Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Jordan Sharp, Janas Kukla and Mark Summers!!

I had an amazing time today at the Robins Air Force Base theater for both shows at 0900 and 1500 hours. Thank you to the SAPR staff and Violence Prevention team for further co-sponsorship of the awesome presentations today. To the Airmen and   civilians that supported the training as well as those on the Guard side: I cannot thank you enough for your positive response to laughter and heartfelt comments to me personally after the show. To the YAWNERS: I wish you 100 consecutive sleepless evenings!  Angele ,Captain Shim, Mr Baptiste and victim advocates: your hard work to prep for my arrival has been recognized and appreciated.  As I sit in my plane seat about to  return to Las Vegas (see photo with me in headphones) I sit with a full heart of pride for our Airmen and civilians at Robins who serve this nation with honor. PS… forgive me for watching that couple on the beach for the entire 45-minute experience . Till we meet again,

Love Bernie