Ft.Leonard Wood!

The house was Rocking in the theater Wed & Thursday at Ft. Leonard Wood Army Base! I cannot thank enough each of you who attended the shows! I also cannot say enough for the amazing and kind comments below. Know that I have read each and every one and appreciate the heartfelt words of every one of them! Hope you enjoyed the shows and also take the message with you in your journey. Thank you Troops for all you do! Thank you Jesse, Chuck, Guy and Rosetta for hosting me and making the show possible for the Soldiers!

Hit me here with a comment, but it may not post immediately. It will post shortly, so come back and you will see it. It is impossible to return all Blog messages, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages. Facebook faithful you can search Comedian Bernie McGrenahan and hit me up. Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon. I am having trouble loading them in, sorry for the delay.

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  1. Mark

    From Mark Dean on Ft. Leonard Wood!
    Great show Bernie.. or rather, training in disguise. You have a gift for sharing your hard-won knowledge with an entertaining delivery. Please continue to your work against abuses… including death by powerpoint.

  2. PV2 Marendt

    Hey Bernie!

    Great Show! Not only did it get us the afternoon off, we got to go home early LOL…Seriously, it was a good time. I’m glad you were able to turn some negative things positive. Take care! PV2 Marendt

  3. Shari

    Submitted on 2009/08/12 at 8:01pm


    Great show even with the bad microphone. I thought it was a very effective presentation. Keep up the Great Message!


  4. Ray Cherboni

    definitely an awesome show with a great message..keep up the good work

  5. SGT Armstrong R

    Great show Bernie even with tech difficulties it was worth it, again!

  6. PV2 Amanda Marendt

    Thanks for the laughs. I’m glad that you could turn your life around and make it so positive. We expected a message today and we got a good one. Thanks from the 92nd MP BN.

  7. SSG Missey, James

    Thank you for the laughs today dude, Alot of us REALLY needed it, And Thank You even More for getting us out of another BORING class about drinking and drugs. Ive been in for 18.5 years and Your show was the best class Ive ever been through.
    Thank You once agian

    SSG Missey, James E
    U.S.Army Infantry
    P.S. Military Police Stink! LMAO!!!!!!!! J/K

  8. Paul B. Mitchell

    Bernie, thanks for coming to Fort Lost in the Woods to share your humor and your story. As someone who’s been associated with the military for over 20 years as both a service member and a civilian I’ve seen and heard lots of substance abuse prevention presentations. The presentation you made yesterday is by far the most entertaining I’ve ever heard. Keep up the great work that you’re doing.

  9. Barbara Rose

    Bernie, THANK YOU very much for coming to Fort Leonard Wood. You gave a great performance and made mandatory training a lot of fun. Considering the average age on this post/ your audience, I am sure your message will change some lifes, and save lifes.
    Keep up the great job and keep making our troops laugh, God knows they (we all)need it.

    Barbara Rose

  10. Matthew McGraw

    Thanks for the inspirational message and the laughs. It was the best ASAP training that I have been to in all my military career. Your words of wisdom struk a cord with me due to similar acts in my own life. Thanks again for the laughs.

  11. Paul McGehee

    Appreciated your presentation at FLW’s Abrams Theatre yesterday, Bernie. I’ve had problems w/ substance abuse and dealt with suicide in within my family and identified in many instances with your personal story. Keep up the great work. I know it has and will continue to save lives!!

  12. Billy Higeons


    Excellant message very good delivery. This was the best MANDATORY Training I have ever attended.

  13. Jeannie Barnett

    Great show! A lot better than the powerpoint shows. I needed a good laugh-thanks!

  14. Lucas

    This was a very inspirational and modivational show…thanks for what you are doing for our troops and their families…keep it up and God bless

  15. Jon Byrom


    Thank you for your inspiring show. You are Hilarious, refreshing, and left an indelible mark on not only myself but many others who were present at Fort Leonard Wood.


  16. Pam Bailie


    Awesome show….FLW should incorporate more humor into their training…certainly got my attention!!!
    BTW, Sean is a real cutie….


  17. Greg Rivera

    Just watched the show. Had me cracking up for an hour. Thanks and thanks for the message.

  18. Doran C Pendleton Sr (SFC Ret)


    Just attended your 9 am show, that was great. You have a very inspriring story and am proud that you a willing to share it with the military. Again thanks for a job well done, god bless.

  19. Colleen Oksness

    Thank you for coming to FLW!!! Your show was great!!!!

  20. Fran

    Thanks, Bernie,so much for coming to Ft Leonard Wood! Thank you again for sharing your personal tragedy for the benefit of others. Thank you last of all for becoming BETTER instead of BITTER! You are a Blessing!


  21. Ann Stearns

    Bernie your show was a nice change from our usual training. A good message from the heart. Enjoyed laughing and learning at the same time. Enjoy your Army experience.
    God bless.

  22. Tony Horner


    I loved the show, You are doing a huge service to our military. I was in the Army for 21 years and have been a D A Civilian now for 3. I would have loved for you to of been around when I was a Platoon Sergeant. The training we had back in the day was dry, but your delivery today was worth high emulation. Bless you and all you do. Pray for our country and enjoy your life.


  23. Scott

    Outstanding show Youngman
    I use humor when I’m instructing the MP soldiers in AIT, but not to your level. Thank you for your time and your life. My little brother-Tony is just like your brother-Sean and the way you talked about him and the things he does was so on the mark, Thanks I think I call him today. Keep up the good work, you are making a difference.

  24. Kathleen Rich


    Awesome show! Great delivery! I can’t believe how closely some of your life experiences, actually compared to similar times in my life. Thanks so much for sharing.I think the time you spend and dedicate with your brother (when possible) is worth more than can ever be calculated.

    If there ever presents a next time, I won’t be so reluctant to attend, and the “Mandatory” aspect of my training will turn very quickly into enthusiasm to see you again.


  25. Kimberly L. Wilbon

    13 August 2009

    Hello-Hello-Hello! FLW,

    I attended the 0900 ASAP Comedy Training on Thursday, 13 August and was intrigued and pleasantly pleased with the Comedian’s (Bernie) performance and message. He is what I would say is a true comedian in every aspect of the word as I laughed from beginning to end, but most importantly got it– I certainly got the meaning behind the humor. I believe many people will find his style of comedy is not only current and amusing, but touching. It’s nice when training can cause you laugh and think smarter . . . Wow!

    Great Training, Awesome Show, and Perfect Timing!

    Thank you, ASAP and Bernie do come back, we all can use some more good laughs!

    Kimberly L. W.



  27. Jeff Cohen

    Great show today! I am one of those civilian-counselor types and I thought you touched all the bases and scored!

    I can see that you are taking life’s lemons and turning them into lemonade.

    Keep up the good work!


  28. Eric Johnson


    Thank you for all you do. I think it is wonderful how you turned a life of turmoil into something great for the communities you visit. Your performance was great. I am glad I went even though I was forced to come…..lol….Just kidding.

  29. Dave Robinson

    Just went to the show, great message with comedic flair. Really enjoyed the presentation. Thank you for what your doing for our troops.

  30. Betty

    I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciated you bringing your “Happy Hour” tour to Fort Leonard Wood. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and sincerity you displayed while conducting your performance. What really touched me close to my heart is the story about your twin brothers. It brought tears to my eyes. I have a son that was born with the same kind of disability as your brother. Him waiting for you and hugging you in the car,packing the overnight bag, accept i get it every day he lives with uas (his mon and dad) we have legal guadianship over him. It is a joy every day und you never know what they come up with. My son’s older sister displays the same inthusiasm over her brother as you.
    She is 31 years old and was a passinger in a car in 1996 that paralized her and she is in the wheelchair for life. It is people like you with the same kind of experience and sharing it with others that makes me feel good. I know that when i pass on to another life my two children will support each other and i can go in peace. Thank you for making my day.

  31. Linda Carlton

    Thanks for the laughs! It was truly a great way to spend part of the morning. Wishing you all the best and GOD Bless.

  32. Katrina

    The training that you provided today has been by far the ARMY has ever offered or given. You were exciting, but also gave a personal touch by giving us your personal experience; which most were able to relate to. Stay involved as you help make a difference and THANK YOU for coming to Fort Leonardwood, MO!!!!

  33. Chris

    Great training session. Very funny.

  34. Frank Chapman

    Great show and a better message. This is a way to get across the risks and issues without boring young soldiers.

  35. Katheryn Davis

    Thank you so much for your comedy class. If all mandatory classes were like yours I would look forward to going to them all the time. You were AWESOME!!!!

  36. Jim VanOrsdale

    Excellent training. Superb message delivery. Thank you.

  37. dgw

    Great show, great stuff. Keep up the sobriety, the stuff is bad for you.

  38. Bill Regan

    That was the best mandatory training I have attended….thanks for supporting the military

  39. Michael Thomas

    Thanks for choosing to do this work.
    I am grateful for your story and the choice you have made.
    Blessings to you,

  40. Kirk A. Hanshew


    Thanks for the message and the laughs. Your presentation is the best. Good luck to you and keep up the great work. I look forward to getting your book.


  41. Susan Anderson

    13 August 2009
    Bernie-This was the best ASAP inservice I have ever been to. Great message in your training. You are a powerful speaker, presenter and comedian. You definitely had a packed out theater this afternoon. Thank you for coming to FLW.

  42. chris

    good laughs and good message thanks i enjoyed it!

  43. Gary Shuler


    Fantastic Show!! I love the way you started off and led into the message. It really made me look at myself. Thanks for the what you do for us.

    SFC(Retired) Shuler

  44. Regina Steininger

    Awesome show! Great message! Thank you.

  45. Beatriz Lainez

    thank you for giving us a great laugh. it was real good and at the same time you gave out a great message to the young soldiers. you are as or even better comedian as George Lopez. thanks for everything.

  46. Aaron M. Jenkins

    No Doz and the cork, good stuff.

    God was watching over me when I got my DUI and no one was injured, but I have learned a myriad of lessons from the experience. I regret no hardship or struggle goes to improve me as a father, husband, man or soldier.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  47. Diana Dean

    Great show! Drug and alcohol abuse training in an annual requirement for us U.S. Army civilians, and this is DEFINITELY the BEST EVER!!! Very entertaining and funny with a serious message, as well.

  48. SFC Don Eidson

    Thanx for the info and the show. Being in the military for a while, I have seen and heard a lot of sad stories. I know that your message will touch some, and if it saves one person at each of your shows, that’s all the difference. Thanx for caring!

  49. Sherry

    That was by far the best “military/civilian” training I have had in my many years of active duty and 1 year of civilian life. It had a great message delivered in a manner that everyone could understand. Thank you for doing what you do and hopefully your show will continue to grow to all the military bases.

  50. SPC Chris Clark

    great show really loved it great new way of doing this training

  51. Scott Werkmeister

    Great show this afternoon. Nice change up from our traditional “mandatory” training sessions.

    Great message…Keep up the good work.

  52. Anita

    very compelling. Will look over site more tomorrow.

  53. Wilda Smith

    Thanks for offering an interesting twist to training that can be as you stated death by power point. I spent 20 years in the Active Army and retired and it would sure have been nice to have had training like yours then. I am currently a civilian employee with the U. S. Army Engineer School Directorate of Environmental Integration, training specialist. The thoughts you brought out were definitely timely. Thanks from a training view. Wilda Smith

  54. Sandy

    Seen your show Aug 13 @0900. AWESOME!!!!!! You are an amazing person and I am very glad to have seen you. Hope your brother Shaun continues to give you hugs on the interstate in California! haha Too funny!
    Take care! God Bless.

  55. Gary Nunes

    Thanks for coming to Ft. Leonardwood to bring some comedy is such a dreary place. I am surprised I haven’t heard about you, and hope to see more of your work around.

    SPC Nunes

  56. Daryl

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great show. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for your support.

  57. chasity ramos

    The show was wonderful. Very funny but truthful and it was totally different from all the other trainings. Really enjoyed it.

  58. Dan Smith

    Thanks for a great show at Fort Wood today. Sure beat the crap out of the old power point.

  59. Keith Burkhart

    Hey Bernie,
    Your show touched me in a way I did not expect it to at all, and I am sure others where also. Keep up the great work and tell Sean I said hey.
    Keith Burkhart
    Photographer Visual Information Center

  60. Donna Gentle

    Enjoyed the show at Ft Leonard Wood! Got your book and CD, planning to send them to my son, Eric, in Korea. I’m sure he’ll share with others in his unit. They can always use a good laugh and you’ll provide that for them!

  61. SGT Fields, Joshua

    Hey Bernie..12 years in the army and your show was definiatly the best drug and alcohol class I have ever had.

  62. Daric Bishop

    loved the show..was feeling down but it cheeredmeup. thankyou

  63. Angie

    Bernie – You have a good story that needs heard, and young adults need this before they go into college. I know several who come out of college as alcoholics and drug addicts, so if you aren’t hitting that group maybe you can take your program there. Better than a powerpoint presentation to hear real life testimonials. And sorry about your brother who died – but you have made something positive out of his tragedy. Thanks for what you do.

  64. nancy pimentel

    Great show Bernie. Refreshing to have training that entertains plus delivers the intended message! THANK YOU!

  65. PFC Chris Randolph

    Hey Bernie thanks for the AMAZING show, I have to be honest didnt really want to be there at first but you made it all worth it. Your story is incrdible and thank you for sharing it with all of us, I can really relate home to some of the things you said. Thanks!

  66. Nichole

    Strong, easily grasped message–even for those who don’t want to admit there’s anything wrong! Thanks for making this training one where the message sticks. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I’m making it my mission not to let it run my life. You said thanks to us for what we do, so THANK YOU for what you do. I think it’s great that you have a talent for comedy and that you use it to send such positive messages.



  68. thomas moran

    hey thanks for coming to ft leonardwood that was awesome

  69. Michele.Roper

    Hey, Wow!!! what a great, great show. I would love to see this again…very inspirational and inspiring. Job well done!

  70. SGT WIlliam Corp

    Best Mandtory Training I have ever had. It was a great show and keep up the great work.

  71. Charlene Eubanks

    I came to the 9am showing today and it was great. I called my husband and told him that he needed to make time to come to the 1pm showing. He came but he was in the group that they had to send out because of over crowding. I really wanted him to hear some of the information you were giving. I think coming from you he could understand it better. I am really upset because there was not more times and dates. What you are doing is wonderful and I wish you keep it up. thanks for doing what you do.

  72. SGT Sharkey, Robert

    Your show was amazing, you were funny and serious at the same time. There are famous actors out there that cant even do that. You are a great comedian and a great american. Thank you for your message i know there are people out there that is all they need.

  73. Ron Seymore

    I found that your presentation was informative and entertaining. As a former native Californian (Huntington Beach), and recent visitor to the LA/Orange County Area (April 2009); How is it that you are able to drive on the freeways at 70 MPH?

    During my recent visit the highest speed I beleive we were able to achieve is a possible 30 MPH. Mostly parked and waited to stroll forward.

    Keep up the good work and keep reaching out with the message that a Life without Drugs/Alcohol only gets better.

    Good luck,
    Ron Seymore

  74. Crystal

    The best training provided ever on Ft. Leonard Wood! The comedy and true life stories is the best method of teaching. Definately the best training I’ve ever attended, wish we had more training like that every year! Thanks for sharing. Ever think about doing a show at Missouri State University, I know ALOT of kids/young adults that could really use your honesty and laughter!

    Thank you for taking the time in your schedule and providing us the opportunity to share in your healing. My family too was touched by a suicide and it was nice to hear a story with so much honesty and laughter.


    Thanks You!

  75. Todd Schwickerath

    Awesome training session…

    Wish all mandatory training could be as entertaining as yours!

  76. Danny Woo

    Loved today’s show~!! Hope to see your show again~!!
    It’s also funny because I’m also from LA. Do you know a city called Hacienda HTS.? That is where im from~!!

  77. George Prewett

    Thank you for the most entertaining hour I have ever had at a required class. I really appreciate what you do to help people through your comedy and your personal experience. Your brother continues to live through you and your work. It gives hope to a lot of people and sends a much needed message to us all. Again, thank you and good luck in your future shows.

  78. Carol

    Wow fabulous story and very funny show. Even though I was part of the “captive” audience this afternoon, I would like to attend again (of my own free will!) I’ve been in recovery for 15 years and survived the suicide of a family member. God Bless, and thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  79. SFC Kerry Gerber

    I agree with every comment above that highlights not being inundated with power point slides and someone pointing a finger in my face. ASAP and the organizers got this one right! As an alcoholic it was not easy to laugh because I have not been sober that long (2 years). I haven’t learned to laugh at myself yet, but I get closer everyday my lips are not on the bottle. I fight it everyday and your words pierced through me like a hot knife through butter. I don’t want it anymore and your show caught me at a point in my life and reminding me why I quit. You rock and I would sit through your show every time, even if the story line never changed. Thanks for being the counselor I needed to keep this sober life. Until then..

  80. J Loveall

    Great class/show. It felt good to laugh out loud. Thanks for being so honest and open. J

  81. J.D. Marckmann

    Your show is one of the funniest and most entertaining I’ve seen, especially dealing with the serious subject matter you are presenting. Keep having fun and spreading your enlightening lessons to all us civilians and military people!

  82. Max Hart

    Bernie who?

  83. BrittWhitaker

    I am social work on post and anytime I see a technique that gets the message out I am grateful. One person who may listen is worth the effort and the money. Good job and thanks

  84. Robert Post

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said by the posters ahead of me? It was definitely a great show and without a doubt the best training I have been to, bar none. The military ought to find more folks like Bernie who can get the message across and still keep the audience’s attention. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks Bernie!

  85. Tod Vanscoy

    Great show, keep up the good work.


  86. Kathleen Works


    The show was great! I appreciate the fact that you shared your personal experiences as an example. You showed that it is okay to express yourself and still be strong in your beliefs, in heart and in spirit. Your love for your family is very evident,they are very blessed to have you in their lives. I am a mother of three, and am concerned about the “role models” my children look up too. I am confident now that there are still good people who want to set a positive example in society. God Bless you and your family, and thank you for your support. SFC Works, Kathleen

  87. SSG John Seman

    Thanks for the wonderful show. Good to meet another person from the San Fernando Valley. Glad we were able to get you another story to tell on the effects of alochol!

  88. Becky

    Bernie, Thank you for finding “Fort Lost in the Woods” and agreeing to bring your unique message to us. I only wish the show was broadcast on our closed circuit tv system so more of our Soldiers / civilians could have heard you. Maybe that’s an option for the next time around (or the next installation you visit). The message wasn’t lost in the hysterical comedy. Thank you for sharing your family’s pain to hopefully prevent others from living through what you have.

    God’s blessings on your continued success!