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I’m headed to the “Holy City” of Charleston, South Carolina to visit one of my all-time favorite Air Force bases ….Joint Base Charleston!!     My last visit here was pre-pandemic and I am so excited to be back to deliver my training for the 628th ABW!  The 628th ABW  provides installation support to more than 60 DOD and federal agencies serving more than 90,000 Airmen, Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen, civilians, dependents and retirees. It also provides expeditionary Airmen to combatant commanders in support of joint and combined operations. Thank you to Michelle Meekin (VPI/SPPM) for hosting me and my program.  I will be at the base theater at 0800 on Wednesday Sept 28.  I hope to provide you with some laughs as well as some important tools for resilience and staying fit for duty!!


Above, the 628th ABW emblem, and the C-17 Globemaster and pics of my family! From left to right: my brother Sean and our father Ben, me and my sister Debra, me and my wife Melissa, me and my brother Sean, Sean, my brother Scott and me and my brother Sean at a Dodger game.