Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Alex Booker and Nick Mason!!!!

I had an awesome morning hanging out with Navy Cargo Handling Battalion ONE- Cheatham Annex!!!!  Thank you to NADAP, Penny Price and BMC Gerald Benton for hosting my program and thank you to CDR Melvey for supporting the attendance. See pics from the training at the NCHB1 Auditorium below!!  NCHB 1’s versatility and unique capabilities make it a critical asset in solving the challenge of expeditionary logistics support to U.S. operating forces around the globe.  NCHB-1 will be ready both personally and professionally as the Navy’s 911 Cargo Handlers.     

NCHB1 Emblem NCHB1 B w sailors NCHB1 B w sailors2 NCHB1 Bernie w sailors

 Above: a couple pics from this morning’s program.  

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