Keesler AFB…’Happy Hour’ hits Biloxi MS! Congrats to MSgt Jennifer Stribley!

I just touched down in Biloxi, MS…and beautiful coastline city that is still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina! The Airmen of Keesler add so much to this challenged and brave community! I hope you enjoyed the show’s today and that you continue to make Mission Success your goal!  You Airmen and Upper Command were incredible!  WOW!!!
What Aircraft is that I hear??????     A B-57 TRAIN????????   OH, I see!!! LOL
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Hit me here with a comment, but it may not post immediately. It will post shortly, so come back and you will see it. *ANY STUDENT CAN POST A COMMENT- NO .MIL ADDRESS NECESSARY for KEESLER due to students not having an address yet! If you want to send a  private messageto Bernie, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site, and write me privately. I personally return all those messages. Find me on Facebook by searching: Comedian Bernie McGrenahan. Thank you for coming to the show!! Pics coming later today! Thank you Wingmen of Keesler!  Bernie
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Me, My brother Sean, Sister Debra!

Me, My brother Sean, Sister Debra!

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0 Responses to Keesler AFB…’Happy Hour’ hits Biloxi MS! Congrats to MSgt Jennifer Stribley!

  1. SSgt Michael Langer

    Thanks for coming to entertain us Bernie! Certainly beats a slideshow any day!

  2. Edmon James

    Good show with a great message! Thanks for the laughs and sharing of your personal testimonies!

  3. MSgt Jennifer Stribley

    First, congratulations on 21 years sober. That is a great accomplishment and seems hard to do when touring. I thought your show was great and still had the ‘message’ that the Air Force wants to convey. I am currently deployed to Keesler but I will return home to Luke next month. I plan on suggesting your show to my leadership as an alternative to death by powerpoint. Good luck in all your endeavours.

  4. SSgt Rob Oller

    That was a very enjoyable show Bernie, it’s not very often I am able to sit through these briefings without dozing off. Keeping people entertained, engaged and still getting an important and powerful message across. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you continue to enjoy yourself down here in Biloxi!

  5. Cynthia Hayes

    Thanks Bernie for the message you set out. I have been in two alcohol related incidents and came pretty close to losing my career in the AF. I think there are many people who can benefit from hearing you speak. Thank you for blessing Keesler with your presence. Come back and see us, we have other new Airman who you could impact coming in all the time!

  6. Rebecca Turknett

    Your show today was AMAZING!!! You were so funny but you got the message across. Your an amazing comedian and a awesome public speaker! Thank you so much for sharing your message. I came back to work and couldn’t stop talking about how entertaining it was. Thanks again!

  7. Barbie Ragno

    The show was GREAT! My employees and I enjoyed and the message was right on the money. Keep up the good work!

  8. Rob

    Great job Bernie. In my 17 years of AF experience this was the best “training” I’ve seen. Looking around the crowd, you were getting through to the Airmen at a deeper level.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rob Schmoldt
    Maj, USAF

  9. A1C Blue

    Hey Bernie! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for coming out to Keesler AFB and doing a show for us today. Didn’t want to go originally but ended up having a good time and laughing a lot. Loved you message too. I have dealt w/ family members who didn’t take the opportunity to walk away for alcoholism. I could relate and was moved by your story. Congratulations on 21 yrs sobriety! Thanks again. God Bless! -A1C Brianna Blue

  10. Brandon Smith

    Amazing show man! Much more than i expected from something i was told to attend. ha ha


  11. Lawrence D Morris


  12. A1C Raymond Vincent P. Ada

    Thanks for coming to Keesler, loved the show. Keep up making us laugh!

  13. Ronald Brandtman

    Hey just saw you today at keesler. It was really cool and you doin this really made me think about all of those things, i don’t do that stuff you talked about like drinking and drugs but hopefully it got into someones head who does do that and they will stop. Your a real funny dude and its awesome that you came out. Ive been there since november 10 and definately the best anything ive seen there since thanks again

  14. Kaleb DeSmet

    I loved your show!
    I graduate air traffic control tech school tomorrow, and nothing could have topped off graduating better than having the opportunity to see you my last day at Kessler! You are doing an amazing thing for the youth of America, and I know that it is working. Please keep it up!
    A1C DeSmet Kaleb

  15. Matthias Chenault

    Thanks for the show. It definatly beat the “death by powerpoint” method!

  16. Stellar

    Huh! Huh! Enjoyed it!


    Congratulations on your performance today. I believe the lesson was given and understood in a very professional matter. Furthermore, the entire performance was funny and much better than the presentation slides. Thank you again for spending time on us. The laughs made me feel much better today.

  18. Amn Keith

    awesome show bernie, i wasnt expecting a good laugh and then some after school today. i’ve been here training since november as well, and i agree it was the best event i’ve been a part of so far here. Thanks for the good show and great message again, and good luck out there.

    Amn Keith

  19. Christine McGill

    Thanks for the awesome shows today! Your message hit home to many of our Airmen and Airmen Civilians. What a breath of fresh air (even above the sound of the train). Looking forward to hearing you again.

  20. Crystal

    great job today at keesler! a lot of us were having a crappy day and making us laugh really livened up the mood. :)

  21. Tim

    Thank you for what you do. It was great to see a fresh approach on this and while fresh is great, you drove it home with the power behind your story. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. I’m so glad you were able to win out over your demons and that you are trying to help others fight against theirs. Keep up the great work you do brother. God bless and take care.


  22. A1C Howard Schilling

    i was at the show that you did earlier today…..GREAT JOB! you did a great job conveying your message but managing to put on a good comedic performance.

  23. Molly Frueh

    thanks for coming to Keesler and providing us with not only humor but something for everyone here to think about. I appreciate the time you gave us today.

  24. Walden, Kyle

    Hey Bernie! Once again great message at our base today. I wish you the best of luck in your walk where God is leading you. Hope all goes well!! A1C Walden

  25. A1C Mashawn graham.

    I thought you had a great story to tell, and you got through to many people with your approach.

  26. AB Samantha Jansson

    Thanks so much for coming to the great ol’ Keesler and sharing with us military the great tales of your life and how drinking has effected your life. You made it where i could understand more about the drinking and partying and it made me realize just how bad i used too be i felt like i could relate to your story and it was on a more personal level you made me laugh and all at the same time it touched my heart I really just wanted to thank you again for coming here and talking to all of us and I hope your story touched them like it did me and hopefully it will change their outlook on the whole drinking situation. On another note we are no longer trainees we are airman now the whole concept of us going through 81/2 of weeks of BMT is not to be called trainees any longer

  27. Jade Petersen

    Bernie your stories are inspiring to change someones life around. Thank you for coming out to Keesler AFB, MS

  28. Cheyenne

    Great show Bernie!

  29. Isaac

    Bernie, your show was awesome. Very good message to all.

  30. Jessica Scott

    Hey Bernie! I hope your show at Moody goes well! Thanks for everything at Keesler! See you again soon!

  31. AB Flanagan

    Hey thanks for coming out. It was a good time and better than a one hour briefing. Sucks the students cant enter the raffel because we werent issued our .mil email accounts yet but its all good. The show was a blast and good luck with everything you do sir. Thanks for coming and giving us some good wisdom that we will be able to use throughout our careers to make us the best we can be.

  32. Ashley Smith

    Loved the show…great job and great message. Glad to know we could show you the difference between and plane and a train…lol

  33. Amn Kuhns Matthew J.

    Hey Bernie
    Just wanted to say that I appreciate you coming out to talk to us about your life experience, I had a great time and congratulations on your success!

  34. Sarah

    Hey, thanks so much. Yes it was mandatory attendance for some of us, but definitely worth it. I enjoyed it very much and it’s so great to see you out there telling your story the way you do. Thanks so much. Hope to see you again in the future!

  35. Jose

    Bernie, Keesler got your message LOUD and CLEAR…thank you for coming and sharing your message. Great show!

    We need more Bernie’s speakers for our America’s youths.



  36. AIC Moore, Genesis

    Ya know Bernie… initially I was upset that we were having another ADAPT briefing. I just knew it was “death by powerpoint” but I was surprised that it was a comedy show. I was still mad though because I was suppose to have open ranks in ABUs so I thought that was over AND I would still need to get my blues prepared. God is great as always. The show was funny,informative, and I still was able to do the open ranks in ABUs! So thank you for taking time to entertain us while giving a very important message in a relevant way.

  37. Mueller

    I just wanted to say thank you for coming to speak with us. Your message was very good.

  38. Heather Sorg

    Hey Bernie, thank you coming and taking the time to entertain us. I really enjoyed the show. I’m glad that you have taken the high road and you haven’t looked back. I come from a long line of alcoholics and the bus stopped here. I didn’t want to raise my kids in that type of environment. I hope that you have opened some eyes for the younger Airmen here. Thank you again.

  39. AB Karry

    Thanks for coming out! The show was great!

  40. Zachary Eastland

    *most inspiring moment* Bernie says “what kinda plane is that?” from somewhere within the crowd “thats not a plane that’s a train!” Thank you Bernie I’m glad you can put your put your talents towards a great cause.