Beale AFB! The Wingmen of Sacramento were awesome this week!

I cannot tell you what a humble honor it was to take the stage in Hangar 6 today for the heroic men and women of  Beale AFB!  The two shows at 1oam and 15oo hours were awesome, with over 1500 Wingmen in total attendance.  audiencecropsite4

Seeing the U2 Spy Planes and Global Hawk un-manned ircraft up close was the experience of a lifetime.  I wish every America civilian could meet and see up close the men and women of our Armed Forces and how heroic and sacrificial they are in their daily dedications and responsibilities to ‘Serve this Nation’/  I hope every Airmen today had some laughs and also took a great message with you to think about and inspire safe and responsible decisions to help achieve Mission Success!   Thank you General Otto, Chief Parkhill, Dr. Stacy,  SMSgt Hammond. Col. Dickenson, & John Nicoletti for bringing the ‘Happy Hour’ tour to Beale!   Thank you Airmen for your incredible service to this country!  If you post a comment it will not post asap, but it WILL tonight!  You can also hit me on Facebook or MySpace.  Search my name and hit me up!   If you want a personal message sent to me hit the contact link on this site, I return all those messages personally! God Bless you Wingmen.  America Love you!   Also- Justin Vest is Raffle winner for attending ‘HAPPY HOUR’- Congrats Justin!   Bernie

Photographer: A1C David Tracy

General Otto & Chief Parkhill !

General Otto & Chief Parkhill !

Love to see them laugh!

Love to see them laugh!



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  1. Chris

    Your show was awesome. I have been in the Air Force for 19 years and have to say it will be the one that i will remember the most.

  2. Kevin Corder

    Just got out of the “mandatory comedy show”. Great show and an even better message. Thank you very much for coming out to Beale and especially for what you do. Keep up the great work!


  3. Jason Rains

    WOOO FUNNY FUNNY SHOW MAN.. LOVED IT!!! Love to have you come back to Beale.. AWSOMENESS

  4. shawn ridgeway

    thanks for the laugh that was a great show and your life storys will help some of the people that have problems stop and think of what they are doing to their self and others.thanks again though have a good tour

  5. Justin Vest

    Hey Bernie… I thought you were great. Great message with a different approach that worked well. It was way more enjoyable than any other motivational/inspirational speech I’ve ever attended. I would definitely go see you again if I was around another one of your shows. Thanks for the laughs and message…. hopefully this time it will stick. Thanks again.

  6. Jacob Bellack

    Just wanted to say thanks for preventing another death by power point presentation. Outstanding job. I defiantly enjoyed your performance and actually took something other then a slight coma from it. Keep up the great work.

  7. Bernie

    Thank you all for posting such great comments! I love you Wingmen for your sacrifice, love for your country and service to our Nation!

  8. Anonymous Airman

    Heeeeeyyyyyyy! I’ve seen you on tv before. Way better than damn death by power-points we usually get. I own a FIAT too, they’re crap cars.. and they’re so small. You know that FIAT stands for right? Fits In A Trashcan, which is usually where I park mine. J/k, but seriously, you can add that joke to your act in exchange for a free book!

  9. Robert Biermann

    Bernie, great show and even better message. Thanks for the support!


  10. reggie orme

    Dude awesome show!

  11. Melissa

    Great show! Thank you for coming out!

  12. Tony Gallegos

    Hey Bro,

    Hella good show today out on the flightline. Man, that is what those Airmen needed out here; way to break the monotony of typical formations! I recently stopped drinking as well… There’s so much more to life than all that. Got an awesome wife and a wonderful son who is a multi-sport stud (football/baseball) as well as top of his class academically. So, the boos can take a backseat. Mad props homie! Hope to catch another one of your shows… Peace and hair grease my friend.

    Gallegos & Co.

  13. Joshua

    Bernie, great show! I thought you were very entertaining and that made for a very enjoyable hour. Your message is awesome as I too dealt with Alcoholism with my brother and can definately relate on a personal level. It’s a hard topic to talk about so what you do speaks volumes. It would be awesome to see you back sometime in the near future. Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Kathleen Oxner

    Awesome show!! Thank you so much for the laughs!! You are great!! You should come out every time we have mandatory fun :) At least this one WAS fun!! Thanks again….you are awesome!!

  15. Jun Gu Shin

    Bernie! Great show. You sent out a great message in a very entertaining way. Hopefully we will get to see more of your shows.

  16. Matt

    Bernie, outstanding show!! Definitely one that will stay with me for years to come. Couldn’t stop telling my family about it! Thanks for the support!

  17. Crusty Old MSgt

    Great, funny show, Bernie. This was the best delivery of this message I’ve seen in 25+ years.

  18. James Spence

    Thanks for the great show Bernie. Best mandatory briefing I’ve had in the 5+ years I’ve been at Beale. We’ve heard that message over and over again but your way of presenting it makes it more personal and at the same time a little funny so that maybe those who are having that kind of issue take it to heart a little more. You thanked us for our service but I want to thank you for what you do, it takes a lot to be able to do that and share your story. I really appreciate it and hope you make it back out this way in the future.


  19. CMSgt Jim Parkhill

    It’s been a week since your show and our Airmen are still talking about your performance and message! You sure left your mark on the Airmen of Team Beale!! Come Back soon!!! One Team…One Fight!!!

    Thanks for Serving those who Serve!!

    Chief Parkhill

  20. Monique Jones

    I used to party but my partying did not involve drinking: I danced my behind off and when everyone else was finally getting “lose”…I went home! :) Over the years, I have tried to take cars keys away, offer rides home, etc… mostly to no avail and I know several who got in trouble. Thank God none of them have died or killed anyone else…YET!
    The deliverance of your message is just awesome. When many laughed until they cried, the reality of your testimony really hits home!
    I had not laughed like this in a very long time! Certainly did not expect this to happen on government time! :) Blessings and continue the wonderful work. Monique