Laughlin AFB, TX- April 20, 2009. Lt. Sims is Show Winner!

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Happy Hour Rolled into Del Rio Texas today to entertain the Wingmen of Laughlin AFB!   Both shows were great in attendance and spirit, as Airmen & Civilians did a great job supporting the Happy Hour program! This is a Pilot Training Base where some of our Country’s finest and bravest young men and women are trained to fly!  Two miles from the Mexico border, you can feel the sun creeping in already, for what should be a hot summer here in TX!  I hope you Airmen & civilians had a great time today and also took away more than you walked in with.   If you want to reach me, I am just a couple hours outside NYC….in LOS ANGELES, CA!!!  LOL   Many thanks to Sabrina, Elsa, Maj. Loper, SSgt Clark,  and entire staffs who worked so hard to bring the show to Laughlin! We are keeping you and your family in our prayers Ms.Pena!  :)
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Above Pic) My brother Sean & sister Debra!
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0 Responses to Laughlin AFB, TX- April 20, 2009. Lt. Sims is Show Winner!

  1. Joe Pagan

    I would have loved to have stayed and talked to you but had to get back to work. It gives me goosebumps knowing that you have taken your past and are helping as many folks that you can reach out to. I am very proud of you and especially that you are from the Bronx in which people from there always get a bad stigma associated wth being from there. I am from the Bronx also (137th St) and there is always a bad stigma with people from there. Thanks for being a positive role model and you have been the most effective on the subject you talked about that I have seen in my 22 years of military service (retired).

  2. Chris Norton

    Thank you so much for taking time and coming to Laughlin AFB, because nobody seems to want to come here! The show was very interesting and fun, but also got a very important subject across. Thanks again and I really enjoyed the show.

  3. Ron Coleman

    Thanks for doing what you do, we appreciate you heading to “delightful” Del Rio.

  4. EMILY

    HEY BERNIE!! Awesome presentation at Laughlin! You Rock!!

  5. Roxane Stoll

    Thank you for coming to Laughlin AFB for the sake of sharing your story, showing us that drinking and driving and other self destructive behaviors are not all the fun and games they are cracked up to be. I think the younger folks really needed to hear your message in this type of forum. Oh…and the comedy piece was a riot!

  6. MSgt G. Marshall Brown

    Outstanding presentation! Your delivery is definitely a refreshing new way to bring light to these important topics. I appreciate your time, enthusiasm and dedication. Thank you very much!

    MSgt G. Marshall Brown
    Laughlin AFB, TX

  7. Jennifer Michels

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for coming to Laughlin AFB to share your story. You are really hilarious and your story is very inspirational! I know you made a difference in everyones lives today.

    Thanks again,

  8. Holly

    Thanks for an awesome show today! You really did a great job relaying an important message. I am an Italian-American so wine has always been a part of my life. I come from a long line of drunks (lol) I am lucky enough to have wonderful parents that taught me moderation. I still enjoy my wine with dinner a few nights a week dont get me wrong but everything is so much better in moderation. Thanks you for your hilarious and important message today. Oh yeah… I wanna win the book!!! lol

  9. Jonathan Renaud

    Hey bernie, that was easily the best SARC briefing I have ever been in. You are also an amazing comedian and I can see why you have been in this job for so long, God bless you and congrats on your many years of being sober!

  10. Clint Copeland

    Hey Bernie,
    Just wanted to stop byt the website and let ya know how much i enjoyed your performance yesterday. It was by far the most enjoyable training I have ever attended. Thanks so much for coming to Del Rio and doing what you do.

  11. Kyle

    Kyle :I was at your presentation today, and let me say Thank You! You have found a way of delivery with your comedy and personal experience that makes this SARC thing much less dull, and I think does a much better job of getting the message out.Congrats on your 21+ years of being sober, and keep up the awesome presentations!

  12. Jesús N. Martinez

    Bernie, You definitely “Killed” with your show at Laughlin. Great message and great entertainment. We need more people sharing their experiences so those who are struggling realize they are not alone!