CONGRATS TO “I KILLED” RAFFLE BOOK WINNERS: Maj Nicole Tait, Austin Brickey and Ryan Lloyd!!!

I had an amazing time today at FE Warren Air Force Base. I can’t thank the airmen and civilians enough who showed up today to support a live event for the first time in 18 months from our aspect.  This was very meaningful to me. To be able to get on stage and share some humor and hear the laughter in return was very fulfilling and healing.  I will forever be grateful to the men and women who wear the uniform day in and day out. I’ll never know the sacrifice and commitment you have dedicated yourselves to, however being in your presence is one of the greatest feelings I can ever hope to experience.  Stay strong Warriors. Support each other. Protect each other. And love wherever the opportunity avails.
Thank you to SMSgt Stollings, Rebecca Nordin and all the team members who worked hard to sponsor and host this special event.