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I Killed Pensacola4 Belvoir3

The following show attendees from April thru August were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:True Road Stories of America’s Top Comedians!

September 2018
9/27/18 Fort Detrick – Robin Hartmann and James Walker
9/26/18 Forest Glen Annex- Erica Barkei and Jonathan Shearer
9/18/18- Vilseck / Rose Barracks- GERMANY- SPC Daniels and Tricia McCormick
9/17/18-  USAG Bavaria Grafenvoehr- Amelia Corris and Brandon Viera
9/16/18- Poland- Cory Gore, Nicole Frieson and Mark Traversy

August 2018
8/24/18 Barksdale- T-Jay Doyle, Vanessa O’Campo and Douglas Jankowski
8/17/18- NB Kitsap-Bangor- Monica Voce and Spencer Allen
8/15/18- NAVSTA Everett- Tanya Valencia and MA1 Ryan F Lee
8/13/18- NAS Whidbey Island- Carey Balyeat and Kirssie Guaba

June 2018
6/13/18- NAVSTA Mayport- Rebekah Fleming and Chris

6/11/18- NAS Jacksonville- Eke Uche Christiano and  Austin Jacques
6/7/18- Anderson AFB Guam- ATC Cobb and Kaylee Wood
6/6/18- Naval Hospital Guam- Sett Taupau and Al Crawford
6/5/18- Naval Hospital Guam- Cory Clifton and Kerry Fernandez

May 2018
5/24/18- Camp Humphreys Korea- Mardelyn Cordero and Timothy Riutta
5/23/18- Camp Carrol Korea- Steven Reynolds and Amari Arias
5/23/18- Camp Henry Korea- James Clark and Den Helgeson
5/4/18- Holloman AFB- Mark Adams and Twila Stone

April 2018
4/21/18- Fort Irwin- Xavier Velasco, Jesse Garcia and Joe Acevedo

4/10/18- Fort Belvoir- Shawn Burke and Noelle Corley

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

Contact  Melissa@Comedyisthecure.com  to claim your softback copies of I KILLED !