Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Alberto Portillo, Andrew Hall and Joshua Sauble!!

This week I head to North Carolina.  I’m excited to spend the day with the fine men and women at Marine Corp Base Camp Lejeune! Their mission is to support the various Marine Corps commands, a major Navy command and a Coast Guard command as well as the Marine Corps Base itself. Camp Lejeune with its various satellite camps, housing, training areas and New River Air Station is the largest concentration of Marines and Sailors in the world. With its massive amount of land and resources, Camp Lejeune is truly the “Home of Expeditionary Forces in Readiness.”

Thank you to Melody Dolmer and colleagues for all of your efforts in bringing me.  I will be at the base theater on Thursday 19 Sept at 0900 and 1300.  See you there!!