leave a comment here. It will post shortly, but not right away. I return all messages sent to the CONTACT link on this site, if you want to speak to me personally! You can also find me on Facebook by searching Bernie McGrenahan! Keep the Faith and the Focus Airmen!

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21 Responses to Columbus AFB

  1. Mark Pitliangas

    Bernie thanks for the laughs and the motivation, I appreciate what you do for all service men and women.

  2. A1C Rodriguez

    Awesome show. You kept everyone laughing. Think Ill get your cd to put next to my Mitch Hedberg cd’s. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Kelli

    Great show! Thank you for the entertaining morning :) God Bless!

  4. Chris Saunders

    Hey your show was awesome, i never stopped laughing the whole thing through. Your brother Sean sounds like a really cool dude. I have a cousin that has down syndrom, so you can understand when i say that they are the funnest people to be around. He brings so much joy to my entire family’s lives. His name is Daniel. I have no clue where our family would be without Daniel. He puts a smile on everybodys face no matter what mood they are in. Again, i appreciate you comin to Columbus to put on a great show and send an even better message. Tell Sean that all his friends form Columbus AFB said hey! Thank you. A1C Saunders

  5. Chase Ribble

    Thanks for the different “from” of training. Sorry, had to bust your chops for that. Good stuff today man, keep up the good work!

  6. Joe Edgell

    Thanks for the entertaining message. It was definately the most entertainment I have received during a training session. Appreciate what you shared and the message you send. Thanks again

  7. Jared

    First off, thanks for what you do. It’s great to get something different than just boring monotone slide show briefings! I was impressed. Comedy was great, and hope to get a chance to see a performance sometime! Thanks again, and take care!

  8. Gene

    Bernie, fantastic presentation! Appreciate your honesty and spin on how life choices have consequences. You definitely have my support…thanks again!

  9. Jon Ziegler

    Thank you for the great message today Bernie. Your message really hit home today and will (or has) change the way some of us think and act. Your words will lives! It is too bad you had to experience the lessons you did – it must have been a personal hell, but I can only thank you for what you did for us at Columbus AFB today and the rest of your audience weekly. I have the utmost respect for you, having gone through what you have and caring enough about your fellow man to tell your story. GBU

  10. Kevin

    Thanks for a class act! You are hilarious! Not many people can simultaneously make you laugh until your side hurts and then know exactly how to share a message that hits so close to home for so many.

  11. Michael

    Thanks for the great show! You really encouraged me to live my life to the fullest.

  12. Dave Bishop

    Hey Bernie, thanks for stopping by Columbus AFB. You were right, your show was much better than a power point. Hope to see you around at some of my other bases.

    Dave Bishop

  13. Robin Thompson RN

    Mr. McGrenahan,
    Your SARC program was awesome! Your comedy was new and refreshing, and your subtle and not-so-subtle interjections of respect and how to treat others was excellent! Unlike any other SARC program I’ve ever attended! Your dedication and willingness to use your time to reach others to make a difference is a fitting memorial to your brother. You’ve undoubtedly saved and will save lives through those who receive your message. Thanks for an excellent program and thanks for all you do! Keep up your great work!

    Robin Thompson, RN
    Family Practice, 14th Medical Group
    (662) 434-2139

  14. Scott Bishaw

    Great show, Bernie! Thanks for visiting our base! Hey, I talked with the folks at lodging, and they said your note on the mirror wasn’t funny. Betty’s still shaking.

  15. Connie Lisowski

    Great message and motivation. It definitely wasn’t the boring, run of the mill briefing by powerpoint. Keep up the good work.

  16. Elizabeth Owens

    Thanks for the the GREAT shows!!! Even though I saw it 3 times in the past 2 days you kept it exciting. Keep up the good work.

  17. Zef Smith

    Bernie –

    Thanks for the laughs, but most importantly the message! I appreciate how you used your “real life” stories to educate us on the importance of reality, respect and reverence for self and others. The men and women of Columbus BLAZE Team were made better by your presence with us this week. Continue to share your story and message. You are touching lives and making a difference. Glad I stayed around to meet and shake your hand. The free CD was also nice! :-)

    Blessings…Chief Master Sergeant Zef Smith

  18. Zef Smith

    Bernie –

    I looked all over the site for the picture of you and your brother, but couldn’t find it.

  19. Matt

    Hey Bernie- Great show today! Solid message, great delivery. So much better than the Death by Powerpoint presentations we’re used to. I wish all our safety briefs could be done in your style.
    See you around,

  20. Mike Kravitz

    great show yesterday, now gimme that book! lol

  21. Jacob Pruitt

    Great show! I am not a big fan of mandatory “briefings” at 0730, so I was originally not too happy about coming in this morning. However, once I found out that you were there and that it was not the usual SARC briefing I had a great time. Thank you for everything that you do. I hope to see you back here next year.

    P.S. It would be real sweet if you pick my post “at random” for the free signed book.