US Army Installation Management Command

P.O. BOX 31269

FT Greely, Alaska 99731

July 18 2011



Dear Bernie,

On behalf of the Soldiers, DA Civilians and Families of Fort Greely would like to thank you for bringing your message here on January 26th 2011. At first at thought you may have been, a” Brick Short,” coming to the very interior of Alaska in the dead of winter is a serious matter. The temperatures here that time of year are 50 degrees below 0 and often drop to 70 below when the winds are blowing at 30 MPH.

After speaking with you on the phone, you explained that you were going to rent a car in Fairbanks and drive the 100 miles to Fort Greely; I quickly realized that you were completely unaware of the severity of Alaska winters. Because of the solid ice on the roads, I could onlyhope that you would be willing to fly on military aircraft. I was relieved when you told me that would not be a problem.

The day of your flight from Fort Wainwright to Fort Greely it was so cold that the UC35 Cargo plane had broken down and was replaced with a C23 Sherpa. You didn’t even flinch at the thought of traveling on such a rough bird.

Upon arrival you executed a flawless show with your important message done at the most important, and often deadliest time of the year. The turnout for you show was the best ever, not only because of your skilled delivery of such a difficult subject, but also of the severity of the Alaskan Winter with its long dark cold days.

Fort Greely is a remote Missile base located 100 miles South of Fairbanks. Most of the population is pretty much trapped here for the winter with little to do for 9 months of the year. Your, Comedy with a Twist, couldn’t have come at a better time. Once again, thank you!


Daniel J. Carnett

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program Manager

Army Substance Abuse Program Manager

Ft. Greely,  AK   99731