Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Shawn Burke and Noelle Corley!!

Ft Belvoir emblem  Ft Belvoir HQ Belvoir B audience Belvoir house Belvoir B stage Belvoir 

What a great day at Fort Belvoir.   Thank you to the 500+  who turned out the Thurman Auditorium!!  And THANK YOU for all of the effort put forth by ASAP, SHARP and Suicide Prevention teams to bring my program to your soldiers and civilians.   Pictures from the program above (courtesy of Michell Waters, thank you!).  Fort Belvoir’s military mission is global and provides exceptional facilities and services in support of resilience and mission readiness.   As a strategic sustaining base for America’s Army the work they do is vital to the success of the goals and objectives of the nation’s defense strategy.  Fort Belvoir has twice as many workers as The Pentagon. 

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