Bernie McGrenahan and Comedy is the Cure is proud to announce it’s highly successful ‘Comedy with a Message’ product now available as a virtual training purchase option.   This pre-taped presentation filmed before a live audience will meet all of the following training requirements: Alcohol Abuse Prevention | Drug Abuse Prevention | Suicide Prevention | DUI Prevention

The product will be available after purchase to be presented at your base either on large screens or individual computers over an eight-hour period on one specific day. A password will be provided and the viewing accessed through a link on our website:

The bonus to this product is you will receive the clean professional stand-up comedy material Bernie is known for to open the presentation.  Humor is needed more now than ever during the newly imposed stresses of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Bernie will then deliver his powerful and personal testimony of high risk drinking, substance abuse and the suicide of his 19-year-old brother Scott.

Bernie promotes mental health professionals, prevention specialists and chaplains to seek resilient resolutions to such challenges.