Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners:   Kevin Rivera / Austin Thompson / Mary Beth Saentz / David Miller and Angelica Ayala   (please email Cheri Weber at to claim your book!)

I want to thank the 111, the Thunderbirds and the rest of the Garrison for showing up today with an open mind and a willing heart.  I had a great time at both presentations.  Everyone of you was a  great sport when I came down to the lower level and got to meet some of you up close during the show.  Thank you to Colonel Morelans, Sergeant Major Prasse, Cheri Weber and the entire Soldier & Family Readiness team for their combined efforts toward one cause.  Thank you to retired Sergeant Major Jack Rippel for packing up his vehicle in Las Vegas to accompany me 500 miles to the wonderful and historic Fort Huachuca.  Lana Stutzman, it was an added treat to see you and I appreciate the effort you made to attend the trainings.  An added mention of appreciation to David Miller and his comic on the corner work and souvenir he left with me.  Willie Owens, I appreciate the coin.  Stay resilient, stay focused and be great leaders soldiers!

Your friend,

Bernie McGrenahan.