BARKSDALE AFB-Shreveport, LA! HAPPY HOUR 'Postponed' due to Tornado!

Due to the tornado that struck Barksdale AFB as well as many outling communities and states, the Barksdale AFB shows have been postponed for a date in the very near future!   That was my first experience feeling the winds and destruction of a tornado.  I was the only guy running through the base in his underwear screaming ‘MOMMY’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol  Wow, scary stuff and my prayers go out to all who were affected!

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0 Responses to BARKSDALE AFB-Shreveport, LA! HAPPY HOUR 'Postponed' due to Tornado!

  1. Eddie Isom

    Horray for manditory comedy!

  2. Amy Brasseaux

    You did an excellent job today! I laughed the whole time, I was really impressed with your comedian abilities! It made the rest of my day good!

  3. Taylor Loggins

    Hey man thanks for the laughs. I really liked how I could relate to alot of the stories you told, or knew someone who could relate to them. Very funny stuff. I hope to see you again next year sometime, it was an awsome act!

  4. Andrew Stephens

    Man, you’re show was awesome, the comedy was great and the message you sent inspired many including myself. ive had a family member that was in the rough with alcohol and drugs. Your message provided hope that things in my life and families life would be better. Thank you for the outstanding show. God Bless Bro!